Stihl BG50 Vs BG56

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Fuel Tank Capacity14.5fl.oz18.3fl.oz
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Read our Review

Introduction – Stihl BG50 Vs BG56

Depending on where you live and the number of trees near your home; leaves could be a big problem each fall.

Autumn may be the most stunning of all seasons, but once those flaming colored leaves have been shed onto your well-manicured lawn, the serious business of leaf clearing must begin.

Aside from maintaining a tidy garden, there are plenty of reasons for clearing fallen leaves. Even a thin layer reduces light causing the grass to yellow, as well as encouraging disease which could mean bare patches in the spring.

Leaves also harbor diseases such as rose black spots or apple and pear scabs and can re-infect plants the following year. And if left to turn into a brown mush, leaves can make patios, paths, and steps slippery and dangerous.

This annual clear-up is no longer backbreaking work; leaf blowers and vacuums make nature’s version of a spring clean a walk in the park. Gone are the days of blister-inducing rakes, newer models are versatile, convenient, and easier on the ears and nerves of you and your neighbor. Most models will pick up damp leaves without clogging, but don’t wait until nature’s deposit is a saturated mass.

Leaf blowers can be used all year round to blow grass clippings and hedge trimmings off paths and patios and clear gutters. As most handheld vacuums compact debris up to a ratio of 10:1 as it enters the collection bag, you’ll never be short of waste for your compost heap.

With fall fast approaching and the leaves starting to turn into beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow, you may be thinking of investing in a leaf blower. Having a good-quality leaf blower will allow you to clear your lawn, patio, and garden paths with ease.  Leave behind the sore arms and hips that using a rake creates and consider investing in a leaf blower. These powerful tools speed up the leaf-cleaning process and allow you to perform it comfortably.

A leaf blower is useful for more than just clearing areas of leaves. You can also gain big benefits in the winter by blowing vehicles and pathways free from freshly fallen snow and ridding areas of your property of dirt and light debris. 

If you’re looking for a leaf blower, you may be overwhelmed with the numerous available options. It’s good to compare different products from the same brand to see which one is likely to be right for you which is why our team at Cleaning King is comparing BG50 and BG56 Leaf Blowers to help you make the best decision.

Our Reviews - Stihl BG50 Vs BG56

Stihl BG50 Review

bg50 vs bg56

Stihl BG50 Review

The STIHL BG 50 is a light and easy-to-use petrol leaf blower, with plenty of power for an affordable price. A great option if you are looking for a Blower to tidy grass clippings, leaves, and other debris around the house. Offering great power and a compact design, the BG 50 is an excellent entry-level Leaf Blower that delivers on STIHL premium quality.

Get superior performance from the BG 50 gasoline-powered handheld blower. This reasonably priced tool boasts the highest power-to-weight ratio in the STIHL gas-powered line, making it the perfect choice for homeowners seeking premium STIHL quality. Its lightweight, compact design features a fuel-efficient engine, toolless air filter access, and an upright fuel tank for easier filling. Clean up yard waste and leaf piles quickly and easily with this affordable and convenient blower.

The STIHL BG 50 handheld blower features the highest power-to-weight ratio. Every inch of this gasoline-powered leaf blower has been engineered for optimal performance and fuel efficiency, giving you the power you need to clean up leaves and lawn clippings fast.

Stand-out features include

  • The purge pump primer feature enables the user to prime the carburetor with fuel, enabling easier starting
  • The purge pump primer is designed in a way that the operator cannot flood the machine by priming the carburetor too many times
  • Flooding the engine is still possible if the choke is not removed after the engine fires
  • Indicates products that are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components
bg50 vs bg56

Stihl BG56 Review

The STIHL BG 56 handheld Petrol Leaf Blower is ideal for cleaning up leaves and debris on paths or driveways around the home. Designed with an auto-reset stop switch and a throttle-activated choke system, the Blower automatically resets itself to the run position helping to prevent accidental flooding. A Vacuum adaptor kit is available as an accessory to convert the BG 56 Blower into a Vacuum Shredder.

The STIHL BG 56 C-E is a highly powerful handheld petrol leaf blower for domestic or professional use. With a max airspeed of 158 miles per hour, this blower will make short work of clearing pathways and greens of debris.

Ideal for cleaning up leaves and debris on paths or driveways around the home, the new powerful, low emissions BG 56 handheld petrol leaf blower features STIHL Ergo-Start, making starting virtually effortless. Designed with a specialized stop switch and semi-automatic choke lever, the blower automatically resets itself to the run position while helping prevent accidental flooding for smooth starts. A vacuum adaptor kit is available as an accessory to convert the BG 56 blower into a vacuum shredder.

Stand-out features include

  • Better Fuel efficiency: This sturdy petrol blower features the respectful 2-stroke engine that you will see across STIHL’s products. For this size machine, the BG56 will benefit from 20% less fuel consumption compared to similar-sized engines. Built into the blower is a catalytic converter to further reduce the exhaust of harmful emissions. This also results in a quieter engine as a side benefit.
  • Reliability: With STIHL, you get the guarantee of a fantastic product from a great brand whilst benefitting from the advancements of their innovative products.
  • Easy to Use: Working with the BG56 C-E leaf blower is a breeze, although it packs quite a forceful gust. It’s not by mistake all the controls are easily accessible with one hand, from the multi-functional handle.
  • Reduced Emission Engine Technology: Two-stroke engine with stratified charge. A fuel-free layer of air is created between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase, reducing the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle. 
  • Manual Fuel Pump: A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburetor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required following extended breaks in operations.
  • Easy starting: STIHL Ergo-Start (E) cuts the effort required to start the tool by half, while the starter cord can be pulled at just one-third of the normal force. All it takes is 2 fingers and gentle pull action.
  • Multi-Function Control Handle: Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator’s hand never leaves the handle.
  • Adjustable tube length improves versatility
  • Ideal for cleaning up leaves and debris on paths or driveways around the home
  • Strong blowing force
  • Single-handed operation for easy use
  • Ability to convert into a shredder

Conclusion – Stihl BG50 Vs BG56

We at Cleaning King would highly recommend BG56 because it is designed with ease of use in mind; the STIHL BG 56 features a simplified starting system. The STIHL Easy2Start allows you to start the engine with a long easy pull of the starting rope rather than a hard-fast jerk, making starting virtually effortless. The semi-automatic choke and the new start/stop switch make it virtually impossible to flood when starting this unit. The high-performance, low-emission engine makes quick work of leaves and other yard waste. Built into the blower is a catalytic converter to further reduce the exhaust of harmful emissions. This also results in a quieter engine as a side benefit. Another superb feature is the vacuum adaptor kit, an optional extra, which turns the powerful blower into a convincing vacuum shredder. However, this handheld blower gives you value for money compared to other brands and models.

bg50 vs bg56

Cleaning King's Verdict - Stihl BG50 Vs BG56

FAQ's - Stihl BG50 Vs BG56

What kind of gas does a STIHL BG 50 take?

Using the right type of fuel is critical in the safe and efficient operation of your STIHL equipment. All STIHL gasoline-powered equipment runs on a 50:1 mixture of gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil. Knowing the proper way to mix your fuel is the first step in keeping it running strong and long.

What fuel does a STIHL bg56 use?

Only use unleaded gasoline in Stihl blowers. Additives can harm the engine in the long run, so Stihl suggests using only gas that has an octane rating of 89 or greater.

Are those blowers appropriate for all types of cleaning operations?

No. Those blowers are ideal for clearing leaves and grass. But the misuse of those power tools can cause serious and fatal injury.

Is the BG 50 appropriate for the refueling system?

No. You may face some complications when you use octane on it.

What fuel does a Stihl bg56 take? 

Ready-mixed fuel (50:1) for all STIHL engines, optimal performance; best cold start ability, maximum acceleration over the entire RPM range, best running characteristics even with a sudden gas change.