Roborock E25 Vs E35

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Cleaning your home can be a daunting task, especially when you have to deal with dust, dirt, and other debris. When you have kids at home, you may want to clean all the dirt and dust so that the house is clean and safe for them. It gets even more challenging if you are using a traditional vacuum cleaner and have pets at home. Their hair may get tangled as you try to pull it out of the carpet. That is when you realize that you need autonomous vacuum cleaners. 

With the ever dynamic world of technology, digitalization brought about the emergence of robotic vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners work autonomously to ease the challenging and tiresome task of cleaning. Robotic cleaners are usually small in size, resembling small disks, and possess some powerful features. They are efficient and clean every spot in the house, including the generally hard to reach areas. 

Robot manufacturers always come up with ways to add features to the devices to make them more efficient. Such features usually amaze buyers and as they possess futuristic capabilities. For instance, robot vacuums have mopping capabilities. 

Such is the case with the Roborock E series of vacuum cleaners. They have the Roborock e25 and Roborock e35, which are similar vacuum cleaners with have high-performance and efficiency levels. They only have small differences, which are very important. They are all available at affordable prices, and they stand out among other top brands. Roborock e25 and Roborock e35 are manufactured by Xiaowa, a brand that may not be familiar to many.

So let us take a look at the two vacuum cleaners.

Our Reviews - Roborock E25 Vs E35

Roborock E35 Review

Ideally, the Roborock e35 robot vacuum cleaner’s job is to suck all the dust, dirt, debris, and allergens from your home. It leaves you with a cleaner home, safe for the kids. The long battery life and the high suction speed enable the Roborock e35 to cover a large area efficiently for a long time. 

The physical appearance resembles that of the Roborock e25, but they differ in specifications. They possess some different features and also vary a bit in usability. Some robot cleaners may get stuck among objects like cords or toys for someone with a messy home. You may be forced to hunt down the vacuum cleaner if it does not return to the charging dock when done cleaning.  However, the Roborock e35 has features that enable it to avoid getting stuck among objects like a pile of toys. Therefore, there is no need to worry when you leave it doing the cleaning.

You do not have to worry about noise since the vacuum cleaner performs its duties quietly. It contains a programmed voice that will let you know when the cleaner starts or finishes cleaning and if, by any chance, it gets stuck. You only have to adjust the volume of the voice to help you find the cleaner. 

We shall compare the features, then look at the pros and cons of the Roborock e25 and the Roborock e35.

Roborock E25 Review

The Roborock e25 is among the vacuum cleaners that have the versatility and ability to clean multiple rooms. It also possesses the capability to mop hard floors. Roborock e25 has six cleaning modes and power levels, giving it the ability to clean thoroughly and leave your home spotless. Every power level has its cleaning ability, with the Max power level useful in in-depth cleaning.  

The little smart device uses a motion-tracking sensor to navigate around your home, performing an excellent job. The motion tracking sensor allows the robot cleaner to take small, low-resolution pictures of the floor as it travels around your home. It then compares the image with others, enabling it to detect when it goes over the same place on your floor twice. The feature allows for the Roborock e25 to map out your home. As a result, it follows a predictable zigzag pattern when cleaning and does not jump all over the place when it encounters a table leg or chair. 

It carries out the cleaning duties effectively and performs tasks equal to deep cleaning. It deep cleans carpets and can do light mopping tasks. Additionally, it cleans the dust and debris beneath sofas without the need for uplifting or moving the furniture around.

Roborock E25 Vs E35 – Similarities and Differences


Both the e25 and e35 have a mopping capability. When cleaning, you can select either vacuum carpeted floor or vacuum and mop. The mop cleans any stains from the floor and sucks in water as it cleans. As such, it cleans without leaving puddles. 

Both have a large dustbin, meaning they can clean for a longer span before you can empty the bin.

The e25 and the e35 have an auto-recharge feature, making them return to the dock if the battery is running low while cleaning. After attaining an adequate amount of power, the vacuum cleaner resumes cleaning on its own. 

Both cleaners have the auto carpet boost feature, enabling them to readjust their suction speed to maximum whenever they sense a carpeted floor. The readjustment makes sure that the cleaners suck all the dirt and dust from the carpet. 

When programming the cleaners for cleaning, you can set them to clean multiple rooms and create virtual barriers and no-go zones. The barriers help keep the kids and pets safe as the vacuum cleaner goes on with its job.

Generally, both cleaners operate on low noise, enabling you to go on with your other tasks as cleaning goes on.

When cleaning ledges and stairs, there is a fall avoidance feature that prevents the cleaners from falling. Additionally, they have an automated sensor that senses edges and stops them from going there. 


  • Mapping

The Roborock e25 uses motion tracking sensors and a dual gyro system to find its way around as it cleans your home. It has 13 sensors that prevent collision with other objects and enable the cleaner to avoid getting trapped. The sensors also allow the e25 to auto charge and resume to work. 

On the other hand, the Roborock e35 has dua gyroscopes and motion sensors to assist in route planning for efficient cleaning. The feature enables real time data collection, making the device clean faster. The Roborock e35 vacuum cleaner cleans at 30% more quickly than similar cleaners. 

  • Suction Speed

The Roborock e25 has a suction speed of 1800pa, which enables it to pick dust, dirt, and debris from any floor or carpet. If you have rugs in the house, the cleaner will effectively pull out any long, stuck hair or pet fur.

The Roborock e35 suctions at a speed of 2000pa. The high speed allows it to clean all the dust, dirt,  and any pet hair. It cleans hard floor surfaces and can deep clean thin carpets, leaving your home spotless. 

  • Battery Life

The Roborock e25 has a battery life of 2600 mAh compared to the Roborock e35 cleaner, which has a battery life of 5600 mAh. The e35, therefore, stays for a more extended period without needing a recharge.

How to Set Up the Roborock e25 and e35 with Mi Home App

Both the Roborock e25 and e35 are smart devices that function based on the commands prompted by the Mi Home App. They require internet connectivity to function. Anyone using an Android or iOS phone can use the app. Before you can use the device, you need to set it up with the up. The setup process is a simple one, which should not trouble you.

First, you have to download and install the Mi Home app from Google Playstore. You will then register for a Mi Homr account using your phone number. If you already have a Mi Home account, kindly skip this step. You will then add your Roborock device to the Mi Home account. 

Before adding the Roborock device, ensure that your phone is already connected to WiFi, then open the top of your vacuum cleaner so that you can see the WiFi indicator light as the device connects. Sign in to your Mi Home account on your phone, then tap on “add device.”

The next step is to go to your phone’s settings and allowing the Mi Home app to access your current location. Click on “nearby devices” so that you can detect your Roborock cleaning device. You can then add the device to the account.

Similarly, you can add the device to the account manually. To do this, you first select the model of your device from thE “home appliance”  section, then tick “operation confirmed.” In case you cannot connect the phone to the vacuum cleaner for some reason, you can open the vacuum’s cover to reveal the WiFi indicator. You can press and hold the dock and spot buttons simultaneously until there is a voice prompt, “Resetting WiFi.” The WiFi indicator then blinks until the vacuum completely resets.

The next step is to select your home WiFi and input the WiFi password. When the device connects to the WiFi, the WiFi indicator on top of the device stops blinking to solid. After that, you can give the device a unique name, and then you will be able to control the device from your phone. 

The Mi Home App has several exciting features. You will explore details about your device, its maintenance, battery percentage, and several other features. There is also a “Locate My Robot” option, which will allow you to find the device if it gets stuck anywhere in the house during cleaning.

RoboRock E25 Vs E35 – Buyers Guide

You must consider a few pointers when buying a robot vacuum cleaner, whether it is your first experience with robot cleaners or you have encountered them before. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Always by a dark-colored vacuum. It will easily showcase the dirt and dust it picks. Light-colored vacuums tend to hide the dirt, dust, and fur they collect.
  • Do not go for brand names. Always opt for a vacuum cleaner that will suit your cleaning requirements rather than a famous brand.
  • Purchase a robot cleaner that you can schedule cleaning. It also needs to have enhanced navigation properties.
  • Always check the dustbin’s capacity before you purchase a robot cleaner. It will help you avoid emptying the dustbin frequently. 
  • Always check the battery capacity so that it may have a prolonged life and clean a much bigger space before it needs a recharge.
  • Go for a cleaner that will seamlessly transition from cleaning to mopping. That will be more efficient.  
  • As much as you need to consider the budget, you cannot compromise a vacuum cleaner’s features and opt for a low budget cleaner. It will not be effective at cleaning, and you may need to buy another one shortly after. Features and capabilities are essential.
  • Check the shape and height of the robot vacuum cleaner. It goes a long way to determine whether the cleaner will effectively clean under low height furniture and in 90 degrees corners.

Conclusion – Roborock E25 Vs E35

Both the Roborock e25 and e35 have plenty of benefits. They show a lot of similarities in design and properties. The two also are available at a pocket-friendly price. However, the small differences in specific properties make a significant impact. 

The Roborock e35 seems to give better value for money compared to the Roborock e25. The e35 robot vacuum cleaner has a longer battery life and also a higher suction speed. The two properties give it an edge over the e25 vacuum cleaner. 

The longer battery life of the e35 vacuum means that it can clean for longer hours without a recharge, a useful feature that saves time. Similarly, the higher suction speed means that it can clean a larger area within a short time than the e25. It also does not get stuck easily among toys or cords, meaning it can clean an entire house without any problems.

People who have larger homes can choose the Roborock e35 cleaner as it cleans a more extensive area within a short period. Someone with a mid-sized home can purchase the Roborock e25.

Cleaning King's Choice - Roborock E25 Vs E35

Roborock E25 Vs E35 FAQs


Yes, you can register. Registration on Mi Home is free.


The Roborock e25 and e35 are usually 3.5” when not on the dock. They can, therefore, smoothly go under the sofa and come out. It will not get stuck.


Sometimes, hair and pet fur gets stuck on the brushes and wheels, blocking airflow. If left unchecked, the vacuum cleaner may get damaged. The robot cleaner usually comes with a blade or hair removal comb, which you can use to remove the hair and fur. If you misplace the comb, you can use a kitchen knife or a pair of scissors.


It would help if you cleaned the docking station occasionally, as dust may settle on the connectors. Dust on the connectors may affecr the charging time, making your robot cleaner charge for longer hours. You, therefore, need to clean the connectors once in a while.


The technology used by the vacuum cleaners does not support setting boundaries on the app. You need to purchase a magnetic tape to help you mark the no-go zones in your home.


It is normal. Your house may be such that some areas of the house have a low WiFi signal. The vacuum cleaner will go off in the low WiFi signal areas and come back online where the WiFi signal is sufficient.


Yes. The e35 vacuum cleaner only has one color – black.


Experts advise that you should only add water to the tank. Cleaners or other liquids or detergents may cause blockage of the water tank filter. 


The two physically look similar but differ in a few features and capabilities. While the Roborock e25 has a battery capacity of 2600 mAh, the e35 vacuum cleaner has a battery capacity of 5200 mAh, giving it more prolonged life. The e25’s highest suction speed is 1800 Pa while the e35 has the maximum suction speed at 2000 Pa.


Robot vacuum cleaners contain built-in motherboards that help them map and navigate your home. Sensors prevent them from hitting objects, thereby identifying the best cleaning path. When it completes cleaning or the battery runs low, the robot cleaner beeps and finds its way back into the docking station.


A robot vacuum cleaner has many pros, from its efficiency to ease of use, saving time, and compact design. They also use intelligent technology, giving them the ability to map and navigate your home, as well as identifying stairs and virtual barriers.