Best Glue for Porcelain

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How We Found the Best Glue for Porcelain

Customer Reviews

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Porcelain is found in many objects, not just pottery and dishes. You can find porcelain in many  common materials such as clay, brick, tile, glass and even cement. Porcelain can also be found  in certain electronic materials.


There may come a time when you find a crack in your new  porcelain tiles, or maybe the handle of your favorite porcelain mug has ripped off. If you find a crack or need to make a repair on any item made of porcelain, you may be tempted to grab any regular old glue from your cabinet. However, using a regular type of glue will not fix your  problem.


Using the wrong type of glue can weaken your porcelain material or even permanently damage your porcelain object. 

To properly fix Porcelain, you’ll need to purchase a specific type of glue meant for porcelain materials. With hundreds of Porcelain glues currently on the market, it can seem overwhelming to find the perfect glue for your Porcelain project.

There are many factors that you need to consider when purchasing a porcelain glue such as the price of the glue, quality of the  substance, durability of the glue, drying time, and overall success of the glue to fix your problem. The Cleaning Team King have extensively researched the best porcelain glues for your porcelain project. Together, we have curated a list of the five best glues for your porcelain project along with reasons on why these specific glues are the best choice.

Our Reviews - Best Glue for Porcelain

Pascofix Super Glue Review

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Our choice – Best Glue for Porcelain

The PascoFix Strongest Super Glue is six times stronger than regular super glue. It’s perfect for those seemingly impossible repairs. This glue bonds within seconds and does not dry out  for years as long as it is kept in the fridge. 

The PascoFix Strongest Super Glue is perfect for porcelain, plastic, metal, rubber, wood and glass and can fix most bonding projects such as  camping gear, furniture, plastic parts, tents, and even shoes. It can be used on any  porcelain project, big or small. 

The PascoFix Strongest Super Glue is water resistant, heat  resistant up to 247 degrees Fahrenheit and cold resistant down to -49 degrees Fahrenheit. The  box contains two glues, one 20 ML Pasco FIX glue and one 20 gram Pasco FILL filler. 

To  use this product, you only have to apply a drop of the FIX glue and follow it with a line of the  FILL glue to create a strong chemical weld. 

Stand-out features include

Best Glue Option for Porcelain 

Six times Stronger than Regular Glue 

Two Year Shelf Life

Original Super Glue Review

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Best Glue for Porcelain – Cheapest

The Super Glue 19061 Porcelain Repair Glue is a glue coating used to repair scratches, nicks  and chips on porcelain surfaces. With the Super Glue 19061 Porcelain Repair, you will be able  to get results with just a single application. The application is dry to touch in only ten minutes.  

However, if you must apply the glue multiple times, it’s important to let each coat completely dry  overnight. The glue’s color is a bright white and does not dull in color once it has dried. If you’re  planning to use this on a non-white surface, be aware of the color. 

Although this glue is sold in a  0.5 fl ounce tube, you will only need to use very little to fix your porcelain problem. The glue  itself is heat resistant up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and is water resistant. This glue can be  used on other surfaces such metal, bathtubs, sinks, tiles, blenders and toasters. 

Stand-out features include

Cheapest Option 

White Color Presentation 

Dry to Touch in 10 Minutes 

Water and heat resistant

Pratley Wonda Fix Review

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Best Glue for Porcelain – Best Value

The Epoxy Glue Adhesive Repair Kit by Pratley is a high strength adhesive glue used to repair  cracks in porcelain as well as stone, concrete, glass, fiber glass and metal. The Epoxy Glue  Adhesive Repair Kit contains two 20 millimeter tubes of glue. The glue sets quickly, in only five  minutes, which is important to note before starting your project. You should only need one coat  on your porcelain project for it to be complete. If you do want to apply multiple layers, you  should allow the glue to dry overnight. 

The Epoxy Glue Adhesive Repair Kit is the perfect  solution if you’re looking for a glue that won’t be visible on the crack you’re fixing since the glue dries clear. This glue is best when used on larger cracks and surfaces such as tiles, around  bathtubs or on other appliances. This glue is not recommended for use on smaller cracks such  as a fragile teacup or small statue because of the consistency of the glue. 

Stand-out features include

Best Value 

Clear Drying Application 

Great for bigger cracks in tiles, tubs, or appliances

B7000 Glue Review

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Best Glue for Porcelain – Most Versatile

The Cat Palm B-7000 Adhesive Mutli-Function Glue is a multi-purpose glue that can be  used on porcelain as well as leather, PVC, nylon, textile, cloth, wood, paper, fiber, rubber,  glass, metal, toys, electronic components, jewelry and even smart phones.

The versatility of  the Cat Palm B-7000 Adhesive Multi-Function Glue is what really makes it stand out from  other options on the market. This glue is perfect for smaller projects, such as a crack in your  porcelain mug, or other small figures. It has a high impact resistance, which makes it a good  option for fragile items. It is not recommended for bigger projects such as large tile cracks,  or larger appliances. The package contains two 0.9 oz. packs of glue that feature a needle design allowing for smaller drops, instead of free-flowing glue.

The Cat Palm B-7000  Adhesive Mutli-Function Glue is waterproof and heat resistant and has a surface dry time of  about six minutes. 

Stand-out features include

Best Multi-Function Glue 

High Impact Resistance 

Perfect for Delicate, Smaller Porcelain Projects 

Dry time under Six Minutes

Easiest to Use

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Best Glue for Porcelain – Easiest to use

The Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel is a glue made from the Gorilla Glue line which is famous  for their reliable glue products. The Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel was developed for long  lasting repairs with a dry time of ten to fourteen seconds. 

This glue is perfect for all sizes of  porcelain projects as well as plastic, metal, fabric, stone, paper, and rubber materials. The  Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel ships out in a .71-ounce bottle and contains a thicker gel glue formula to help you to finish your projects with greater control. 

The glue is clear when dried, so it  is perfect for all different surfaces and colors. This glue was designed for tough impact, so it has  maximum strength and impact resistance when used. The Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel will  not dry out on you, as it was created with an anti-clog cap, so you can reuse this glue  repeatedly. 

Stand-out features include

Easiest Glue to Use 

Well Known Glue Brand 

Anti-Clog Cap for extended Shelf Life

Buyers Guide – Best Glue for Porcelain

Finding the perfect glue to fix your porcelain project can seem daunting. There are endless glue  options available to you with a quick google search. In order to make the best glue purchase to  fix your porcelain object, it’s important to know what to look for in a porcelain glue. The Cleaning  Team King has put together a list of the top features you need to look for when searching for the  perfect porcelain glue.  This is also the process we followed when making our list of the best glue for porcelain.

  1. Made For Porcelain Surfaces 

Although this may seem obvious, it’s important that your glue is meant to be used on objects  made of Porcelain. In your glue search, you will find a variety of glues that claim to work on  multiple surfaces, which is not a bad feature. However, it’s important that somewhere on the  product page there is mention that the glue can be used on porcelain material. Using a glue  that’s not meant for your material will not work properly for your project goals, and can end  up creating a bigger problem than you already have. 

  1. Durability 

Durability, or how strong the glue is, is another important feature to factor when looking for a  porcelain glue. Usually Porcelain projects are very fragile, meaning that if the glue doesn’t  work, your precious item could be completely ruined. Check out the feature information  listed on the product page to see what the durability ratings are. Often, you’ll find that a glue  that contains the words “super glue” in the title to be very durable, so lean towards products  that feature that. 

  1. Resistant to Temperature Changes 

When people think of glue for porcelain, they may imagine products like dishes or pottery.  However, as you know, there are many other projects that include repairing porcelain such  as tub tiles or appliances. It’s important that when using a glue on products that are exposed  to extreme temperatures, either cold or hot, that your glue is resistant to temperature  changes. If the glue is not resistant to temperature changes, you should only use that glue  on porcelain projects, such as figurines, that will not see any extreme temperature change.

  1. Easy Application Features 

The last thing you want to have to worry about when you finally have your porcelain glue is  reading a complicated instruction manual on how to use the glue. Usually with easy  application glues, the description will mention features such as “anti-clog cap” or “simple  one-step application”. Lean towards glues that have a simple application process. 

  1. Good Customer Reviews 

One of the easiest ways to tell if the glue you’ve found is a good option is to check out the  customer reviews. If the product has under a four-star review, seek alternative glue options.  Check to make sure all the reviews are from verified buyers, or buyers who have purchased the product so you know that the review is truthful. Compare these reviews with other web  pages, instead of relying on one web site. Other customer’s experiences with the glue will  give all the details from drying time, application, to the finished product.

Conclusion – Best Glue for Porcelain

When working with your delicate Porcelain project, it’s important that you’re searching for the  best glue that will work for your specific needs. With hundreds of Porcelain glues currently on  the market, it can seem overwhelming to find the perfect glue for your Porcelain project. However, finding the perfect Porcelain glue doesn’t have to be that complicated.  

For best overall porcelain glue, The Cleaning Team King has a clear winner. PASCOFIX  Strongest Super Glue is our porcelain glue of choice. The PascoFix Strongest Super Glue not  only is six times stronger than a regular super glue, but works on such a wide variety of  porcelain projects. We love that this glue works in a variety of climates since the glue is heat  resistant, water resistant and water proof. The PascoFix Strongest Super Glue contains two  tubs of glue, both to be used at one time, to really create an unbreakable weld to whatever  project you’re working on. The best part is that the PascoFix Strongest Super Glue has a shelf  life of over two years, and can be used on multiple other materials such as plastic, metal,  rubber, wood, and glass. The versatility and the value of this glue is remarkable.

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Best Glue for Porcelain FAQs

Yes, you can glue a porcelain toilet. If you have a minor crack or leak, any of the  recommended porcelain glues will work on your project. It’s important that the porcelain glue you choose is water resistant. If it is a major crack, consider replacing the toilet instead.

 Yes, you can glue porcelain teeth. It’s important to note that most glues are not made to be  put in your mouth. Instead of using a traditional porcelain glue, you should consider purchasing temporary dental cement as a safer option.

First, you will want to make sure to choose the proper porcelain glue for your project. Then  you will want to clean and dry all of the porcelain pieces you will be working on. Once dried,  apply the glue in a thin layer and push both sides together and clamp down. It’s important to  do this part quickly, as most glues dry within seconds. Once the glue has sealed, you can  use a rag to wipe off any extra glue.

Yes, you can glue porcelain tile to wood. You can use any of the recommended porcelain glues in this article to complete your tile to wood project.

Yes, you can glue porcelain tile. You may want to consider a powdered glue instead of a  ready mixed paste, depending on the size of the project. When picking a glue for tile, make  sure you check what color the glue will dry as not all glues will dry clear or to the same color  that’s in the tube.

Yes, you can put a glued porcelain bowl through the dishwasher. Make sure before doing  so, that your porcelain bowl has dried thoroughly according to the glues directions. Most  glues require a 24-hour complete drying period. Once the drying period is over, the glue acts  as a weld, which can withstand being put through the Dishwasher.

You can buy porcelain glue at most local hardware shops. If you’re unable to go to a  hardware shop, you can easily find a porcelain glue to purchase on Amazon.

Yes! You can glue porcelain. However, it’s important that you choose the proper glue to use  on your porcelain product because not all glues are meant to be used on a porcelain  surface.