Rapid Set Cement All vs Mortar Mix Quikrete

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How We Compared Rapid Set Cement All vs Mortar Mix

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High Strength, 15 min Set, FeatheredgeQUIKRETE Construction Grade Mortar Mix of Masonry Cement and Graded Sand for Laying Brick, Concrete Units, and Stone, 10 Pounds
Cement AllQuikrete
Product type

Is a high-performance, fast-setting, multi-purpose concrete repair material.
is a pre-blended, sanded contractor grade mortar mix designed for laying brick, concrete masonry units and stone.
Product useUsed for concrete repair Used for laying brick, concrete masonry units and stone
Ingredientsblend of Rapid Set hydraulic cement and quality aggregatesCement and fine sand
Setting time

Initial 15 minutes- final 35 minutesApproximately 1 hour

CuringFor 1 hour after application

No curing is generally needed and a gentle mist of water may be needed in hot, windy and dry conditions to prevent premature drying and to improve the strength of the mortar mix
Cleaning Kings' ChoiceYes
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Introduction – Rapid Set Cement All vs Mortar Mix Quikrete

As a homeowner or a person connected with the construction industry, we are using different types of cement products. These are used both for creating a new structure as well as repairing an existing building structure. Most of us do small repairs and little additions to our homes as DIY projects. 

But we do not know the subtle differences in different types of concrete and cement mortar products available in the market. The selection of the right product is very essential for the successful completion of the project. 

Rapidset Cement Mix and the Quikrete Mortar mix are widely used cement products. They are used for different types of work and have different physical properties. We must know the real difference between the Rapidset Cement Mix – Vs- Quikrete Mortar Mix.

Our Reviews - Rapid Set Cement All vs Mortar Mix Quikrete

Rapid Set Cement All Review

This is a high performance, multi- purpose concrete repair material with a fast setting feature and just needs 15 minutes to harden and we can even run heavy traffic within one hour of application.

 This mix is an innovative blend of quality aggregates with rapid-setting hydraulic cement. This being a readymade product we just have to add water and apply it to the construction structure we are repairing. This can be used for general and structural concrete repair, formed work, construction of pavements footings, setting posts, industrial floors, and machine bases.

 This mortar mix has to be applied in thicknesses ranging from 2″ to 24″ (5 cm to 61 cm) and is not suitable for high heat applications above 300°F (149°C).


To make the mixture it is better to use a power-driven mechanical mixer, and be mixed with 3.5 to 4.0 quarts of water per 60-pound bag for Transportation and other critical projects and about 4.5 quarts of water for other general applications. For higher strengths use less water.

This Rapidset cement mix may be placed using traditional construction methods. And curing must be given as soon as the surface of the working area begins showing lack of moisture, and the same must be kept in moist condition at least for an hour.

 This cement mix is available in bags weighing 60 pounds and can use to cover an area of 0.53Cubic feet.

Rapid Set Cement All Range

Mortar Mix Quikrete Review

Mason Mix is a pre-blended, sanded contractor-grade mortar mix designed for laying brick, concrete masonry units, and stone. This is available in bag sizes of 60 lb (27.2 kg) , 80 lb (36.2 kg) and 94 lb (42.6 kg).

 This type of Mortar mix complies with the technical specifications of ASTM C270, and ASTM C1714 Standard Specifications. The surface must be prepared well before application and it should be clean and free of dirt, oil, grease, or loose debris. The Mortar mix can be mixed either by hand or with machines for about 5 minutes by adding about 5 quarts of water (4.7 L) of clean water into the mixing container for each 80 lb (36.2) bag

 The mortar mix must be mixed till you get a firm, workable consistency and apply as thin layers in the traditional way of using cement mortar in construction projects.

 Normally this type of mortar mix does not need any curing and if the climatic condition is very hot, dry, and windy apply a gentle mist of water over the surface created with this mortar mix. This is necessary to prevent premature drying and improve the strength of the mortar.

Conclusion – Rapid Set Cement All vs Mortar Mix Quikrete

 Both the products are good for construction as well as repair works but of them, the Quickrete is one of the best masons mixes for all types of repair works. We as homeowners can do many types of concrete or masonry repairs around the house with this product.

 With the ability to hand mix and availability of the product in different size packing it is easy to buy as per the need and use it even by a person who is not having any construction experience.