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Cleaning your dry erase board and or your whiteboard with a whiteboard cleaner every 2 or 3 days will help to keep it looking its best. 

Finding a good and effective cleaner is important and over at Cleaning King we strive to find and offer the best options. This is a great article resource to use if you or someone you know uses whiteboards frequently, and are looking for the best way to clean them after use. Cleaners can come in all different forms. They can come in spray bottles or convenient disposable wipes. 

Regularly cleaning the board ensures that your dry erase ink doesn’t sit on the board for too long, which can cause stains – a problem that makes things look worse overall. This problem occurs when chemicals from whiteboard markers build up and form a residue on the board if only erased with a dry product. 

Using a cloth moistened with an effective whiteboard cleaner is enough to keep a board clean if used every week. Warm soapy water can work, although the best whiteboard cleaner is what we at Cleaning King are going to find for you.

Our Reviews - Best Whiteboard Cleaner

Best Overall

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Our choice – Best Whiteboard Cleaner

Coming in at number one we have the Loukin Non-toxic Whiteboard cleaner at a price of $9.99. 

This whiteboard cleaner contains surfactants, which effectively remove stubborn marks and dirt from the whiteboard. The mild formula of the cleaner helps extend the life of the whiteboard.

This dry erase board cleaner is AP-certified non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D4263, so it is safe for children. The cleaner has also obtained its REACH Safety Data Sheet. The product uses a tight, encompassing spray for maximum liquid utilization. The whiteboard cleaner can be routinely used about 1,800 times. This product comes with a microfiber cloth. This reusable cloth is soft, easy to wipe and leaves behind no fluff or marks. In addition, this product is easy to use. Spray the liquid onto the surface and wipe it with a cleaning cloth. For old/set ink, spray and let the cleaner sit for about 1 minute before wiping.

Stand-out features include

  • Cheap
  • Safe
  • Effective

Most Versatile

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Best Whiteboard Cleaner – Most Versatile

This cleaner works miracles on tough whiteboard stains that just won’t erase. It is very easy to use by simply spraying and wiping permanent markers, glue, adhesive, and stubborn marks away. What makes this product stand out is the diverse use you can get out of this one cleaning product. 

Whiteboard Renew is the only cleaner that has the AP seal certifying that it is safe for schools and kids, yet is powerful enough to remove the toughest marks and ghosting. This product works on dry erase whiteboards, blackboards, chalkboards, and glass writing surfaces. In addition, this cleaner is formulated using green chemistry principles and renewable materials so it is safe, non-toxic and contains no hazardous ingredients, is free of perfumes, preservatives, dyes and is abrasive free. 

This product comes in multiple pack sizes ranging from one pack starting at $9.99 to twelve packs.

Stand-out features include

  • Can be used on all types of writing boards.
  • Safe for kids
  • Eco friendly

Made in USA

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Best Whiteboard Cleaner – Made in USA

This product is a made in America and comes in at a great value.

This product can be used on Glass or White Board / Chalk Board / Dry Erase Cleaner For Classes, Conference Rooms & Offices. Its’ 8oz Bottle w/ 12×12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth makes for easy storage and enough product inside. 

The safety of this product is great as its Non-Toxic Heavy Duty Formula & Spray Bottle makes for the best use of an everyday White Board, Glass White Board & Dry Erase Use or Prolonged Marker without the use of dangerous chemicals. This product makes cleaning very easy. 

Spray Whiteboard directly for light cleaning or generously for tough to get out marks, let sit for 2-3 minutes. repeat If necessary. This product is engineered to remove tough to moderate stains. This company believes in quality, that’s why they have not engineered, tested or manufactured elsewhere but the USA. With the money back guarantee, you can feel confident about purchasing this one.

Stand-out features include

  • Made in USA
  • Compact


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Best Whiteboard Cleaner – Cheapest

Expo is one of the leading manufacturers of whiteboard and dry erase board accessories including dry erase markers, wet erase markers, whiteboard cleaners, erasers and more for offices, homes and classrooms.

You can always ensure easy cleaning with Expo white board care 8 oz. Liquid cleaner. This cleaner is ideal for cleaning and refreshing whiteboards. It helps remove ghosting, stubborn marks, shadowing, grease and dirt from whiteboards and most non-porous surfaces. 

The 8 oz. Spray bottles provide easy handling during use and is convenient to store. The product uses a tough but gentle formula that will not harm whiteboards or things around it. You simply spray and wipe with a cloth. This product is the cheapest option as it is only just over $3.00. 

Stand-out features include

  • Cheapest

Best Smelling

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Best Whiteboard Cleaner – Best Smelling

The goal with this cleaner is to keep your dry-erase boards, markerboards, and whiteboards clean, healthy, and functional with Squeaky Clean Whiteboard, an alcohol and hydrogen peroxide-based scented cleaner and conditioner.

This product safely removes permanent marker, ghosting, shadowing, dirt, grease, tough stains, and other marks and leaves your whiteboard clean, shiny, and smelling delightfully clean.

This product is very simple to use: 1) Spray whiteboard 2) Let set for 20 seconds 3) Wipe with a soft cloth. Liquid whiteboard cleaners do a decent job removing stains, but they can leave behind unwanted germs. With this product, no germs and no bad smell are left behind. This product had great reviews with happy customers.

A stand out positive from this product is its amazing smell. Squeaky Clean Whiteboard also contains a vanilla fragrance to leave your room smelling fresh and friendly.

Stand-out features include

  • Popular vanilla smell
  • Kills germs

A few important things to look for in a cleaner is the smell, toxicity and the germ removing efficiency. Straightforward and effective, whiteboards are incredibly versatile tools. And the main attraction of the tool is right in the name. A whiteboard surface continuously offers a fresh white slate, ready for new ideas, drawings, lists and schedules. But what happens when a whiteboard no longer stays white?

We have compiled a few quick tips on the most effective way to use whiteboard cleaner.

Follow the maintenance instructions

This first tip may seem obvious, but it’s one people often skip or forget about when using a whiteboard. PolyVision is a world leader when it comes to producing white and chalk CeramicSteel boards for a wide variety of environments. Scientists at PolyVision say the number one way to keep a board looking new is to take time to read the maintenance instructions before ever writing on the surface. If you’ve lost your instructions, we have a simple step-by-step process on whiteboard surface care to keep it looking brand new.

Remove whiteboard ghosting

Chemicals from whiteboard markers build up and form a residue on the board if only erased. This residue causes a gloss difference on the board between unused areas and areas where content was written. The gloss difference causes “ghosting” or outlines of previous work even after erasing, which is a top complaint of whiteboard users. 

Clean whiteboard frequently

Depending on the use of the board, it should be cleaned at different frequencies. When a teacher is writing on the board all day long the board should be wiped daily with a whiteboard cleaner. In the office, many teams keep notes and schedules up on a board for a period of time, making erasing and cleaning every day a hassle. In these instances, the content should be erased and the board cleaned before rewriting the content again at least once a week.

How to remove permanent marker

Worry may set in if you realize permanent marker was used on a whiteboard, but don’t fear, even permanent marker can be removed. Trace the permanent marker content with a dry erase marker, erase it and you’ll find a clean slate due to the non-polar solvent in dry erase markers. Any of the cleaners mentioned above also contain organic solvents like 2-butoxyethanol that can help erase permanent pigment.

Conclusion – Best Whiteboard Cleaner

While people could write out ideas and work on paper, whiteboards allow students, workers and others to quickly write, erase, and rewrite what they’re working on and give them a larger space to work out ideas.

With proper care, a whiteboard can remain an excellent productivity tool for many year. In researching this article, the Cleaning King team have found that the most effective whiteboard cleaners are ones that contain no toxins, and leave behind no residue.

Buying in bulk seems to be the best option if you are looking to spend less and get more. Nonetheless, you will be able to find cheap, single products of whiteboard cleaners that are just as useful. At number one on Amazon, you will find LOUKIN Non-Toxic Whiteboard Cleaner that stands out due to its safety and effectiveness.

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Best Whiteboard Cleaner FAQs

How do you get an old permanent marker off a whiteboard?

A product such as our top recommendation from Loukin will easily handle old permanent marker stains.

Does rubbing alcohol damage whiteboards?

To put it simply, alcohol destroys the lubricating layer of your dry erase board. Yes, your whiteboard will look spotless, but after continued use, your whiteboard will eventually lose the ability to wipe clean.

Can you wash a whiteboard eraser?

After brushing off all the loose dust, mix a small amount of a mild detergent with water. Use the soft bristled brush, dipped in the water, to gently scrub the surface, working from top to bottom again but this time in circular motions. Be sure to rinse the eraser with cold water when you’re finished.

What should you not put on a whiteboard?

Do not use abrasive erasers, cleaners, sponges or rags. Do not use a chalkboard eraser. Do not use a wet eraser. Do not use a permanent Marker – Keep them away from your whiteboard. Do not use tape on whiteboards.