Loctite 404 Vs Gorilla Glue

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How we compared Loctite 404 Vs Gorilla Glue

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In this search of a suitable adhesive, you must have come across these two brand names, that are Gorilla Super Glue and Loctite 404. In this review, we are solving your problem as far as we could. As a part of cleaning-king, here we will have a closer look at the full features of Gorilla super glue and Loctite 404 Glue. 

Both of these adhesives are made for the toughest sticking jobs and are good at their jobs. Cleaning-king is taking the liberty to provide you with reviews of both the products. We will see what the products claim and see if they stack up, looking at the features.

Cleaning-king aims to provide you with the best solutions, and the reality is that both of these glue companies have different variations of their product which are suited for different purposes. The Gorilla Super Glue is fantastic for use on numerous materials, which includes especially wood. But to be honest, it doesn’t work so well on plastics. Whereas, General Loctite super glue is excellent for plastic material, but generally not as strong as Gorilla Super Glue. 

Let’s take a look at both of the products and their incredible features, and then you can easily decide which product is the best for your project and other purposes. However, Cleaning-king will guide you till the end and provide you with a final note for the best product, so stay tuned!

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Our take – Loctite 404 Vs Gorilla Glue

Loctite is one of the largest and handy adhesive manufacturers in the industry. The Loctite 404 cyanoacrylate or “super glue” is known to have a low viscosity and is designed for bonding plastics very firmly and elastomeric materials because that is where a very fast fixture is required. 

This product is used in electronics, stones, and whatnot. If that’s not a vote of confidence and trust, I don’t know what is!

The reason that Loctite’s adhesives are so significant with different materials is that this glue is designed to stand up to various harsh conditions, including heated temperatures, cold, vibration, because it is made with what Loctite has called as the rubber toughened formula.

However, the Loctite company produces a whole array of consumer adhesive products that are very successful in the market, including this Loctite 404.

Stand-out features include

Useful in high temperatures: The Loctite 404 is beneficial in high temperatures and will give good results in temperatures above 120°F. 

Very Durable: The Loctite adhesives are already known to bond firmly and last the longest, but here is a trick to make the bond more durable. Combine the glue with fiberglass cloth and then see a durable patch. The glue can also bond difficult substrates, including plastic in the form of rubber. 

Perfect for maintenance: The Loctite 404 super glue is exceptionally good at maintenance and will quickly repair broken stones, concrete material, fiberglass, tiles, rigid and different types of plastics, wood, ceramic items, glass, and metal too.

Cleaning-king recommends the use of Loctite 404 when items require bonding in various extreme temperatures and conditions, especially with plastics.

Our take – Loctite 404 Vs Gorilla Glue

Gorilla super glue is one of the best options in superglues when it comes to using them at your home or workplace, or even on small objects or materials. It is the perfect choice for items you need to use immediately after fixing. To our surprise, this gorilla super glue sets within 10 to 45 seconds after you apply it on your material that needs fixing.


The Gorilla brand is already known as one of the best brands for different types of glues, and it excels in almost every category. According to what we think, it’s highly efficient so we will recommend you to use just a little amount per fixing and depending on the size of material you can use accordingly.

Stand-out features include

Toughest of all: The unique rubber particles used in the manufacturing increase resistance and bonding strength of the glue. This leads to never cracking up when struck, bent or pulled. So you need not worry as cleaning-king assures you that the materials are bonded firmly, ensuring the best of results.


The Thoughtful Anti clog cap: This cap keeps your glue from drying out. It won’t dry due to lack of use, as this is the reason with most cheaper options. These glues are used once and then thrown away. But this isn’t the case with this adhesive, and this one will last longer.

Fast-setting: Perhaps one of the best features of this Gorilla Super Glue is its fast reactiveness. Within 10-30 seconds of applying, the glue will set, and it won’t even need any clamping. Apply the glue and leave the material to bond itself.

Cleaning-king recommends you to go for this product for different materials when you need an extra durable bond which even works underwater.

Conclusion – Loctite 404 Vs Gorilla Glue

Both the brands and glues are excellent at what they’re trying to do. These two companies are the topmost in this field and only compete with each other on some of the products.

The products discussed here, Loctite 404 and Gorilla Super Glue, are a bit different in their application. Loctite works better with plastic than Gorilla Super Glue, and this glue is no exception. However, Gorilla Glue works better with wood.

Gorilla Glue is a bit ahead of Loctite 404 because Gorilla Glue is waterproof.

This is the only downside with Loctite glue; in other words, Loctite 404 won’t last long in the rain; hence we at cleaning-king won’t recommend it to you for outdoor purposes until you live in the middle of a desert.

Furthermore, Gorilla Glue does not work nearly as well on plastic as Loctite glue, but waterproof glue is an outstanding advantage that earns this one the top spot. So better go for Gorilla Super Glue at all times and especially for outdoors. 

That almost covers it for the Gorilla Super Glue vs Loctite 404 discussion that often pops up in the DIY niche.