Super Clean Vs Purple Power Degreaser

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How We Compared Super Clean Vs Purple Power Degreaser

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Buyers Guide – Super Clean Vs Purple Power Degreaser

This article will be focusing on two degreasers that are currently available in the market: super clean and purple power.

Purple power and super clean are very similar chemicals, both of which are known to clean greasy stains from surfaces easily. Some people might argue that with the introduction of super clean, owners of businesses or households do not need to buy the more expensive “purple power” anymore, so they keep using it.

Before we dive into a detailed analysis comparing both chemicals, let us first explain each chemical ingredient.   We will give you information about three things:  the ingredients that make purple power and super clean, the ingredients that have been removed from super clean, and why one is better than the other.


Our Reviews - Super Clean Vs Purple Power Degreaser

Super Clean Degreaser Review

Super clean degreaser is a super-strength degreaser that cuts through heavy grease and grime. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe on all surfaces. Super clean degreaser is super concentrated, so you only have to use a little bit in your bucket of hot water.

You can use it in combination with water for general cleaning. You can clean bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, and tubs with it, use it as a car wash shampoo, or dilute it 1:1 like any other liquid detergent for laundry purposes (it works great as an alternative to washing powder).

 It’s super concentrated, so you only have to use a little bit in your bucket of hot water.

If you are using a super clean degreaser on dirty or greasy surfaces, make sure that the surface is well ventilated and avoid prolonged breathing of vapor.

For general cleaning, use at least 5ml of super clean per liter of water and leave the solution for 20 minutes with light agitation. After that, rinse with fresh water for the best results. If it is stained areas, you can clean them with super clean undiluted.

Super clean degreaser does not contain phosphates; therefore, it won’t affect soil suspension machinery (e.g., dishwashers) that contain phosphate residue. It also doesn’t contain chlorides; thus, it’s ideal for use around swimming pools and spas.

Super clean degreaser is a super-strength, super-concentrated, super value product that contains no phosphates or chlorides, and it’s super safe to use anywhere super strength cleaning power is required.

We recommend you buy a small bottle of this super cleaner first to test its effectiveness in your environment.  You will be amazed at the super-strength super cleaner that is a super value super concentrated super product.

Super clean degreaser is available in a variety of sizes. It comes with a child-proof cap for your household’s safety. It would help if you kept it out of reach of children and pets when not in use. When properly stored, the shelf life is two years.

Super Clean Range

Purple Power Degreaser Review

Purple Power degreaser has been around for many years.  What it offers is a solution to your cleaning needs, whether you are washing dishes or clothes, greasing up an engine, removing adhesive residue, or even getting rid of that pesky vomit smell from carpets!!! Purple power degreaser is the choice of most consumers because of its claim to offer so many different uses and great cleaning ability.  

 Since this degreaser contains hydrocarbon-type chemicals, it is very flammable. This means that if you do decide to use a purple degreaser on your grease trap at home, please be sure to turn off all heating sources and have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency.  

Purple Power Degreaser is available in most supermarkets and hardware stores but if you cannot find it locally, try using the internet. The prices for this product online vary greatly, so always shop around before making your final decision.

Many people swear by purple power degreasers because they work just as well as other more expensive brands (even better !!!).  It will be up to you to decide whether or not this product works and how effective it is in your specific cleaning situation.

Purple Power Degreaser is available in various sizes (32oz, 64 oz, 1 gal, and 5gal), so do shop around before investing any money.

Purple Power Degreaser’s claim to fame is that it will remove all grease stains from clothes. Fact or fiction?  You can try it for yourself if you are willing to spend the money on this product.

In our opinion, you would lean more towards the fact category for stain removal because of its ability to remove a wide array of different stains from concrete, cars, and carpeting.      

Some of the stains that you will successfully deal with include ink, oil-based paint, asphalt sealer, grease (old cooking oil), and these were achieved by using this product on a relatively fresh stain.

If you are removing grease stains from clothing, remember to pre-treat the stain as quickly as possible, and then wash your clothes in regular detergent. For best results, when using a purple power degreaser to remove those nasty vomit stains from carpets or concrete floors, spray it directly onto the affected area and do not rub the liquid in. 

The quicker you treat the stain, the better chances you have of removing it successfully. Your opinion on this degreaser will vary depending on two things; what you want to clean or remove from your home and vehicle.

A 32oz bottle of purple power degreaser sells for around $5, but this will vary depending on where you buy it.  If the different brands of degreasers are all about the same price, then we recommend that you go for purple power. 

It is readily available, does not require any special storage requirements (just keep it away from children), is easy to use and effective in most situations (whether used for grease stains or vomit removal).

Similarities and Differences – Super Clean Vs Purple Power


Super clean and purple power are two of the same kind of degreasers used by various household houses and buildings for several things. Such as cleaning greasy surfaces in the bathroom, floors (floors have to be cleaned from time to time after all), carpeting, stairs, etc. However, they are treated differently than other more acidic type acids such as muriatic acid or vinegar.

These two degreasers only work when sprayed on the surface, so it’s not advisable to pour them directly onto a surface to dissolve grease because they would bubble up instead of dissolving into liquid form first. The reason behind that is because of the surfactants (surface active agents) and other chemicals deep in their composition that are responsible for dissolving fats and oils on contact.

A surfactant is a substance that lowers the surface tension of liquids or solids, making them spread more easily over what they’re touching. An example would be soaps, detergents, shampoos…etc., as it doesn’t work well if you just poured a soap bar directly onto tough grease to wash it off instead of lathering up first with water then rubbing all around with how you’ve lathered it into foam. This same idea in purple power lies when using purple power or super clean: spraying it onto greasy surfaces works better than pouring it on because the surfactants are affected by water.

If you were to pour super clean or purple power directly onto a surface, you might notice that they would bubble up, not dissolve into liquid form, which is not how it works. It only works when sprayed onto greasy surfaces so that the surfactants can be distributed throughout the bubbles of air for them to break down fats and oils. The same principle applies in dishwashing detergents: the action does not work unless after applying soap onto hands. Then, rubbing around as if using your bare hands instead of just plain soap on them without any added help from the water will yield no results.

Another similarity between super clean and purple power is that they both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to cleaning grease off surfaces. First off, these two degreasers are excellent for cleaning greasy appliances such as stoves and ovens from the inside out: just spray the surface with super clean or purple power, then wipe everything down using a towel after being sprayed on.

The reason behind this is because of how strong both of these chemicals are towards fats and oils: each time you apply them onto a surface, there will be an immediate reaction between them due to how the surfactants are present within their composition, which dissolves all kinds of fats or oil even if it’s burn on (extremely hard to remove without the right chemicals, but works instantly when using these two degreasers) onto surfaces.

Another example would be spraying purple power or super clean onto greasy floors to clean them up. It’s best to do this after purple powering first since spray purple power and super clean onto a wet surface yields quicker and more impressive results than plain water alone. However, you should avoid using these degreasers towards vinyl siding because they would degrade the siding by leaving yellow tint marks and permanently whiten your clothing due to the strong acids within their composition.


Many have touted the two as being the same thing with only slight variations in their formulas.  However, suppose one takes the time to read their Material Safety Data Sheet and look over their ingredients. In that case, it becomes clear that they are not identical, although they may be similar from looking at how much of each ingredient is present.

These products have some similar traits, such as both are good for cleaning aluminum-based parts and both contain a base solvent of mineral spirits (aka Naptha).

The main difference between the two products lies in volatile solvents vs. detergents.

Purple power contains the following volatile solvents:  Ethanol, Phenol, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK), Xylene, and Trans-1,3 -Dichloropropene. [ Note: The E number on these ingredients is for European countries and does not indicate if the ingredient is a pesticide.]  The detergents present in purple power are Tallow Amide DEA, Tallow Phosphate ester, Cationic Tall Oil Phosphate ester. These can be present in either white spirit or turpentine, which gives them an odor more pleasant than mineral spirits.

The super clean contains mostly mineral spirits in its ingredients, with a few exceptions.  It also has the following volatile solvents:  Butyl Cellosolve, Xylene, Trichlorofluoromethane, 1,1 -difluoroethane (HFC 134a or gazogen), and Tetrachloroethylene. Pure butyl cellosolve is an ingredient available in purple power. The detergents present are not on their MSDS. Still, when cross-referencing other products containing these same ingredients, it becomes clear that the main detergent is probably alkyl dimethyl amine oxide which would make this product more effective than purple power.

So when we compare purple power to super clean, it becomes clear that they are not identical products. Purple power was designed specifically for cleaning aluminum car parts and still has that market. Whereas super clean has a wider range of uses though some car manufactures prefer the term “super clean” used only on certain parts, such as GM who states:

“Parts cleaned with Super clean may have any of the following markings: Dip – Parts must be clearly marked by purple powering in paint containing 0.63% lead by weight.”

This shows that super clean is more concentrated than purple power and therefore could be more expensive per fluid ounce/squirt.

Conclusion – Super Clean Vs Purple Power

Super clean has a broader range of uses but is more expensive than purple power.  Purple power will have more volatile solvents and detergents, so it may be slightly stronger in cleaning ability (depending on the surface you are cleaning) but will have an odor that some dislike compared to super clean.

So, After looking at the similarities and distinguishing factors. We’d say both are top brands, but purple power is a better option, mainly because it comes out as the more versatile and the more powerful option.