Viva Vs Bounty Paper Towels

Viva Vs Bounty Paper Towels

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Buyers Guide – Viva Vs Bounty – Similarities

This article looks at the top two paper towel brands, Viva and Bounty, and helps you understand where they outdo one another.

Similarities – Viva Vs Bounty

When we think of paper towels, viva and Bounty come to mind due to their awesome designs. They were so similar that Viva came out with a line called vivaluxe, which was almost a replica of Bounty’s viva classic design. Both brands have been around for as long as I can remember and major in bathroom products.

 Viva is a slightly cheaper brand due to Bounty’s vivapro line being more expensive for some reason. Vivaluxe towels are the same regular viva towels just wrapped in different packaging, so they are also cheaper than vivaclassic, which is why vivaluxe came to be, I guess? Viva and Bounty both have similar Vivastyle designs. Viva sort of copied Bounty’s designs, with vivawhite having a white version.

If you were to buy Bounty and vivas simultaneously, there would be little to no difference when looking at the price. Vivas is a little cheaper, and vivaluxe is almost exactly the same as vivastyle, but viva packaging, vivaluxe, and vivastyle have different designs than vivawhite, though.

Differences – Viva Vs Bounty

Viva paper towels and bounty paper towels are two leading brands in the super-absorbent, strong cleaning product industry. They have been around for many years and are very popular with customers due to their convenient size and strength. To decide which brand is best, one would need to compare each brand based on their performance, smell, size, and price.

  1. Difference in the level of super absorbency: Viva’s TP is 5X more absorbent than regular bath tissue. It can hold up to 5 times its weight in water, so it is very strong when wet. This is the reason why it’s more expensive than regular paper towels.

Bounty paper towel is about 2X more absorbent than Viva’s towel, which means Bounty can hold up to 2 times its weight in water while viva can only hold up to 1 time.

  1. Difference in cleaning mechanism: It will be very difficult to clean the dirt on the towel with Bounty paper towels unless you have a strong cleaning agent such as detergent. On the other hand, Viva is easy to clean since it can hold up to 5 times its weight in water, and you can clean it easily because of its high absorbency.
  2. Difference in price: Viva is priced higher than Bounty. They are both available in the market. The variance in price comes from the difference in absorbency and cleaning mechanism, which greatly impacts its durability.
  3. Difference in supply: Viva’s TP is manufactured by Kimberly-Clark, while Bounty’s paper towels are produced by Proctor & Gamble. Both are global brands, and they have their distribution channel. Kimberly-Clark has been manufacturing Viva paper for a long time; that’s why its availability is more than Bounty.
Our Reviews - Viva Vs Bounty

Viva Paper Towels

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Viva Paper Towels Review

Viva paper towels come from Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a top marketer and manufacturer of sanitary tissue products. Formally known as The Scott Paper Company, the company identifies with some of the top brand names, including Cottonelle, Baby Fresh, Scott Tissue, Scottex, and Viva.

Despite all these name changes, Viva paper towels have stood their ground as a household name in the United States and beyond. Viva sheets feature a trademark V-weaved technology. The grooved texture allows it to pick up dust, grime, and greases easily and effectively.

The papers come in packs of 12, making it super handy because you would want to run out of paper towels. In addition, they feature a soft, smooth texture that effectively wipes down even the most delicate surfaces.

Advantages of Viva Paper Towels

Here are a few reasons that will make you skip other paper towels and head straight to the viva paper towel shelves.

The paper towels feature cloth-like durability that allows each sheet to stay intact when wet and help you wipe more with less. Also, the thick, highly absorbent design efficiently soaks up liquids without falling apart to restrain you from prematurely reaching for more. Moreover, they are strong and lint-free, which makes them stick together and roll. When you tear a single sheet, the rest remain intact; you won’t even leave the other sheet trailing behind.

Viva paper towels are versatile as they are useful in eliminating messes, cleaning glasses. They are also gentle enough and soft enough to stand in for face towels or tissues papers. The texture is more some kin to a shop cloth than a mere paper towel, giving it a unique experience than the rest.

The choose-A-sheet design is available in both small and big 90 sheet rolls. The VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Big Plus Rolls have 97 individually perforated paper towel sheets for every towel roll. The variety gives you the freedom to select the right size for your surface, budget, and size of projects. It comes in handy whether you want something for your private kitchen or planning to use them in after-party cleaning.

The price of Viva paper towel rolls is about average compared to competitor brands. However, let the affordability not fool you because you are getting some decently designed paper towels. Moreover, when you buy these paper towels, you get 33% more sheets than regular competitors.

Disadvantages Viva Paper Towels

While you have the variety to choose from on your ideal size, the rolls tend to be smaller than others. This factor may be a disadvantage when considering economies of scale since you may need to buy more.

The soft nature may be an advantage when you are using them on delicate surfaces and hands. However, it is an advantage when you want to scrub something or get rid of stubborn, sticky stains.

Viva Range

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Bounty Paper Towels

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Bounty Paper Towels Review

Bounty paper towels are one of the most known paper products in the US and Canada. Previously called Bounty Basicthe brand had to change its name due to trademark issues with a Scottish company also using the name.

The new brand became Bounty, and the name Bounty Basic became Bounty Extra. Bounty grew and have now become a well-known paper product line; even though SCA (Stockholm, Sweden) bought Scott Paper Company in 1987, it remains an American owned company

Bounty is famous for its absorbency, and they also sell accessories such as soap dispensers and paper towel holders. The brand also has many different kinds of Bounty paper towels, such as Bounty Paper Towels Select -Plain White, Bounty Basic- Glacier White, and Bounty Basic -Bathroom Tissue.

Advantages of Bounty Paper Towels

 Bounty paper towels clean better than other brands, also last longer. The brand has one of the biggest paper towel rolls on the market for a premium towel brand. It is also famous as one of the most absorbent brands because

Bounty contains four times more wet strength than the leading ordinary brand (this means that the towels will not break apart when you use them). Bounty has larger sheets that are 2x stronger paper towels per roll than the leading regular brand. In addition, the sheets are extremely durable sheets that are strong enough to tackle any job, making Bounty the best big roll premium brand.

Bounty’s tall size roll has 16 more sheets on a roll than the leading ordinary brand. In addition, the towels contain unique knot-free zones which are absorbent and clean better because they don’t have knots to get in the way of cleaning. Bounty’s unique absorbent structure allows it to clean better and last longer.

Bounty paper towels come from recycled paper, which makes them a more environmentally friendly product. – It features an exclusive rain mop technology to help trap particles, so they don’t get stuck on the roll.

Bounty boasts a variety of textures and designs for your different needs. In addition, they have an ultra-soft texture that is gentle on the hands.

Disadvantages of Bounty Paper Towels 

One major drawback is that many different types of Bounty paper towels choose from, making it difficult for the consumer to find the right towel for their needs. Each of these choices has its benefits and drawbacks. Similar to the bounty basic paper towel, there is Bounty select-A-size. Both can be useful for different purposes, such as cleaning up messes quickly or even just making sure there is no moisture left after you do the dishes.

Bounty Range

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Conclusion – Viva Vs Bounty

Bounty offers consumers more for their money. Their products are known to perform better in several ways. It means that the quality of Bounty is much higher than Viva or other paper towel brands. They also offer coupons for users, which are redeemable at Target and Walmart stores.

Viva offers consumers VIVA Vantage paper towels on the market. Viva’s Vantage is unique in dissolving away tough messes, not just wiping them away. On the other hand, Viva also offers the advantage of offering consumers free two-day shipping on Viva Vantage paper towels. You can use it for VIVA Vantage Toilet Tissue, VIVA V-Chips Paper Towels, and VIVA V-Chips One-ply Bathroom Tissue products.

The main users of Viva are families with young children or those who have pets at home. Viva also targets people that have no time to clean their homes and want to wash them on the go. On the other hand, most people use Bounty paper towels. Viva paper towels are also available in Viva’s V-Rise, Viva Vantage, and Viva Vantage with V-Chips.

Viva Vantage is the only one that can be bought from stores. For Bounty, they are available in all leading retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, and others (Bounty 6 Roll Paper Towels Packaging, 2017). Viva Vantage is also available in VIVA V-Chips Paper Towels and VIVA V-Chips One-ply Bathroom Tissue products.

The Cleaning King Team Recommend Bounty as the best choice of paper towel!

Cleaning King's Verdict - Viva Vs Bounty

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