Rid-X vs Green Gobbler vs Yeast Septic Treatment

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RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, Liquid + Septi-PACS, 9 Month Supply (6 Month Supply Liquid, 48oz and 3 Month Supply Septi-Pacs, 3.2oz)
Green Gobbler Septic Saver Bacteria Enzyme Pacs | 6 Month Septic Tank Supply | Septic Tank Teatment Packets
Fleischmann's Instant Yeast - 2 pack/each 16 oz. bags
Green Gobbler
Waiting Period
Two to four hours
Two to four hours
Introduces enzymes and bacteria
Introduces enzymes and bacteria
Only introduces enzymes to enhance existing bacteria
Cleaning Kings' Choice
RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, Liquid + Septi-PACS, 9 Month Supply (6 Month Supply Liquid, 48oz and 3 Month Supply Septi-Pacs, 3.2oz)
Waiting Period
Two to four hours
Introduces enzymes and bacteria
Cleaning Kings' Choice
Green Gobbler Septic Saver Bacteria Enzyme Pacs | 6 Month Septic Tank Supply | Septic Tank Teatment Packets
Green Gobbler
Waiting Period
Two to four hours
Introduces enzymes and bacteria
Cleaning Kings' Choice
Fleischmann's Instant Yeast - 2 pack/each 16 oz. bags
Waiting Period
Only introduces enzymes to enhance existing bacteria
Cleaning Kings' Choice

Blocked or clogged septic systems are sources of a major problem, ranging from slow drains, gurgling pipe sounds, trouble flushing, and bad odor. It also exposes your family to potential health problems and a lot of discomfort.

The good thing is that you do not always have to hire a professional to clear this mess. There are a few products that you can buy and perform a DIY restoration to the septic. In this article, we compare Rid-x Vs. Yeast Vs. Green Gobbler, three of the most common septic treatment products. We also look at how to use them, their similarities, distinguishing factors, and ingredients

Buyers Guide – Rid-X vs Green Gobbler vs Yeast Septic Treatment

Safer Than Industrial Chemicals

Of the three, yeast is the most natural remedy to septic treatment, but Rid-X and Green Gobbler are still better options than industrial chemicals. Some chemicals are not safe to flush down our toilet or into a private septic system.

These three biodegradable household septic solutions rely on natural enzymes and bacteria to break down the solid content in your system. Septic tanks rely on friendly bacteria to function properly, which Rid-X, Yeast, and Green Gobbler are good at boosting.

Since enzyme drain cleaners do not contain corrosive chemicals, they are safer on pipes and are less risky to use frequently. You can continue to use any of these for the longest time possible without experiencing side effects on your pipes or the tank. Plus, the lack of chemicals reduces the risk of exposure to side effects such as eye, skin, and respiratory irritations.

Their only downside is that they may take longer than bleaches of chemicals to clean your septic system.

Other solutions like bleaches, disinfectants, bleaches, and household cleaners kill these bacteria, leading to more damage.

Only Moderate Levels Are Recommended

Even too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad; that cuts across all these three additives. Septic tanks only need a certain concentration of enzymes to function properly. Adding too much of the treatment solutions may introduce a much stronger amount of enzymes than that required by natural bacteria found in a septic system. As a result, they may break solids further than what is normal.

The general perception is that a more effective breakdown of solids in a septic system is good and could allow homeowners a prolonged duration between septic cleaning. This is wrong! Septic systems are designed to hold a specific amount of water at a given time. Using too much septic treatment may mean that you exceed this capacity, which may in turn drastically diminish the system’s ability to treat water. And could also lead to contamination of water sources.

All Are Easy to Use

The third similarity between you and all these products is that they are easy to use and very effective. You only need to add a few items like sugar and warm water for yeast, then flush it down your drain. The second item, Green Gobbler, is even easier to use. It comes in a dual-chamber bottle that eliminates any instances of guesswork when it comes to finding the right measurements for your projects.

All Are Readily Available and Affordable

Yeast is the most readily available of the three items. Almost every family has some yeast for home baked dough. If you don’t, you can always visit your nearest grocery store for a jar or packets of yeast. Plus, yeast has a very long shelf life, and you may stock as much as possible; all you need is proper storage space.

Both Green Gobbler and Red-X come in various forms and types. So you always have the freedom to choose the suitable variety for your projects. These items also vary in price depending on the ingredients and quantity, but you will always find something that fits your pocket. Three monthly doses of Rid-X septic treatment sell for as low as $48, while 10 x 1.240 oz (35g) POD of Green Gobbler Deodorizer and Holding Tank Treatment only sells for US $ 12.95.


Here are the major distinguishing traits you will notice when using these products;


The main distinguishing factor separating the two is the varieties and forms in which they come in. Green Gobbler comes in at least seven, including the following;

  • Foaming root killer: targeted to kill plant and tree roots that may block your pipes. It dehydrates the roots, making them brittle until they dissolve away, leaving a clear path.
  • Enzyme drain cleaner: a formula that uses natural lipase enzymes to eliminate the build-in septic tanks, grease traps, and other plumbing systems.
  • Septic blast: a product that helps restore and recondition a septic system by eliminating tank clogs and odor. It employs powerful bacteria and enzymes to dissolve paper, fat oil grease, and other organic materials in your septic system. Septic blast is a great product for emergencies and as a preventive measure for tank maintenance projects.
  • RV Marine & Porta Potty Treatment; This formula is specifically designed to remove horrible clogs and odors. It comes in pre-measured packets that you need to drop in the toilet and let do the rest.
  • Main Line Drain opener: an industrial-strength drain opener that can clear tough clogs in sinks, baths, toilets, and showers. It liquefies sludge, hair oils, and grease to clear your drainage paths.

On the other hand, Rid-x comes in different forms, as discussed above. It provides fewer options than Green Gobbler. Yeast also only provides Hobson’s choice; there is no variety, and it functions universally without any additives and fragrances.

Method of Application

These products are all straightforward when it comes to methods application. However, this still varies with each. You may need to measure the quantity you apply for Rid-X and yeast to get the right concentration. For Green Gobbler, this is not necessary because it comes pre-measured in the dual-package.

The natural nature of yeast also makes it a bit tricky to apply directly. So, you must add a few other natural additives to get the right form to apply. The three forms of Rid-X, powder, liquid, and gel packs also vary in the method of applications you’d want to pick the most convenient for you. The action time of all these depends on the size of the waste and the capacity of your septic.

Our Reviews - Rid-X vs Green Gobbler vs Yeast Septic Treatment

Green Gobbler Review

According to the manufacturer, GreenGobbler, the formula seeks to find solutions to the smallest issues that cause headaches, like smelly and clogged drains. Green Gobbler provides a simple yet highly effective solution for your monthly septic system maintenance. The product dissolves and emulsifies the debris that blocks the drainage system.

The company’s products have been growing in popularity across the United States thanks to the powerful and easy-to-use nature. Through their innovativeness, GreenGobbler has stood true to its ambition and provides solutions to drainage problems of all magnitudes.

Green Gobbler is safe to use in various household items including showers, sinks, tubs, grease traps, garbage disposals, septic tanks, and lift stations. It is also EPA-approved and safe for any pipe, including copper, PVC Plastics, and cast iron.

The clog remover liquefies grease oils, fats, paper, hair, and other organic materials, enabling them to travel down the drain without any hitches. The formula sinks and mixes with the blockages, then dissolves the buildup in thirty minutes or less.

The best part is that GreenGobbler backs all its products with 30-day money-back guarantees. The company also provides a free iPhone APP that reminds you to utilize your septic saver when buying their products.

There are several types of Green Gobbler formula. Here are some of the famous ones:

Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Bacteria Enzyme Pacs

The pack contains six specially formulated water-soluble pods that you will need to drop in your toilet and flush every once every month. Each pod contains powerful enzymes that digest and eat away your drain’s organic matter, preventing messy and smelly instances.

With this, you can reduce the odor from the septic system. The formula helps reduce the effect of detergents, bleaches, and other industrial chemicals that end up in your sewage system. Moreover, the product doesn’t contain any sodium hydroxide or harmful chemicals; it gives you a fresh scent with no acoustic chemicals.

 Green Gobbler Drain Opening PAC’S – 5 Pack & 5 Hair Grabber Tools

The drain clog dissolver is another powerful and relatively affordable unclogger that provides a safer alternative to the harmful acoustic products in the market. It comes in a dual-chambered bottle that eliminates the need to measure and premix the product every time you want to use it.

To use in toilets, pour the two chambers into the bowl and let it sit for two hours before flushing. You can also let it sit overnight from a more effective solution. A single chamber is enough to resolve logs in drains.

This Green Gobbler formula is a biodegradable product that relies on enzymes rather than harmful industrial chemicals to dissolve organic matter.


One major disadvantage of using Green Gobbler is that it may introduce an unpleasant odor during the project. However, this vanishes as soon as you complete working with it. You must use face masks and have proper ventilation to avoid inhaling that.

Green Gobbler Range

Rid-X for Septic Review

Rid-X is a scientifically prepared septic treatment and drains maintenance formula. It constitutes 100% natural bacteria, and enzymes disintegrate household waste, including oils, fats, food, bodily wastes, starches, and proteins. It can also dissolve paper products like paper towels, toilet paper, and similar products.

Theoretically, the formula works like the common drain fly gels in our grocery stores. They are instrumental in dissolving organic buildup in pipes and systems prone to drain fly infections.

You can use Rid-X for:

  • Plumbing and drainage systems, including toilets, shower drains, sinks, and kitchen
  • Garbage disposal
  • Out of house
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)

Rid-X works much like enzyme drain formulas, using a special formula (without harsh chemicals) to eat away the organic matter from the systems. It specifically keeps the balance of bacteria in your septic tank.

The enzymes in Rid-X start working on the system as soon as they contact the sewer content. However, it only takes between 2 and 4 hours for Rid-X bacteria to germinate and start eating away the waste. The bacteria then multiply to maximum levels in about 2 to 4 days.

It is, however, important to note that the speed at which the waste will break down will depend on your septic system. We recommend leaving the product to sit overnight when using it to remove organic matter from pipes.

Rid-X comes in three distinct formulas, powder, liquid, and gel packs. These come in three packaging styles, sachets, boxes, and bottles, which contain the following ingredients:

  • Amylase that breaks down the starches
  • Protease that breaks down the protein content
  • Cellulase that eats away the toilet paper and food wastes and
  • Lipase eats away fats, grease, and oils.

There are three main types of Rid-X as follows

Septi-Pac Septic System Maintenance

This formula is available in gel packs, containing enough content for septic tanks with capacity ranging from 700 to 1500 gallons. For best results, place a gel pack of septi-Pac septic system maintenance formula into your toilet every month and flush. A pack includes three-month doses of 3 tablets, six tablets in total.

Powder Septic Tank System Maintenance

This is the best formula to use when your plumbing system is not active. For instance, you could use it at night or just when you are about to go on vacation.

Liquid Septic Tank System Maintenance

A dose of liquid septic tank system maintenance is eight fl. oz. and can treat up to 1500 gallons’ capacity tanks. For best results, pour the liquid into the toilet or sink drain, run water for at least 15 seconds or flush the system. The holding tanks come with a fresh scent that leaves your environment smelling nice.


One major disadvantage of this product is that it needs you to leave the project to settle before using your septic again. This may inconvenience you as you have to wait for alternatives for the entire duration, which may mean overnight. It also takes a considerable amount of time to reach optimum levels, meaning that the results are not instant.

Rid X Septic Treatment Range

Yeast for Septic Tank

Plant matter, protein, starches, grease, and fat all need various enzymes to dissolve them. Introducing yeast to your septic system helps break down some starchy material helping the content move freely down the drain.

There are two types of yeast for this purpose—Baker’s yeast, a type of bacteria that doesn’t need oxygen to thrive. And brewer’s yeast, which you can use to keep your septic tank leach flowing by keeping the bacteria alive.

Baker’s is very great in breaking down the complex waste material into simpler components. It accelerates the decomposition of the solid waste in the water. However, this mustn’t be the best way to eliminate clogs or remove accumulated sludge from the system. After treating your septic system with baker’s yeast, you will still need other means to maintain your septic responsibly.

How To Use Yeast in Septic Tank

  • Run warm water into the drain
  • Pour two to three cups of tepid or lukewarm water into a bowl
  • Add two packets or four and a half teaspoons of baker’s yeast into the bowl and stir thoroughly
  • Add 2 cups of cornmeal and 2 cups of sugar into the mixture and stir again
  • Cover the mixture with a towel and wait for it to froth
  • Power the mixture into a toilet that is closest to your septic tank and flush twice.

You can always throw some yeast once every month to keep your septic tank leach moving. It provides a natural, non-chemical way to keep bacteria alive and break down the solid wastes within your septic system.

You need to repeat this process every 3 to 6 months. However, this frequency may depend on the amount of human waste your septic system handles. It would be best not to use your septic system for about two hours after flushing to allow the yeast mixture to take action. It may cause you many inconveniences, but yeast needs that time to accelerate the pace of microorganisms in the septic system.

For the best result, pour half a cup of baking yeast on your toilet, then flush to move it down the pipes when it is your first time doing this. Then periodically (preferably each month), follow this up with a quarter cup.

Being a biological additive, yeast combines enzymes and bacteria to enhance the biota present in the septic tank. As a result, it provides a start for a freshly constructed system, or an augment of stress drainage. Some people believe that you need to add bacteria to new systems; this is not true. Septic systems require bacteria to flow, but you do not need to add any specific bacteria.

This might be an entirely natural solution to your septic problem, but adding too much yeast to the system may be harmful. The frothing action that occurs when you activate the yeast initiates a profound change in activity in the system. 

This might be nothing to the naked eye, but microscopic observations reveal a hyped-up activity that causes the unsettling of the solid waste from the bottom of your tank. Anaerobic bacteria may fail to degrade the solid waste if it is not allowed to settle. So we recommend that you use moderate levels for optimum results.

Disadvantages of Using Yeast

There are anecdotal tales of yeast usage leading to insignificant sludge and scum production. Yeast doesn’t eat oils and fats or soaps in scum layers. Some of the solids in your septic tanks are bits of plastic, grit, sand, and similar materials. No enzyme, bacteria, or yeast can digest these particles and other organic solids.

Because of this, you may need to make a schedule to remove the unbreakable particles once they accumulate.

As some people perceive, yeast doesn’t produce bacteria in the septic system but will still break down the starches. The main bone of contention is whether yeast will thrive in an environment full of hungry bacteria. And it is also important to note that starches only make a fraction of the waste in your septic tank. 

The general septic environment is one that food sources can support. Adding yeast or any other microorganism to this may trigger an unfair completion. The pre-present bacteria will always have a home advantage in such a situation. On the other hand, the newly introduced microorganisms may not compete and may become a food source for their hosts. This may limit the long-term effectiveness of this process.

Conclusion – Rid-X vs Green Gobbler vs Yeast Septic Treatment

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