Meguiars vs Armor All vs 303

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How We Compared Meguiars vs Armor All vs 303

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Meguiar's G13616 Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner - 16 oz. 2 PackArmor All Ultra Shine Protectant Spray, Car Interior Cleaner Spray with UV Protection Against Cracking and Fading, 16 Fl Oz303 Automotive Protectant - Provides Superior UV Protection, Helps Prevent Fading and Cracking, Repels Dust, Lint, and Staining, Restores Lost Color and Luster, 16oz (30382CSR) Packaging May Vary
Meguiar's G13616 Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner - 16 oz. 2 PackArmor All Ultra Shine Protectant Spray, Car Interior Cleaner Spray with UV Protection Against Cracking and Fading, 16 Fl Oz303 Automotive Protectant - Provides Superior UV Protection, Helps Prevent Fading and Cracking, Repels Dust, Lint, and Staining, Restores Lost Color and Luster, 16oz (30382CSR) Packaging May Vary
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Car interior use
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When it comes to taking care of prized possessions like cars or boats, there are many products on the market that offer many benefits. When looking to make a decision on what product to purchase there are many options that have different features available. 

Making sure to maintain a clean exterior and interior is extremely important for your car health. Washing and waxing a car’s exterior will help preserve the paint job. Over time cars depreciate, keeping the car clean can extend the life and make it last longer. If the exterior has damage due to irregular maintenance can lead to irreversible damage and make it need repairs, this can be costly, however it is preventable by keeping a regular cleaning and waxing schedule for your car.

In this guide, Cleaning king will present product information, customer reviews, and expert opinions to determine the best product for your car cleaning needs. Featured in this guide will be Meguiars, Armor All, and 303 Protectant. We will compare each product, determine the best uses for each, and which is the best overall.

Our Reviews - Meguiars vs Armor All vs 303

Meguiars Review

Meguiars is one of the world’s leading surface car care companies, they have been around for over 120 years and are widely available throughout every country. It’s one of the most popular products amongst car owners and professional detailers. Meguiars was first known as a wax for furniture polish and expanded to the car care business. 

Due to its popularity, Meguiars expanded to seven categories of car care products. Each category has unique features and has many different things to keep all the car and boat needs met. 

  1. The first one being the traditional products, such as polishes, washes, waxes, and more. 
  2. The second is the NXT Generation, this features products used for clear coats and longevity.
  3. The third is the Ultimate Products, these products represent the best Meguiars has to offer. It includes waxes and polishes that provide the best shine and protection. 
  4.  The fourth is the Microfiber correction system, these products feature a two step process to correct paint without leaving anything behind. 
  5. The fifth are detailing tools, such as towels applications, brushes and more.
  6. The sixth category is Professional Detailer products, these are products that come in bulk and are popular with body shops.
  7. The final category is Boat Maintenance Products, this is a series of products that are made specifically for boats. 

Meguiars is a product that is often held on local shelves and makes it readily available to consumers compared to having to order products online. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to scents, texture, and the brands they choose to use. This is why Meguiars is popular throughout stores, consumers are able to pick it out in store and make their decision.

Stand-out features include

  • Locally available making it easier for consumers to find.
  • Non greasy formula that cleans, shines, and protects against harmful UV.
  • Offers products for cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and more.

Meguiars Range

Armor All Reviews

Armor All is a brand that has been committed for over 50 years to make products that help make cars look good inside and out. In 1962, Joe Palcher discovered a formula that protected rubber, plastic, and vinyl from UV radiation. This discovery changed the automotive world forever. Armor all stated marketing products and the brand became public in the 1980’s, after that more innovations and products kept being created and loved by many. 

Due to its success with many different products introduced, Armor All has become a premium product that is used at several automatic car washes throughout the country. Over time your car’s dashboard, console and other exterior plastic parts begin to lose their shine or begin to crack. Car owners rely on Armor All protectant to help maintain the appearance of the vehicle. 

Armor All products use water-based silicone compounds, due to this, these products do not cause cracking and damage. These products are also free of harsh alcohol or distillates that are known to cause damage to the interior and exterior parts of a vehicle. 

The interior line of products from Armor All have had rumors spread about the products cracking dashboards over time, leaving streaks, and residue behind. While doing research and reading reviews we did come across a couple negative reviews. However, just because a company has previous negative reviews it doesn’t mean that every product will have a negative effect.

Stand-out features include

  • The formula used helps prevent cracking, fading, and discoloration of plastic pieces.
  • When applied, it leaves a high gloss finish to the treated area.
  • Can be used on household surfaces as well like vinyl, rubber, hard plastic, etc. 

Armor All Range

303 Review

303 has a variety of products that protect and clean your most proces possessions. Products were originally developed in the 1980’s to protect aircrafts. Since then they kept improving and expanding their products. 303 products use the most effective solution to protect against harmful UV rays, high-speed winds, water damage and more.

Similar to Meguairs, at 303 they separate their products into different categories. 

  • Automotive: products include shine, waxes, sealants, and more.
  • Marine: products are vinyl cleaners, corrosion coats, mildew blocker, etc.
  • Indoor and Outdoor surfaces: Sealers, fabric guards, restorers, etc. 

303 is one of the most versatile detailing products you could own. It features an advanced formula that provides excellent UV protection offered by any surface protectant. The protectant is stain resistant and repels water and dirt. 

The 303 protectant comes with major benefits: repels water and dust, eliminating any stains. Treated surfaces never appear oily or greasy, there are many matte options to keep that shine without the oil. The protectant is a multipurpose product, it can work on vinyl seats, dashboards, and more. It’s also able to be used on multiple materials and surfaces including rubber, acrylic plastic, etc.

Stand-out features include

  • Special formula that can be used to protect vinyl, plastics, rubber, and leather.
  • Provides superior UV protection, and leaves a dry natural finish without an oily feel.
  • Easy application process for everyone to understand and leaves a smooth finish with high quality results.

303 Range

Meguiars Vs Chemical Guys

When wanting to detail your car or take better care of your vehicle, it’s a great idea to get car care products from reputable companies, including Meguiar’s and Chemical Guys. Both of these companies have been in the car care industry for fifty years. A problem we at Cleaning King have seen is that both companies sell extremely similar products such as polishes, waxes, and soaps. 

Meguiars has been around for over 120 years, it’s a very popular and well known company full of different products to meet everyone’s needs. Their products are popular amongst car owners, as well as professional detailers. Chemical guys was founded 53 years ago, they started a small company and became a worldwide distributor of car products. Their popularity is known from their affordable prices, and their dedication to create high quality products. 

Chemical guys ofer a wider selection of car care products compared to Meguiars. Due to this, Meguiars have received complaints about their company failing to create new products and expand their products compared to other retailers. 

Even though both have many products and seem to be some of the most popular brands. Chemical Guys car products are only available in 50 countries. Meguiars can be bought in over 100 countries, this improves their popularity. We researched and read many reviews for each company, Meguiar’s received more positive comments compared to Chemical Guys. 

Meguiars Polish Vs Compound

Meguiars Ultimate Polish and Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound are extremely popular products in the car detailing and professional world. The compound is used for when you have an older car that has faded or oxidized paint. It’s known to reduce the appearance of scratchers and water spots. The polish is for when the surface has a good conditioned paint and swirls need to be removed, this also allows for the best shine due to the wax.

We researched the different uses and how the surface will benefit in both of these products.

Meguiars Ultimate Polish is a light abrasive product that is designed to restore shine and gloss to any faded paint. The company calls it a “pre wax glaze” the ingredients are designed to fill in scratches and improve the paint’s overall appearance. Although it can’t remove the scratches, it’s a great way to deliver more sine and is more effective than normal waxing. It’s a product that can be used often as long as the abrasives are light.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound is a polishing compound that is an abrasive product designed to smooth the surface of your paint and improve the appearance. This compound is often used when the paint needs correcting, it’s more aggressive than polish. A major difference is, it’s a pure compound that does not contain wax or sealant. It’s made to reduce scratches or water spots on the paint. The compound also can remove oxidation that makes the paint appear faded or cloudy. Since this is an abrasive product, it’s advised to use it twice a year. 

Meguiars Ultimate Wax Vs Gold Class 

Many people spend hours trying to achieve the right shine and protection for their vehicle’s exterior. Simple wax products can go a long way to offer additional protection to a car’s paint finish. Most users look for UV protection, or a water resistant wax to protect the sealant. Meguiars has two products that are often compared to each other, they are the Ultimate Wax, and the Gold Class Wax. 

Meguiars Ultimate Wax was designed so it was easy to apply, and to be a quick and simple wax option. It’s a liquid wax that requires less elbow grease compared to paste waxes. It features a formula that’s a synthetic polymer based that forms a layer about the paint to repel water. This helps the wax coat’s longevity and ability to repel everyday messes like dirt or mud. It’s known to give near blemish free results without white residue. However, some complaints have been the wax leaving a slight haze or staining on darker finishes when wiped off. 

Meguiars Gold Glass Wax introduced a new formula that leaves a reflective finish and water resistant properties. It’s longer lasting and refines the paint to leave a smoother surface and shine in one step. This liquid wax deepens and darkens the color of your vehicle. The reflections appear sharper and brighter. It’s easy to apply and has no waiting periods, and each time you will get a streak free and clear finish each time. This wax gives your clear coat protection against sun damage.

Conclusion – Meguiars vs Armor All vs 303

Based on all the information we provided it’s clear which company has more of a history in this field and who has been around longer. However, being around for a long time doesn’t mean that they have the best products. It’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking to get from the products, this will help in the decision of which company and product to reach for. 

After the research and reading the guide that we at Cleaning King wrote, all three companies offer different and similar products that can get your car looking like a brand new car. When comparing them overall the price range can differ, the most expensive one is the 303 protectant. However, the quality, durability and the easy application make these products worth it in the long run. 

After reading reviews from different expert detailers and customer reviews for every product, 303 products outshine the competition. Though they are a little bit more pricey, the reviews were nothing but positive. Consumers reach for this product due to the finish it leaves behind and the  benefits it brings. It leaves a clear matte finish without feeling sticky, and the formulated compound protects against fading, discoloration and cracking due to harmful UV rays. Most reviews also said that after they applied the protectant, their vehicles paint started to repel dust and water stains, due to the protectant sealing the paint.