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OdoBan Disinfectant Concentrate and Odor Eliminator, 1 Gallon, Fresh Linen ScentNo products found.
OdoBan Disinfectant Concentrate and Odor Eliminator, 1 Gallon, Fresh Linen ScentNo products found.
Best for SurfacesYesYes
Best for Floors and TilesYesYes
Kills viruses and bacteriaYesYes
Laundry refresherYesBuy Other Variants
Effective against CovidNoYes
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Read our Review

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Introduction – OdoBan vs Lysol

If someone contacts a surface, it’s likely to have germs. Even when no one touches it, it is likely to contain germs. This is due to the fact that germs can be found anywhere. They exist both within and without the human body. Some grow in locations like your stomach and aid with digestion, while others live on your skin and perhaps other surfaces and are continually transferred about.

Odoban and Lysol can help you clean your surroundings and sanitize surfaces, keeping you and your family safe from deadly germs like COVID and allowing you to live a stable and healthy life.

They both help to sterilize your surroundings, furnishings, and floors, as well as promote a healthy and bacteria-free environment. The most important question is which one is better?

Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know and give you a quick and informative review of both products, as well as a side-by-side comparison, so you can make an informed decision about your family’s safety.
So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Our Reviews - OdoBan vs Lysol

OdoBan Review

OdoBan removes odors via cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, freshening, and disinfecting. This multi-purpose concentrate is both cost-effective and adaptable, with no residue. OdoBan concentrate may generate up to 32 gallons of sanitized solution from one gallon.

OdoBan deodorizes a wide range of surfaces in seconds. It can help you eliminate even the most difficult scents, such as smoking, skunk, and pet odors.

This product’s best feature is that it can be used on soft surfaces such as furniture, carpets, fabric, garments, draperies, and animal bedding.

Cleaning duties such as washing floors and wiping off tables can be done with OdoBan. It can also carry large or deep cleaning tasks including scouring walls, wiping outdoor furniture, and flood and fire repair.

Furthermore, it can kill 99.9% of germs on hard surfaces in 60 seconds, ensuring near-complete protection for your family.

To freshen and soften garments and provide laundry with a lingering fresh aroma, add OdoBan concentrate to the final wash cycle. Why should you spend more money on fabric softener?

Professional cleaners have relied on OdoBan for a variety of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, and deodorizing applications for years. OdoBan is utilized in the most difficult cleaning and deodorizing situations, such as fire and flood cleanup.

It’s true that just a little goes a long way! OdoBan concentrates generate up to 32 gallons of cleaning solution from one gallon. You may save a lot of money by purchasing this product and simply mixing it with water as suggested on the packaging.

Original Eucalyptus, Lavender, Fresh Linen, Citrus, Cucumber Melon, and Cotton Breeze are among the six amazingly fresh smells offered by OdoBan.

The Sam’s Club Member Satisfaction Guarantee applies to this item, and it is totally made in the United States. As a result, you can rely on the product’s quality.

In terms of general public reviews, it is a popular product on Amazon, with thousands of customers recommending it to make their daily lives easier.

Stand-out features include

  • Eliminates Odors
  • Cleans and Kills Germs
  • Laundry Refresher
  • Kills 99.9% of germs in 60 seconds
  • Works on countertops, carpets, tile, furniture, fabric, pet bedding, showers, bedding, and septic tanks

OdoBan Range

Lysol Review

Our experts gave Lysol Smart Multi-Purpose Cleaner excellent ratings as a solid cleaning solution that can help you achieve just that, with the added plus of eco-friendly packaging, so you can clean those oily and sticky stains while also significantly reducing the use of single-use plastics!

The disinfecting cleaner’s performance satisfied the users. The spray readily removed the soapy residue from a tub, wiped scuffs and blotches off painted walls, dissolved greasy spots, and cut oil from glass.

With its ecological design that allows one bottle of the spray to be reused up to 25 times, this concentrated cleaning recipe is a terrific way to reduce single-use plastics.
There’s no harsh chemical odor here! You won’t have to worry about any harsh nasty smells causing you a headache or dominating your home thanks to the spray’s citrusy fragrance.

This pourable cleaner can be used straight on stains for surface cleaning or diluted in water for cleaning big surfaces such as flooring. It destroys germs even when diluted (when used as prescribed) and maintains freshness for a long time.

On Amazon, many users liked this product and had no complaints about how well it worked.
In terms of results, it can significantly aid in the disinfection of surfaces and other items, and it is widely accessible in a variety of forms, including Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Wipes, Solution, and many more…

Lysol is the most widely used household product on the market, thus it doesn’t require any special introduction or instructions.

Stand-out features include

  • Kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Kills cold & flu viruses and COVID-19 virus
  • Sanitizes soft surfaces
  • Helps to control and prevent mold and mildew

Odoban and Lysol Buyer Guide – 2021

You can sweep and wipe the floor, but the remaining filth and stains will need to be cleaned with disinfectant spray. In the needed hours, a disinfecting spray can be a lifesaver. They not only remove the sticky components from your countertops or borders, but they also help to purify your environment by eradicating bacteria.

These disinfectant sprays are quite useful because they can be used on a variety of surfaces, including your kitchen counters, toilet seats, and even your hands. Because disinfectant sprays are so diverse, deciding which one to buy and for what purpose can be difficult. Here is a buying guide to help you learn everything you need to know about disinfecting sprays that clean surfaces and their surroundings:

What is a disinfectant spray?

Disinfectant sprays are biological devices designed to kill microorganisms on still surfaces, such as bacteria and germs. They’re commonly used to eradicate bacteria and stains in hospitals, dental offices, kitchens, and restrooms. Some sprays have multiple uses, such as hand sanitization and soft surface cleaning.

 Notable properties of a good disinfectant spray

  • Sanitize the surroundings and outdoor spaces
  • Non-corrosive
  • Safe for humans and animals’ skin
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Leaves no stains, damages, or bad odor
  • Does not cause a severe chemical reaction when applied
  • Effective and beneficial
  • Affordable

Things to consider before buying a disinfectant spray:

Always opt for a disinfecting spray that meets your specific needs and requirements. Many disinfectants are effective at killing bacteria and germs that are a major health risk in your area. Some disinfectant sprays, on the other hand, are only effective at eliminating dirt from a soft surface or skin.

Because the disinfectant spray contains chemical compounds, it must stay moist on the ground for 30 seconds to 5 minutes in order to kill bacteria in a timely manner. It’s important to read and follow the instructions before applying the product, and only rewet when necessary.

 The type of surface that needs to be cleaned
Pick a good disinfectant spray that is safe for hands and can remove undesired particles in the air from all surfaces and surrounds, particularly soft surfaces, hardcover’s, toilet seats and handles, equipment surfaces, fabric, and clothing. 

It is risk-free to use
Examine the alcohol and chemical content of the product. Avoid using any disinfectant spray that is harmful or corrosive and can harm any surface it is applied to.

 It’s easy to use
In hospitals, schools, and organizations, disinfectant sprays disinfect in just one step and can treat a wide range of bacteria, microbes, molds, and corrosion. It’s a good thing to have a firm plan in place to prevent illnesses and save time and money.

Lysol Review On The Basis of Buyer Guide

Lysol is a versatile surface cleaner that works well on a range of surfaces. It can be used to clean surfaces and refresh laundry. In terms of effectiveness, it is not only a surface cleanser, but it also aids in the killing of hard germs and viruses that can be harmful to your health.

Apart from that, Lysol is completely safe to use, but if it comes into contact with your skin, you should wash it with water right away.

It is simple to use because there is no need to mix or prepare the solution. You can spray it directly on the area where you wish to eliminate stains and bacteria, and it will leave a lovely smell that will lift your spirits.

Lysol bottles are environmentally friendly because they contain less plastic and may be reused multiple times.

Odoban Review On The Basis of Buyer Guide

Odoban, on the other hand, is a fantastic and well-known product all over the world. The goal of this product is to deliver excellent quality and quantity at a reasonable cost.

When used for washing and surface cleaning, it has a pleasant aroma. It is suitable for both industrial and domestic applications.

This single package can generate 32 liters of cleaning solution and is excellent against bacteria and viruses.

The price is fair, and the features are excellent. It is completely safe to use once the solution has been prepared.

Other ready-to-use varieties are now available, however, the aroma does not stay for longer hours, despite the fact that you can enjoy the unique scent for a few hours.

Conclusion – Odoban vs Lysol

People have always prioritized cleaning, but it has become even more so in the last few years. And, while things are slowly beginning to resemble that of the world before COVID-19, one point is certain: keeping things clean is a protection that is on everybody’s brain. You can’t really control the viruses, dirt, and other things that happen outside your home, but you can ensure that your household objects are disinfected for your own and your family’s safety.

Both Lysol and Odoban are effective against odor and bacteria, but Lysol is the most widely used and trusted brand. Odoban is excellent for quantity and effect, while Lysol has been clinically approved for eliminating bacteria and COVID-19 viruses.

Both products, in our opinion, are acceptable. You should give each one a try and choose the one that best suits your needs.

FAQ's - Odoban vs Lysol

How much does a disinfecting spray cost?

A disinfectant spray can cost anywhere between 15$ and 100$, depending on the qualities, quantity, and usage. Disinfectant sprays are also available at a discount on the internet.

How to disinfect the home’s touch surface?

Wipe off all surfaces to remove any bacteria, dust, or garbage. Bacteria can be found on doorknobs, tabletops, dining chairs, kitchen countertops, bathroom shelves, toilet bowls, and a variety of other surfaces. Apply the disinfectant spray that is appropriate for the surface after wiping.

 Can disinfectant spray be used for an extended period of time?

It normally takes two years for a product to expire after it was manufactured. Due to the dissolving of chemical compounds, some could lose their value after a year or two.