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If you’re chasing the best glue for fixing glasses, then you’re in the right place! Those who have been wearing glasses for some time will know that it is pretty normal for frames to get broken. No matter the material it is made of, and how sturdy the makers advertised it to be, the frames can break at some point. This can be a real nightmare.

You can decide to buy new glasses when the frames of your current one break. What if this happens when your glasses is still very new? What if your glasses frames accidentally break often? It will be unwise to keep buying new ones every time when you can fix broken frames.

It is possible and quite simple to fix glasses frames. In fact, it is as simple as finding the perfect glue and joining the broken pieces neatly. But how easy is it to find the perfect glue to fix your broken glasses frames? The truth is: it is not so easy.

While there are several types of glue on the market, identifying the best one for fixing glasses can be pretty hard. The number of available options to consider is enough to give most people serious selection headache. You may need to research many products before choosing one.


To make the process of finding the best glue for glasses frames easy for you, we at Cleaning King have done the bulk of the research. We will review the best options on the market right away to make the selection process easy for you. In addition, we will discuss a few other important details on how to select and use the right one for you. 

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Our Reviews - Best Glue for fixing Glasses

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Our take – best glue for fixing glasses

Gorilla is undoubtedly the most popular super glue brand with so many different formulas for all kinds of materials. This particular one is definitely one of the best for fixing things like glasses frames. Thanks to its gel-like consistency, you can be sure that when you place a bead on one part of the glasses frames, it will not run down.

The Gorilla 103859 Micro Precise Super Glue is one of the easiest to use. It is pretty thick and has rubber particles that give it a bit of flexibility. Coupled with the precise control dispensing tool, the glue can be used by anyone to do a very neat job on broken glasses frames.

Another wonderful thing about this glue is the fact that it dries very fast. Depending on the material of the frame and a few other factors, the glue will dry in 10 to 45 seconds. There is no need for any form of clamping: just hold the parts together, and it will cure in less than one minute.

What we like

  • Provides strong, impact-resistant consistency
  • Compatible with different materials
  • Very easy to use
  • Sets quickly

Best for fast curing

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Our take – Best glue for fixing glasses

This is a glue that can repair almost anything. It is the type of glue that will handle all kinds of materials, meaning it will be great for your glasses frames, regardless of what they are made of. It is an odorless, non-toxic, permanent glue that is contained in a well-designed pen.

This UV light glue uses advanced technology to offer quick and super-powered permanent bonding. It is believed to be about ten times stronger than most glues on the market. It is also one of the fastest glues on the market, curing in 5 – 10 seconds as far as UV light is available.

The GUGUYeah UV Light Glue Kit is a valuable kit that contains one glue pen, two alcohol prep pads, and one UV Light with battery. It is very easy to use, also. It is a little more expensive than the other glues on this list, but it is worth the money.

What we like

  • Fastest setting time
  • Works well with all kinds of materials
  • Comes with everything you need, including UV light with battery


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Our take – Best glue for fixing glasses

For a heavy duty bond, this is your glue. Though it is called a plastic bonder, this glue can provide a strong and lasting repair on a wide range of materials, including thermoplastic, carbon fiber, thermoset, coated metals, concrete, and many more.

To use this plastic bonder to fix glasses frames, you need to mix it properly. The mixing ratio is 1:1, and you need to make sure it is thoroughly mixed. When you get it right, it provides a very strong bond that can never be broken.  

To be honest, this glue can be a little hard to use. It will be okay to fix glasses frames, but it will be very difficult for repairs that require a high level of precision. Another major issue with this glue is that it takes time to cure.

Stand-out features include

  • Offers strong and durable bonding
  • Works with different materials
  • Very affordable

Buying Guide – Best glue for fixing glasses

Though we have reviewed the top three glues for fixing glasses frames, it is still important that we discuss how to buy the perfect one for you. You can easily pick any of the products we have reviewed here, but learning about the major things to consider before picking one is really important.

What to Look For In Glues for Glasses Frames

If you want the best glue for fixing broken eyeglasses frames, there are factors you must consider. Here, we will briefly discuss some of the most important ones so as to give you the right information you need to buy the perfect glue.

Bond strength

This is the most important factor to consider. You need glue that will provide a strong bond between the two broken pieces. The strength of the bond will determine the pressure the frames can take at the point of fixing without breaking again. In essence, it will determine the usefulness of the fix you have made. Make sure you buy a glue that provides a strong bond.


This is quite related to the point above but differs a little. While the strength of the bond determines the amount of pressure the jointed part can endure, durability is about how long it can last. While some glue can provide a strong bond immediately after application, the bond may start to weaken with time. Water and pressure may make the bond to weaken faster. When the joint becomes very weak, the frame will break apart again. You need to buy a glue that will provide permanent bonding, or can last for years, at least.

Ease of use

You also need to buy glue that is easy to use. Fixing the broken frames of glasses shouldn’t be a difficult task, and the glue you choose can determine that. The easiest glues are designed in a manner that will allow you to just take the cap off, apply some beads on the areas to bond, and join them together. Some will require that you mix two compounds in a given ratio to get the adhesive. Buy only glues you know how to use; the easier the better.


This is another important factor to consider when choosing glue for any particular task. There are glues that are only good for a particular material. Some may be great for plastic and cannot provide a strong bond for metal, wood, and other materials. It is best to buy a glue that can be used for different materials. This way, you can use it to repair other things besides your glasses frames.

Drying and curing time

When repairing eyeglasses, you need glue that can dry and cure as fast as possible. Some of the best super glues can cure in a few seconds, meaning you won’t need to clamp the frames or stress yourself by holding them together for so long. With the best glues, you can fix your glasses and wear it again in just minutes.


Price is another important factor to consider when buying glues. There are affordable glues that can provide a strong bond for your glasses frames, but that doesn’t mean you should shop for the cheapest ones. Consider the other factors above before the price, but don’t pay more than necessary for super glues. 

Best glue for fixing glasses - FAQs

There are several top superglues that can be used to fix broken glasses frames. It will be wrong to name any particular one as the best of the best. We have reviewed three of the best ones available today, so you can pick from the three available options.

Drying and curing time depends on the type of super glue you buy. While some take minutes to dry, there are many that can dry in a few seconds. We including some of the fastest curing ones in this list.

This depends on the glue you used to fix the glasses. If you use some of the fastest glues that can dry and cure in seconds, then you can certainly wear your eyeglasses back immediately after fixing it.

While some glues work with specific materials, many are compatible with all kinds of materials. The versatile ones are considered the best. They can be used on plastic, metal, thermoset, wood, and other materials.

This also depends on the super glue you use. Some are so durable that they can last several years without becoming weak. Some provide permanent bonds.

Most glues are safe. There are some that may pose a danger, but most are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

There are many places to get good superglues, but we will always recommend Amazon. We have some links here for the best deals on the market.

In addition to glasses frames, you can use glue to fix so many things in your home. From regular things like cups and plates to toys, you can use glue to fix several other things.

While price is an important factor to consider when choosing glues, it is important that you don’t make it your number one priority. There are affordable glues that work great, but it is not advisable to look for the cheapest ones on the market. They may be a total waste of money.

Conclusion – Best glue for fixing glasses

You don’t have to throw your glasses away just because the frame is damaged. You can fix a broken frame with the right glue. Finding the right glue to fix your glasses may be difficult, but the Cleaning King team is always here for you.

We understand that people find it difficult to choose the right glues from the thousands of available options out there. We also know that many don’t have the chance to carry out the necessary research needed in order to identify the best glues out there. Our team research extensively and tested these some glues to determine the best for users.

Here, we reviewed three of the best glues on the market right now. We also provided links to where our readers can get them at the best possible prices. In addition, we discussed the most important factors in picking out the best glues for fixing glasses frames. These are factors we also considered in picking the three outstanding products in this roundup. We also answered some of the important questions buyers ask frequently.

Overall, we tried to make sure that the process of buying glues for fixing glasses frames is easier for our readers. While the Gorilla 103859 Micro Precise Super Glue Gel is the overall best glue for fixing glasses, the GUGUYeah UV Light Glue Kit is the best for fast curing. Buyers who are on a very tight budget should go for the J-B Weld 50133 Plastic Bonder Structural Adhesive Syringe. We sincerely hope that this piece will help you buy the perfect glue for fixing your glasses frames and other things.