Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green

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In this article we will be comparing two leading degreaser brands, being Krud Kutter and Simple Green

Both degreasers are well regarded in the market. In order to make the comparison we will be investigating what makes a good degreaser. We will look at the different uses, chemical makeup and environmental impacts to help make a choice between Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green.

Degreasers are products used to remove stubborn grease and grime, which cannot be removed with the normal action of detergents. Industrial equipment can often become coated with stubborn layers of grime and grease. This is a problem as it can cause equipment to lose its efficiency, and if it goes on for a long time, it will stop working.  

This problem is not only limited to industrial equipment as they are also present in household equipment, even in kitchen equipment.

To solve the problems, you have to use what is known as a degreaser or a cleaner, a special kind of cleaning agent that is so powerful that it is specially designated for cleaning and maintaining industrial equipment from grimes, grease and other contaminants.

There are two major ways to make use of degreasers. One is to submerge the equipment in a mixture of water and degreasers. The second type is to use a degreaser spray. The spry kind is the most common type. It is commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and a lot of other sectors.

So what are degreasers used for?

They are used to deal with grease and grime accumulation problems on industrial equipment—problems like rust and scaling, chips and buffing, and all kinds of grease and grime problems.

Degreasers also solve the rusting problem by having an anti-corrosive property that prevents rust from forming on the metal. Degreasers and cleaners will make your metal shine like new.

How do degreasers work?

Degreasers comprise surfactants, sequestering agents, and alkaline builders; degreasers are aqueous in nature. Some of them are built with anti-rusting properties that inhibit the corrosion of ferrous products.

Degreasers work with the same soap chemical principles, which involve the action of a long hydrophobic chain with a hydrophilic end from the degreasers. The hydrophobic chain is attracted to the grease or grime, while the hydrophilic end is attracted to water.

As most hydrophilic chains attract the grease, the hydrophilic end helps remove the grease from the equipment, dislodging it into the water.

Most degreasers available in the market today have anti-ozone-depleting agents, making them environmentally friendly.

How do I know I am using the right kind of degreaser?

There are different types of industrial degreasers cleaner. The kind you pick should be the one that is suitable for the type of contaminant you want to remove, the kind of oil dispersing agent, the post-cleaning waste disposal system, etc.

There are three main types of degreaser for degreasing applications. They include:

Solvent-based degreaser: This is a powerful type of degreaser containing chemicals that might pose health and environmental risks if not handled correctly. So, it is mostly used by professionals in sectors that do not involve consumables. It’s commonly used in industries like automotive, rail, marine, aerospace, mechanical, etc.

Natural degreaser: This is the type of degreaser that is made from natural ingredients like vinegar, corn, orange, baking soda, etc. The natural degreasers don’t contain toxic chemicals and are not harmful to the environment and to the users. But they are less powerful and are used for household equipment, hospital, care homes, schools, etc.

Water-based degreasers: Water-based degreasers that are used for lighter purposes, they aren’t as powerful as the solvent-based degreaser, and their effect on the environment is minimal and is used in sectors like manufacture, agriculture, and food, and beverages production, etc.

Our Reviews - Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green

Simple Green Review

 The Simple Green all-purpose cleaner is an industrial degreaser made for the simple green brand of cleaning products manufactured by Sunshine makers inc.

Their primary focus is to produce cleaning products that have no adverse environmental effects. The Simple Green all-purpose cleaner was introduced into the market in 2004 and has since totaled over six million dollars in sales.

The Simple Green all-purpose cleaner is a degreaser that easily and safely removes grease oil, carbon deposits, smoke, soot, postings, coffee and juice stains, lipstick stains, crayon, inks, dirt, etc. It cleans any stain found on washable, indoor, and outdoor household surfaces.

Stand-out features include

  1.       It is a powerful all-rounder degreaser powerful enough to degrease automobile engines and soft enough to decrease stains from fine fabrics.
  2.       With the Simple Green all-purpose cleaner, you don’t need any other cleaner or refreshers, not even the specialized cleansers. Simple Green all-purpose cleaner solves all the stain problems.
  3.       Simple Green all-purpose cleaner can easily be used to degrease grimes, grease, oil stains for automotive parts like wheels, tires, tools, bumpers, plastics, aluminum vinyl tops mats, carpeting, camper shells, etc.

       4.       It can be used in ovens, showers, countertops, appliance stainless steels even in the laundry.

Simple Green Range

Krud Kutter Review

The Krud Kutter 298309 heavy-duty cleaner is a degreaser product produced by the Krud Kutter company, which was founded in 1974 with the sole purpose of delivering quality products that deliver powerful results for end-users.

Krud Kutter has a principle of always putting their customer’s safety and the environment into consideration when making any product.

This principle speaks in every one of its cleaning products crafted in line with the safest ingredients meeting all the required safety measures. Its EPA safer choice program certificates that all its cleaning products are safe for pets, plants, and people.

The Krud Kutter 298309 heavy-duty cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser that works well to remove grease and grimes from grills, stovetops, and range hoods, walls and floors, showers, countertops, and cabinets, works well on stainless steels, granite, and sealed stones.

Krud Kutter 298309 heavy-duty cleaner contains a powerful formula with a lot of focus on effective cleaning abilities while also making sure they are safe for the environment and the planet at large.

Stand-out features include

  1.       The Krud Kutter 298309 heavy-duty cleaner cleans and ensures a germ-free surface on hard, non-porous surfaces such as plastics, glazed ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, chrome, etc. it disinfects and cleans without the use of bleach.
  2.       It’s amazing, powerful formula kills all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and germs within 10 minutes, making the surfaces as cleans and germ-free as possible.
  3.       It is ideal for food processing equipment as it is non-toxic and safe for food preparation surfaces and can be used for all-purpose cleaning.
  4.       Krud Kutter has the EPA safer choice program that shows that all its cleaning products are safe to be used without any environmental problems and won’t have adverse effects on pets and families.
  5.       It is ideal for bathrooms and kitchen surfaces, especially for sinks, tubs, showerheads, toilets, etc.
  6.       It inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and deodorizes the hard and porous surfaces.

Detailed Comparison – Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green

We are going to compare the two degreasers using these parameters: flammability, plastic or rubber compatibility, dielectric strength, the toxicity of the degreaser, environmental issues.


In considering any degreaser, flammability is an important factor to consider; most degreasers contain alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents, which are very flammable. This means it will be dangerous to use it in spaces that are not well ventilated or used beside open fire.

In these cases, both the Krud Kutter 298309 heavy-duty clear and the simple green purpose cleaner are not flammable. This means you can use them beside open fire and not be scared.

Dielectric strength

Dielectric strength is a property of a substance that withstand electric currents. It is simply the electrical insulating property of the material.

In this case, It means a degreaser’s ability to prevent electric current from passing through it. This is a very important feature, especially when you start dealing with machines that are plugged. This helps prevent electrocution.

Both Krud Kutter 298309 heavy-duty cleaner and simple green purpose cleaner have moderate dielectric strength.

Plastic or rubber compatibility:

 Degreasers are not meant for only metallic surfaces. You can degrease many other surfaces like porcelain, etc., but not all degreasers can work on plastics and rubbers as some will cause some material change to this material when never they come in contact with it.

For both Krud Kutter 298309 heavy-duty cleaner and simple green all-purpose cleaner, they work with plastics and rubber. They are suitable for all types of other materials.  

Toxicology of the degreaser:

In every degreaser, many chemicals are mixed to give the degreaser its cleaning abilities. Some of these components can be highly toxic and have harmful effects on the health of users.

The toxic chemicals that can be found in degreasers include trichloroethylene (TCE), N-propyl bromide (nPB), Perchloroethylene (Porc), etc.

The toxicology of the degreaser is a very important feature. In this case, the Krud Kutter heavy-duty cleanser has no toxic compounds in its contents, and it’s safe to use.

On the other hand, the simple green all-purpose cleaner has gotten a lot of cases questioning its stance on the toxicology of their products.

The product contains small amounts of harmful chemicals like methylchloroisothiazolinone, sodium dodecyl sulfate, to name a few.

These chemicals can cause adverse effects on the health of users like blurred vision, dizziness, etc. It also contains 2-butoxyethanol that is a solvent that damages the red blood cells and irritates the eyes.

Although it is stated that if diluted with enough water, the toxic levels are reduced to nearly zero.

Environmental issues :

This is the fourth and last factor to consider when considering a degreaser. Environmental issues are any harmful effect the degreaser offers to the environment.

Krud Kutter’s heavy-duty cleaner has no adverse effect on the environment.

The Simple Green all-purpose cleaner has some concerns as it has some harmful environmental effects. Some of its chemicals are said to be harmful to aquatic life if exposed to water bodies.

There are even some ongoing court cases against the simple green brand with settlement possibly amounting to about $45 billion.

Conclusion – Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green

When it comes to degreasing from automobile to fabrics, the simple green, all-purpose degreaser takes the lead over the Krud Kutter heavy duty because it is more effective on more surfaces than the Krud Kutter. Still, overall, the Krud Kutter heavy duty cleaner is the winner and the better degreaser. It is not only effective and powerful but also very safe for your health and environmental health.

Krud Kutter’s heavy-duty cleaner can be used in all kinds of food processing equipment without fear of toxins. 

Cleaning King's Verdict - Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green