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OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover PowderClorox Disinfecting Bleach
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Introduction – OxiClean Vs Bleach

Whether you consider yourself careless or not, you’ve probably stained at least a handful of pieces of clothes in the last few months. It’s always a miserable time, whether it be with beverages, sauce, or unclean water splash. If you’re trying to decide between OxiClean and Bleach, you’ve come to the right place.

We use bleach when the laundry appears to be dirty. But did you realize that bleaching isn’t simply about Clorox or even other bleaching agents?

Besides the traditional white bottle of liquid chlorine bleach, there’s the milder oxygen bleach, popularly known as OxiClean because it’s the most well-known product among the oxygen bleach powders. There are a few more brands that come in form of pods and claim to whiten garments using a unique oxygen bleach technique.

We, at Cleaning King, present unbiased reviews of home-use products to help you make the best judgments possible before purchasing any product. Continue reading for the rest of our product review


Our Reviews - OxiClean Vs Bleach

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Review

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover not only removes stains from clothes, but it’s also suitable for carpets and upholstery.

OxiClean isn’t your typical stain remover for laundry. There’s a reason it’s named a stain removal powder: it works on more than just clothes. Because the formulation is made for whites, fabrics, colors, rugs, couches, as well as certain hard surfaces, you may get a lot more value out of a single stain remover.

Because OxiClean has two laundry-washing apps, we’ll go over each of them.

OxiClean was tested in various places on various garment pieces with a variety of staining substances, including grass stains, dirt, soy sauce, ketchup, margarine for grease, and so on.

The marks were allowed to set in for a few hours to give them time to harden on the garments and become difficult to remove.

The very first wash was started after the spots had enough time to set up, using the OxiClean normal cleaning technique. To begin, the stains had to be rinsed with cold water.

While the bucket was still filling up, the necessary quantity of stain remover and ordinary detergent was put in the washer.

The outcomes of this OxiClean stain remover are excellent, and it easily eliminates grease and other spots from clothing; if it does not, the items must be washed again and almost in the second wash, you get your desired results if the stains are very hard.

If you go along with the instructions on the back of the OxiClean, which suggest that you should soak your garments in the solution for more than 6 hours, the results will be even better by filling up the scoop to line 2 per 4 gallons of clean water.

If you go along with these methods, the results are very stunning, and you won’t have to worry about your garments fading or being damaged.

If you really want even better results, rinse the stains 2-3 times if they are stubborn, and they will be eradicated.

Stand-out features include

  • Pre-soak works on most stains
  • Helps clean surfaces as well as clothes
  • Pleasant (but powerful) aroma
  • Clothes and Color friendly
  • Mostly compatible with all kinds of fabrics.

OxiClean Range

Bleach Review

Bleach is a sort of washing detergent that eliminates stains from garments while also removing the color. Bleach causes a chemical reaction with a stain, breaking it down and allowing it to be removed from garments. On white garments, bleach provides a brightening and lightening effect.

When it comes to choosing which bleach to use on your laundry, there are just two options: chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach, that is mentioned earlier as well. There are, however, natural things that have bleaching properties and can be used as bleaching agents.
The majority of stain removers only work on garments. Bleach is supposed to be a broad stain remover, so you can use it on anything other than garments.

Bleach can, sometimes, be used on water-washable furnishings, rugs, and hard surfaces like masonry and tile after being dissolved in water but it has its own limitations. Because there are numerous sets of instructions on the box, read them all carefully and follow them.
You can apply the dissolved solution directly on the cloth on some surfaces, while you can only use a white towel soaked in the solution on others.

Then there’s the smell. It has a strong and awful odor. We also suggest completing the pre-soak in a well-ventilated area. Because the strong smells will quickly fill the house, do it behind a laundry room door.

Surprisingly, there is no aroma when the clothes are taken out of the washing machine and hung for the drying process.

Stand-out features include

  • Strong Formula
  • Whitens right away
  • Disinfects and deodorizes
  • Can easily remove the stains and odor.

Detailed Comparison – OxiClean Vs Bleach


Ease of Use:

Oxiclean isn’t a stain remover that you can leave and forget, and because it’s in powder form instead of just a spray bottle, you’ll have to measure out the right amount.

While it’s not difficult to use because there are few spray versions of OxicClean also available in the market and there are certain instructions to follow depending on what you’re doing, so be sure you follow them.


Oxiclean is a good value for money considering its many uses and stain-fighting abilities. OxiClean provides the product in a variety of volumes ranging from 3 to 7.22 pounds, and therefore the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes.

The smallest pack costs around $7 and can accommodate 156 standard sets of clothes.  


OxiClean Max Force Spray
While all of OxiClean’s solutions are effective, we also love Max Force since it becomes easy to operate and gives the same results as well.

There’s no need to soak the formulation or perhaps even add it to the wash—just spray it on, brush it in, and wash as usual. However, it works better on minor stains, so it simply doesn’t work as well as OxiClean Powder if you have a handful of things that need to be pre-soaked.

White Revive Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover
The Revive stain remover from OxiClean is quite similar to the Oxiclean Powder. The key difference is that it is only good for clothing and not for other surfaces.

However, it is acceptable to use on colored clothes, so it’s a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a laundry additive that may brighten whites while also removing stains. 


  • Strong fumes during pre-soak
  • Lots of small-print instructions

Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is normally sold in liquid form, however, powdered versions are sometimes available. Chlorine bleach is made out of sodium hypochlorite that has been diluted with water.

This bleach is quite potent. It sanitizes washing; however, it isn’t suitable for many types of fabrics, especially colored or patterned apparel.

When chlorine bleach is used on some fabrics, it can cause smudgy color fading in uneven patterns, as well as holes and damage to the fabric. The majority of clothing tags state whether chlorine or non-chlorine bleach can be used.

When Should You Use Bleach?

To remove any dirt and odors from whites, use chlorine bleach. If you use it on any other type of garment, you can end up with a washing mess.

On clothes that ask for non-chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach can be utilized. It’s safer to wear with bright colors and patterns.

When used according to the prescribed standards, oxygen bleach eliminates stains and brightens colors.

Bleaching Agents

Bleaching agents can be made from a variety of everyday materials. They aren’t as strong as chlorine bleach, but they can still remove color, so you should test for colorfast fabrics and other details before using these bleaching agents.

Lemon juice is generally best applied to whites only. Allowing lemon juice to sit on white soiled garments in the sun can help to speed up the bleaching process.

Vinegar can also be used as mild bleach on some fabrics. On colorfast fabric, hydrogen peroxide can be used as if it were oxygen bleach.

Mixing multiple bleaching agents or types of bleach is never a good idea. Before using another type of cleaning, thoroughly wash and rinse all previous ones off of your clothes.

If your washer doesn’t have a bleach injector, add it to the wash water after waiting 5 minutes. If you put it in before then, the enzymes and whiteners in the detergent may be destroyed.

Keep bleach in a secure area of your home where kids will not be able to get to it.


  • It can weaken fabrics.
  • Need to work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Always requires you to wear gloves.
  • Has a harsh smell, so it can be unpleasant to use.

Conclusion – OxiClean Vs Bleach

We all know how important it is to wash our clothes and keep their fabric and quality.

Both Bleach and Oxiclean are effective in removing stains, regardless of how difficult the stains are, however, if you want to keep your fabric safe and your colors lasting longer, Oxiclean is the clear winner.

Oxiclean is a more advanced version of bleach that comes in powder and spray form and produces better results than regular bleach. It offers everything you need for your clothes, as well as a strong formula and a pleasant aroma.

If there are a few stains, give it another wash or follow the instructions on the back of the Oxiclean package; you will notice a difference.

This was a comprehensive review of OxiClean and Bleach to provide you with the most up-to-date information on both products.

OxiClean can also be used on a variety of materials, as previously noted. So, if you’re wondering which product is better for you in terms of clothing cleanliness and other factors, the OxiClean is without a question the way to go.

FAQ's - OxiClean Vs Bleach

Is It Possible To Combine Oxiclean And Bleach?

Bleach should never be mixed with OxiClean. The reaction emits noxious gases and has the potential to explode.

What Can Bleach Be Mixed With?

Water is the only substance that can be safely mixed with bleach.

Bleach should never be used with other products. When chlorine bleach is mixed with ammonia, chloramine fumes are produced, which can cause everything from coughing to asthma, as well as death.

What Can I Combine OxiClean With?

So, what can you mix with OxiClean that is safe? It’s just water and washing detergent. Of course, if your laundry detergent contains vinegar or bleach, don’t use OxiClean with it.

Is it possible to combine OxiClean and Vinegar?

OxiClean and vinegar should never be mixed. Hydrogen peroxide is formed when OxiClean is broken down, and peracetic acid is formed when hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are mixed together, which can be harmful.

What to Do If OxiClean and Bleach Have Already Been Mixed

Open the windows and leave the room for a few hours if you’ve already mixed OxiClean and bleach.

If you’ve already inhaled fumes and are experiencing symptoms such as coughing, vomiting, breathing difficulties, or dizziness, contact your doctor or 911.

What Is OxiClean and How Does It Work?

Sodium percarbonate is the key ingredient in powdered OxiClean. When sodium percarbonate comes into contact with water, it decomposes into sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide.

After that, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down and removes the stains. It’s the oxidizing agent, which is why the product is called OxiClean.

What Bleaching Agents Are There?

Chlorine and related chemicals (such as sodium hypochlorite) and peroxygen bleaching agents (such as hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate) are the most commonly used bleaching agents. Another area is the reduction of bleaches.

Enzymes are a relatively new type of bleaching agent.

Where Can I Purchase Oxiclean?

It is typically accessible in all stores, but if you can’t locate it, you can get it online from Amazon or Wal-Mart.