Toro Vs Husqvarna Vs Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

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How We Compared Toro Vs Husqvarna Vs Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

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Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding MowerAriens IKON XD 42 inch 18 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower 915268
Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding MowerToro MYRIDE TimeCutter 75755 Zero-Turn MowerAriens IKON XD 42 inch 18 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower 915268
Cutting Width61”50”42”
Fuel Capacity5 gal3 gal2.8 gal
High Back & Arm RestsYesYesYes
Grass CollectionYes-Yes
Top Speed8.5 MPH7 MPH7 MPH
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Read our Review

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If you’re tired of mowing your lawn with a dingy push mower or a primitive rider mower, it might be time to consider purchasing a zero-turn mower. These mowers are some of the best on the market, so if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, these mowers will last for years to come and provide top-notch quality. Unfortunately, it would be easy to spend hours searching reviews online and still feel confused and overwhelmed about your options. After all, purchasing a higher quality machine is an investment, and you want to make a decision you feel good about. That’s why the Cleaning King team is here to provide a detailed breakdown of our three favorite options so you can make an educated decision. 

Buyers Guide – Toro Vs Husqvarna Vs Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

When purchasing a zero-turn mower, there are several factors to consider. Though you can find pictures of each mower online, it can be hard to find all the information you want to know just in an online listing. Still, you want to know more than the dimensions. You need to understand how the mower will perform, how you will feel using it, and how long you can expect to use it. Sometimes even the best reviews won’t provide this information. Here’s why these three factors matter when considering which model to purchase.


Though much of the vehicle description will be focused on how the mower will cut your grass, the reality is: you’re the one using it. When we purchase office chairs, cars, or anything else we use often, we want to know how we will feel using it—the ergonomics matter, especially for products we use often. Just like the lumbar support on an office chair matters, you want to know if a particular mower will cause you to have a knot in your shoulder that will cause you pain. A review won’t always tell you what you need to consider these factors.

With a mower, you want to know how the seat is set up. It’s helpful to know if the seat is adjustable, how padded it is if it has a high back or any lumbar support, and if there are springs to offset the shock from bumping around your lawn. 

With a zero-turn mower specifically, you’ll want to know how easily you can push or pull each steering lever. Will you have to bend or turn? How responsive is the steering functionality? Are there brake levers or foot pedals? You might even consider how easy it is to get on or off the mower.

Some mowers have additional features built for operator comfort. Check the description closely for details like cupholders, armrests, lights, etc. 


Of course, the most obvious factor to consider when buying a zero-turn mower is how well it will cut your grass. You’ll want to look for the data on how low the blades can get to the ground and how short or tall they can cut the grass. Some mowers offer a manual adjustment, which allows the operator to set this height themselves. This can be a pro or con depending on how much control you want or how much knowledge you have of the optimal grass height. Another option that many mowers have is pre-determined settings that you can adjust to your liking. Some people like this option better because they have options, but they don’t have to program it themselves. 

One factor to consider when reading reviews online might be how the mower’s blades perform. Some blades wear out faster than others and may need to be replaced more frequently. In addition, you’ll want to know how easy it would be to find and purchase new blades and how accessible it would be to replace them yourself.  

An additional factor that may be important to you is built-in capabilities to collect grass clippings. Can you attach a bag or container, or will you have to rake up clippings afterward manually? Some people care about this, and others don’t mind leaving grass clippings in the grass to fertilize further growth. Either way, it’s essential to know your preferences and purchase a product that offers them.


We all like to think that our brand new machine will last forever, but wear and tear happens over time. The critical facet to consider is how the product will function as it wears out and how easy it is to fix if something breaks. Research if there are consistent defects in any specific models; are there parts known to break? If so, have customers found it easy to find those parts online and install them?

Other than known defects, it also might be relevant to think about parts that you or your lawn use more than average. For example, do you find that your blades or springs show wear frequently? How easy is it to find those parts online? Are there any parts that you can’t find to purchase?

Different models are built differently, so it may be beneficial to research how easy it is to “pop the hood” in a sense and access the engine, gas tank, etc. Some models have parts tucked underneath bars or pipes, which makes it harder to access essential parts. Others are built so that repair is easy and parts are accessible. For example, does this manufacturer want you to fix your mower, or have they made it unnecessarily difficult to do your own maintenance? 

Safety Features

We never want to think about what can go wrong, but if something does, a powerful mower can do much harm. Therefore, it’s imperative to consider what safety features each model has. 

Most mowers have a safety feature built into the seat so that if weight is no longer positioned on the chair, the engine will stall. It’s good to check into this feature for the models you are considering. Higher quality mowers often have other capabilities built-in. Is there an instant way to brake or turn off the mower? Is there a way to stop the blades from moving or lift them higher?

The weight of bigger mowers plays a big part. If you have steep inclines in your yard, you want a mower that can maintain a center of gravity on hills without tipping over. These larger mowers can weigh 700-800 pounds, so if one flips on top of you, it can cause extensive crush injuries. It is vital to check what safety features the manufacturer has built in to minimize this risk. Some models may be particularly built to handle more steep inclines, which is an excellent factor to consider based on the terrain you’ll be riding over. 

Some mowers have seatbelts; some have kill switches, stabilizers, warning systems, or other capabilities. So don’t forget to look into the features you find most important and purchase a mower that you are sure will provide the safety you deserve. 


Here at Cleaning King, we have identified three brands that stand out as exceptional zero-turn lawn mower systems. These machines are built to provide top-quality functionality, comfortable operation, and wonderful features that stand out from other brands and models. To help you make a more informed decision, we will provide a detailed breakdown of specific models from each brand and conclude with our personal recommendation. 

Our Reviews - Toro Vs Husqvarna Vs Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

Husqvarna Review

Husqvarna is known for providing lawn care products with top-notch usability and safety. The brand has over 300 years of delivering for customers’ design needs and promises to provide top-quality support through warranties and customer service through certified Husqvarna dealers. In addition, this brand ensures that their parts and machines are built in the U.S.A., and they provide financing and money-back guarantees to buyers. 

The Husqvarna MZ61 model is the most expensive of the three models we’re looking at today and covers the most ground (literally). Though not significantly so, it is the largest of the three models and cuts more grass at once. The MZ61 boasts a comfortable ride because of its shock-absorbing seat spring and ergonomic steering controls that minimize operator fatigue. It was also built to make the most common service points accessible, like the oil, filter, battery, etc. This Husqvarna includes a 9-bushel collection system container, including three bags, which can be easily installed or removed. To keep the operator informed, it includes a warning light system that indicates when the mower requires service. Buyers report that parts are easy to find and order online, as well. 

Stand-out features include

  • 9-bushel three bag system to collect grass clippings
  • Easy to fix with accessible service points and plentiful parts
  • Foot pedal to lift deck for quick adjustments 
  • 61″ cutting width

Husqvarna​ Range


Toro MYRIDE TimeCutter 75755 Zero-Turn Mower

Toro Reviews

Toro is a larger company, providing a more comprehensive range of lawn equipment and property maintenance products. They manufacture products to be distributed worldwide and are known for providing equipment that delivers. The brand emphasizes sustainability by offering technologies that utilize alternative power sources and save energy and water. Their commitment to innovate has made them a source of improved productivity and efficiency for over 100 years.

The Toro 75755 has a top-quality suspension system built to save your body from bumpy rides. The built-in armrests, cupholder, and the high back ergonomic seat were designed with comfort in mind. This model is convenient to fix because it was designed to have a toolless oil and filter change, so you don’t even need to pull out your toolbox to get the job done. It has protective tire fenders built onto the back to protect you from spray when you go through muddy patches. Though it has many features that buyers find attractive, it does not include indicator lights or headlights like many similar mowers of its caliber. Instead, the mower was designed to cut mowing time down with its high speed and zero-turn functionality.

Stand-out features include

  • Excellent suspension system that provides maximum comfort
  • Easy to fix minor things without tools
  • Spray guard to protect from a wet yard
  • Fast blades for a clean cut

Toro Range

Ariens Review

Ariens’ commitment to helping customers be good neighbors sets them apart from other brands that make machines. Ariens is a brand focused on the person and how their equipment can ensure a holistically improved experience for every neighbor across the nation. They specialize in lawn and snow equipment, so lawn mowers are the products they make the best. Since 1933, the Ariens name has stood for distinct craftsmanship and products that are carefully built in-house by a specially trained team of technicians. Since its founding as a family-owned business in Brillion, Wisconsin, the company has maintained its family feel and personalized customer experience.

The Ariens 915265 is the most affordable option of the three and the most compact. Though the cutting width is slightly smaller than the other two models, this model provides the best functionality while still being easy to store in a garage or shed. The Ariens runs in an automatic setting while providing ultimate user control with thirteen different grass-cutting settings. It has a lighter frame than the other two and includes large wheels to maintain stability and balance while cutting on different terrains. Collection attachments can be installed to collect clippings, disperse mulch, roll, disperse, aerate, spray, and more. It’s a great all-in-one machine with an excellent array of functionalities. The steel frame provides durability, the powerful torque provides precise user control, and the advanced airflow system ensures it will not overheat like other large mowers can.

Stand-out features include

  • Compact frame designed for durability, functionality, and efficiency
  • Attachments to collect grass clippings, spread mulch, aerate soil, and more
  • 13 precise adjustable grass cutting settings for maximum control
  • Large wheels for balance, stability, and safety

Conclusion – Toro Vs Husqvarna Vs Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

After a detailed examination of the pros and cons of each zero-turn mower model, we are highly inclined to recommend the Ariens. We trust the brand to provide personalized service and a home-grown approach while emphasizing top-quality craftsmanship. The Arien model offers the most bang for your buck with functions that are available in much more expensive models and a compact frame fitting for your garage. It’s built for comfort, is simple to fix, and includes features that extend its lifespan by nature. If you’re looking to upgrade from a traditional rider mower to a model that will provide more control and maneuverability, you can’t go wrong with the Arien 915265.

Cleaning King's Verdict - Toro Vs Husqvarna Vs Ariens Zero Turn Mowers