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Kroil Original Penetrating Oil (Drip-8oz Can-Single) | Penetrant for Rusted Bolts, Metal, Hinges, Chains, Moving Parts | Rust, Corrosion Inhibitor (KL081)B'laster 16-PB Penetrating Catalyst 11-Ounces (2 Cans)5.5 oz, Aerosol, Penetrant
KroilPB BlasterLiquid Wrench
Useable on Plastic materialsYesNoYes
Effective on Tough jobsYesYesNo
Strong OdorNoYesNo
Excessive Fumes

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You may have a general understanding of what oil looks like and what it does, such as providing transportation fuel, or heat for cooking, or the creation of specialized items such as plastics and other materials. To reduce friction, oil can be used as a lubricant. However, not all oils can be used to remove trapped rusted nuts and bolts; in fact, it’s more likely to cause harm than help.

That’s where the corroded bolt penetrating oil comes into play. Penetrating oils have a low viscosity, allowing them to seep through cracks and into tight areas, leaving an oil film inside spaces. The oil layer left by the reducing agents and anti-oxidants displaces other stored elements, cleansing the insides and allowing them to be loosened freely without using excessive force.

The penetrating oil’s primary function is to loosen and break frozen, rusted, or stuck bolts and nuts without resorting to excessive force. Because of its low viscosity, the fluid can travel and into fissures, holes, and threads in any material that needs to be loosened. When the bolt is totally stuck, the best Penetrating Oil is what you need.

Corrosion, compression, and chemical reactions often cause frozen metal parts to stick together.  Traditionally, fused metal objects have been hard to separate. However, with Penetrating Oil, you can save your energy for other endeavors. It gets into the tiniest places to disrupt the chemical bonds that hold two pieces of metal together, whether they’re locked together due to thermal variations or electrical relationships.

Because penetrating oils have a low viscosity, they flow quickly when applied. Penetrating oil got its name from its ability to penetrate in the narrow and tiny spaces between the threads of two parts.  It works by leaving an oil coating in the surface pores of an object and displacing other materials.   Its low viscosity, along with the surface tension it produces, allows it to easily penetrate into small cracks.

The penetrating oil is most useful when you have a rusted bolt or corroded or nut that just won’t budge. A can of spray penetrating oil should be kept on a shelf in almost every home garage or workshop. If you don’t have one, you should get one. The best Penetrating Oil is what you need when the bolt is completely stuck, which is why we at Cleaning King are comparing three penetrating oils to assist you to make the best decision.



Kroil Penetrating oil penetrates into frozen metal parts and loosens them. A scientific principle reduces the surface tension so that this extraordinary solvent creeps into openings as small as one-millionth of an inch.  In minutes, Kroil loosens frozen metal joints, dissolves gum, dried grease, and oil without attacking the metal. It displaces water, provides lubrication, and prevents rust.

Stand-out features include

  • DISPLACES MOISTURE: This rust penetrating oil actively displaces water off the surface. The thin consistency of car lubricant oil displaces water faster than conventional formulas.
  • LONG LASTING LUBRICATION: It leaves a thin, wet film that provides long-lasting lubrication and protection that won’t run, freeze or melt off easily. Bike chain lubricant for use in high friction areas.
  • SUITABLE FOR USE IN TIGHT PLACES: This oil penetrates openings as small as one-millionth of an inch. The low viscosity of gun lubricating oil soaks deep into gaps to break the bond that holds stuck parts together.
  • RUST PROOF PROTECTION: It leaves behind a highly water-resistant protective layer that helps prevent corrosion and rust from forming. Chain lubricant soaks down into the gaps.
  • FLEXIBLE USAGE: It can be used on any corroded threads or tight parts
  • UNSEIZE THE DAY: It makes the toughest maintenance jobs easier, faster, safer, and simpler to execute
  • UNIQUE FORMULA: It removes rust and carbon deposits without attacking metal, leaving long-lasting protection
  • INDUSTRIAL QUALITY: The penetrating oil is designed with industrial strength. 

Kroil Range


The core advantage of using PB Blaster is its features of breaking free almost any material. PB blaster has you covered whether you need to move things like wheel bearings, door hinges, and more. It’s widely regarded as the most effective penetrating oil for aluminum, and because of its low cost, it’s an excellent rust remover. It also contains a non-evaporating lubricant that prevents additional rust and corrosion by leaving a protective coating that works as a rust inhibitor on the equipment. By crawling up, around, and into hard-to-reach cavities, PB Blaster oil is a Penetrating Catalyst that quickly breaks loose surface tension rust and corrosion. It is ideal for brake, exhaust, and suspension system jobs. Furthermore, the lubricating film remains on parts to help prevent further rusting. PB Blaster is not just another chemical; it’s a tool that eliminates the use of cheater bars and torches. It saves time and additional costly repairs.

Stand-out features include

  • EFFECTIVE – PB Blaster penetrating oil quickly busts loose rusted or frozen parts caused by rust and corrosion. It attacks rust from all angles using the unique capillary action. 
  • MULTIPLE USES – Rust can build up in many places. Use the PB Blaster on car parts, fishing reels and tackle, all tools, firearms, sports equipment, marine applications, and more.
  • SAVE TIME – This fast-acting penetrant also contains a non-evaporating lubricant that saves time and equipment. It makes rusted nuts and frozen bolts a struggle-free job. You do not need to worry about the future, PB Blaster oil also protects against further rust and corrosion.
  • Powerful, concentrated penetrating catalyst.
  • Non-evaporating lubricant
  • Preferred penetrant of mechanics everywhere
  • It serves as a rust inhibitor

PB Blaster Range


Whether you need to free mechanical parts from rust or you need to clean out the residue of adhesive stickers, penetrating oil is a good material to have in store in your home and garage. Also known as a penetrating fluid, it can be used as an all-purpose lubricant, a cleaner, and a solution to stop corrosion.

Most of the time, penetrating oil is used for the purpose of loosening mechanical parts, such as bolts and nuts, thanks to its capability to get into the thin spaces where the threads of the rusted parts meet.

It has a fast-acting anti-seize that will cut through rust and grease quickly. The formula is made with 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), making it very safe to use, even on painted surfaces and indoor work, and unlike its competitor, it has an inoffensive smell.

Stand-out features include

  • Liquid wrench penetrating oil is a fast-acting, anti-seize formula that penetrates corrosion, and loosens rusted bolts and parts
  • It provides superior anti-seize protection and long-lasting lubrication.
  • It helps to free stuck nuts, bolts, and locks.
  • Low odor, 0% VOC and safe on painted surfaces, PVC, and plastics.
  • It dissolves rust and cuts through grease.
  • It is effective for Rusty nuts, bolts & hinges, Clamps & Pipe fittings, Locks & Latches, Frozen mechanisms, Nozzles, and hose pipe fittings.



Although PB blaster is more superior to liquid wrench, with its affordability, consistency, and efficiency in dealing with seized bolts, it does have drawbacks in that it produces a lot of fumes that can cause eye irritations and eye problems when it comes in contact with the eyes. You equally need a mask to avoid chemical inhalation. 

However, we at Cleaning King highly recommend Kroil penetrating oil as the best rust penetrating oil for its effective and efficient way of penetrating into small cracks and surfaces.  Kroil oil penetrates into the tiniest surfaces that are as narrow as a millionth of an inch of almost any material; which has been scientifically proven. It can also dissolve chewing gum without harming the metallic parts. It is accepted that Kroil can loosen products faster than PB blaster, Liquid wrench, and other penetrating and lubricating oils.


Is Kroil poisonous?

Kroil oil causes eye and skin irritation. It may also cause respiratory irritation. Harmful or fatal if swallowed and gets in airways.

Does Kroil remove carbon?

It works great for getting underneath and loosening built-up carbon, copper, and lead fouling in shotgun, rifle, and pistol barrels.

Does PB Blaster damage brass?

PB Blaster penetrating oil is safe on all metals, including brass, copper, aluminum, etc.

How long does PB Blaster last?

For this reason, even though the penetrating oil will dispense as designed far into the future, the Blaster Corporation has established shelf life of three (3) years from the date of manufacture.

How long does it take for the liquid wrench penetrating oil to work?

Most likely, it’s going to take hours or days for it to do its job. Is Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil safe on rubber?

  • Liquid wrench penetrating oil is safe on metal, painted surfaces, plastic, and rubber and breaks down built-up rust and cuts through grease. The corrosion protection works on all metals, according to Liquid Wrench, including copper, brass, and bronze.