Loctite Vs Gorilla Glue

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If you need a heavy-duty adhesive that works on something other than paper, you probably know the names Gorilla Glue and Loctite. Two of the most popular brands in the industry for creating super glue, each has a wide range of products to meet your needs. Without learning something about each company and the types of adhesives it produces, it could be a very long decision-making process for you when it comes to purchasing one or the other.

Knowing which adhesive is the best when compared to another takes time. Fortunately, you’re not required to research the two brands because we’ve taken the liberty to do it for you. All you need to do is read the different features offered by Gorilla Glue and Loctite to decide which is right for the project you had in mind. Within seconds, you’ll know whether you want to purchase one brand or another.

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Loctite Review

Loctite is a popular brand of adhesive that gives you a wide range of options. There are hundreds of super glues bearing the company’s name to choose from. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to decide which is the best to use.

To give you the best overall impression of different brand’s adhesives, it only makes sense to mention the features offered by Loctite products. You’re then able to explore its gripping strength and usefulness by purchasing the brand’s offerings and giving them a try as the directions instruct you to do so.


Loctite’s threadlocker adhesives have many features worth exploring. One is the many strengths it comes in. It’s also impact-resistant with bending, twisting, and dropping, not affecting and weakening the bond once it’s dry. Last, but not least, it’s weather-resistant, making it a great glue to use for outdoor projects that are not covered, but instead, exposed to the elements.

Comes in a Variety of Strengths

There is low strength, medium strength, and high strength threadlocker products to choose from. Considering the need for an adhesive changes somewhat regularly, it may be in your best interest to buy one of each strength to keep on hand in your toolbox. That way, you have it when you need it and don’t make the mistake of using the wrong adhesive.


It doesn’t matter if an item gets ran into or dropped. Once Loctite adhesive is applied, it forms an impact-resistant bond. It’s especially useful in day-to-day operations where the items being repaired or put together get used and abused rather regularly.

Excellent in All Types of Weather

Consider the outdoor use of the product. It withstands the harshest weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if a relentless sun beats down on it or the rain and snow pummel the item regularly. The bond stays tight which is exactly what you want when you adhere two items together.

Gorilla Glue Review

Gorilla Glue has a reputation to live up to. When people think of the most durable adhesives available, the brand comes to mind right away. Its products come in two colors, white and clear, too, to create the most professional-looking bond between items. If you’re looking for a virtually undetectable product, this could very well be the best option on the market for you.

A brand that is well-known for its comparison to gorilla-like strength, Gorilla Glue comes with its list of features which we’ll explore more below. You’ll be able to compare them to Loctite’s features to see the most superior brand. If you’re the type of consumer who likes to know that you’re getting value for every dollar spent, keep reading for more information about the popular super glue brand.


A product that gives a lot of value for its price is ideal. Gorilla Glue doesn’t skimp on the benefits. Unlike most adhesives, you can use it with nearly every type of non-porous item available, including paper. It dries extra fast with the exception of its overnight epoxy products. It also fits for indoor and outdoor use as it is water-resistant.

Bonds Nearly Every Non-Porous Item Together

If you buy one super glue with the expectation that it will bond almost everything you can imagine together, make it Gorilla Glue. One bottle or tube of the product will last you a great deal of time, too, because the adhesive has excellent gripping strength. You’ll be able to create projects and repair household items with the greatest of ease with Gorilla Glue.

Takes Just Seconds to Dry Unless Using the Epoxy

In less than half a minute, you’ll notice that the adhesive is completely dry. The statement remains true for almost all of Gorilla Glue’s products, with the exception of its epoxies. They take at least 24 hours to dry.

Is a Water-Resistant Product Meant for Indoor or Outdoor Use

You can use Gorilla Glue indoors or outdoors. Once it’s dry, it is water-resistant. No fear exposing it to water will separate the adhesive and weaken the bond between two items.

Conclusion – Loctite Vs Gorilla Glue

The need for application is what declares a winner between these two brands. If you’re looking for an adhesive that you can use indoors and outdoors, Gorilla Glue is the most ideal. If you need to fix something outdoors and know that its bond stays strong despite weather conditions, Loctite is the brand to invest in.

If forced to pick between the two, the threadlocker would be the better choice. Not only does it come in a variety of strengths to meet your needs, but it also stands up to abnormal wear and tear. Consider the many different industries that benefit from the existence of such a product because of how hard they are on bonded items in a workplace setting.