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Degreasers are important for removing hard and stubborn stains from hard surfaces which are based on oil or water. Many degreasers are oil-based while some are also water-based. A good all round degreaser can be invaluable in the kitchen, garage and around the home.

In this article, we will discuss  two popular degreasers in the market – Simply Green and Purple Power. However, before coming to the final conclusion of which is the better of the two, let’s do an in depth analysis of the two.

So, effective cleaning from degreasers is important in many industries because it can reduce downtime, it increases productivity, and it increases the overall lifespan of the equipment. Moreover, it also helps in avoiding contamination and related concerns.

Effective degreasers come with the potential to be highly efficient in terms of performance. But, the ability of cleaning is dependent on what is getting cleaned, a substrate being cleaned and the type of the process constraints. The parameters should work in the tandem for the ultimate cleaning results.

For choosing between a solvent cleaner, water based cleaner, or a simple thinner, a substrate must be critically evaluated. One must actualize the applications, the kinds of requirements, and the real goals. One should also take into account performance, economical solution, and safety. A good degreaser is one that is made especially for removing the type of the contaminants such as synthetic grease, high temperature grease, dielectric grease, etc.

A degreaser that functions well on stainless steel might not be compatible aluminum for example. 

Let’s now discuss Simple Green and Purple Power in detail and see which one is better.

Our Reviews - Simple Green Vs Purple Power

Our take – Simple Green Vs Purple Power

The Simple Green degreaser or cleaner is a kind of industrial degreaser which is made of a simple brand of products which is created by the company Sunshine makers inc. The primary focus of the company is to make products for cleaning that has no adverse effects on the environment. The Simple Green came in the market in the year 2004 and is now totaled over the amount of six million USD in total sales. The all-purpose cleaner is a kind of degreaser that safely and easily removes any kind of carbon deposits, grease oil, soot, smoke, coffee, and juice stains, postings, lipstick stains, dirt, and crayons, etc. It removes any kind of stains that are found on indoor, outdoor, washable, and outdoor household surfaces.

Stand-out features include

  1. The Simple Green is a powerful degreaser which is potent enough to degrease different automobile engines. It is also soft enough for decreasing stains from the smoother fabrics.
  2. With the helps of the Simple Green degreaser, you would not be in the need of a refresher or a cleanser, and not even a specific cleanser. Simple Green degreaser would be solving all kinds of solving all kinds of stain problems.
  3. Simple Green cleaner is also usable for decreasing all kinds of grease, grimes, oil stains for automatic parts such as tools, tires, wheels, plastics, bumpers, plastics, camper shells, aluminum vinyl tops mats, carpeting, and others.

Simple Green Range

Our take – Simple Green Vs Purple Power

Purple power is a type of a degreaser which is of industrial strength. It is a chemically aqueous cleaner manufactured by the brand Aiken Chemical Company which comes under the tag of Clean-Rite.

Aqueous cleaners which are degreasers and cleaners differ from the products based on solvents. Whereas the solvents are not to be mixed with any water, these might be further dissolved. Not only the Purple Power is able to work well with the water, it would aid in the entire process of cleansing.

The solutions for cleaning which are sold are quite concentrated which makes it strong. Not only would the Purple Power would work well with water, it would support it in the process of cleaning.

The cleaning solutions that are sold are quite concentrated which makes Purple Power quite powerful. The way it actually works is through which you can spray the final product on the exact surface that you are cleaning, it produces a barrier among the surface and the dirt. With the barrier formed, water comes in between and then takes the stain away.

Stand-out features include

  1. Purple Power cleaner treats types of oils, dirts, grease stains, and is a type of heavy-duty cleanser which is usable on a big industry level that is commercially available.
  2. Purple Power degreaser is able to clean a diverse range of surfaces. The highly concentrated type of formulation is penetrable info dirt, oil, and grease, and then establishes a barrier between the surface and the stain.
  3. The Purple Power Degreaser comes with a feature that involves a concentrated formula, industrial strength, which is free from phosphate, is not easily abrasive, and is not flammable. It is also certified biodegradable by the SCS or the Scientific Certification Systems.
  4. The Purple Power cleaner removes stains on home, industry, auto, marine, industry, and other products. It offers dilution ratios for all types of cleaning surfaces on the products.

Purple Power Range

Detailed Comparison – Simple Green Vs Purple Power

There are a lot of types of degreasers used at the industrial level. In this article, we are seeing two top products from the market – Simply Green and Purple Power. The category that you will pick must be the one that is better suitable for the kind of the contaminant that you need to clear up, the type of the oil dispersing chemical, the post clearing waste system for disposal, etc.

On a general note, we have three main categories of degreasers for different kinds of degreaser applications. These include some of the following:

Solvent-Based Degreaser

It is a kind of powerful degreaser which contains different chemicals that might contains environmental or health risks if not handled correctly. In that manner. Simply Green is a product which is made carefully keeping in mind this note. The kind that you choose needs to be the one that is used by the help of professionals in different sectors not involving any kinds of consumables. It is most often used in industries such as marine, rail, automotive, mechanical, rail, etc.

Natural Degreaser

It is a kind of a degreaser which is created using natural ingredients such as corn, vinegar, baking soda, orange, etc. The natural kinds of degreasers that do not contain any kind of toxic chemicals and are not adverse for the environment as well as for the users. However, these are less potent and are basically utilized for hospitals, household equipment, schools, care homes, etc.

Water-Based Degreasers

The water based degreasers which are utilized for lighter usages, these are not as potent as the degreasers that are based on solvents, and their effect on the atmosphere is almost minimal. It is basically used in the sectors such as manufacture, food, agriculture, beverages, and food, etc. Purple Power is based on aqueous chemicals and comes in this category. It is a water-based degreaser and has its applications in many industrial areas.

Conclusion – Simple Green Vs Purple Power

The Simple Green and Purple Power are some of the most popular degreasers, but both of them have their own pros and cons.

The Simple Green is basically used as an all-purpose cleaner, which means it can be effectively used for a number of reasons.

You would not need any other type of refresher after you have used this type of cleanser in your routine as it is an all-purpose solution and does not require any accessory tool to accompany it.

On the other side, the Purple Power is a type of degreaser which is based on aqueous chemical. It has most applications found in the industrial sector. Also, it is highly concentrated in the available form and can be diluted in different solutions according to the requirement of the user. In a nutshell, it is an all-rounder when it comes to performing heavy-duty functions in industries such as automative and marine industries.

To conclude, the fact that Simply Green is all-purpose and it imposes minimal threat to the environment, we can safely say that Simply Green is better option of the two when it comes to the decision of picking between the two. 

Cleaning King's Choice - Simple Green Vs Purple Power