Justrite Vs Eagle Gas Cans

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Introduction – Justrite Vs Eagle Gas Cans

Gas is used for mowing the yard, running a back-up generator, or rescuing a stranded loved one that ran out of gas in their car. Sometimes gas is part of your business. Go karts, 4-wheel ATVs, and some golf carts run on gasoline. When you need to fill any of these things, you grab a gas can.

How many times have you given much thought to what kind of container you used to carry the gas in? If you are like many people, probably not much. Most people walk into their local hardware store and go buy the cheapest (probably plastic) gas can they find and think nothing more about it.

Where do you store your gas? Is it kept in a shed in the backyard where it is exposed daily to the extreme changes in temperature? Or is it in your garage where a leak can lead to a potentially dangerous and life altering fire?

When you fill your gas container, do you carry it in your backseat, trunk, truck bed or on a trailer? Regardless of what you are transporting it in, you have probably experienced a container that leaked from splashing when you inevitably hit bumps and holes in the road. This always leaves that undesirable smell of gasoline in the car for weeks, if not months.

However, we here at Cleaning King have put on our thinking caps and put a little more thought into it for you. We researched all the different options that are available to the consumer and have found some surprising facts. We looked at different materials, designs and safety options and we were surprised by what we found.

Buyer’s Guide – Justrite Vs Eagle Gas Cans

Plastic gas containers, while being the cheapest options, are exactly that, CHEAP. They are subject to being punctured and leaking gas without any warning until you smell the puddle of gas.

When gas is stored in plastic for extended periods of time, the gas leaches into the plastic and starts to break down the material. This can lead to leaks, cracks and structural failure. Gas leakage is more than just lost money, it can be a serious danger to life and property. 

The other problem that we found that plastic containers have is that they tend to fade and, over time. 

The other, and better, option are metal gas cans. They will be slightly more expensive than their plastic cousins, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. 

Metal containers are sturdy, puncture resistant and crack proof. Especially if you store gas through the winter months, metal is a far better choice for keeping your gas fresh and ready to use when spring comes back around.

Gasoline is a highly flammable liquid and storage in proper, approved gas cans is extremely important. The safety of people and property is a top concern for us here at The Cleaning King team. We take safety very seriously. This is why we found the best containers that we could find and want to share our findings with you

Did you know that the fumes from just a single gallon of gasoline has the explosive power of 20 sticks of dynamite. This is why the design and manufacture of proper storage containers is highly regulated. 

Approved containers will have flame arrestor screens preventing fire from getting into the container. They also are designed to prevent gas expansion from causing an explosion. Either plastic containers that are flexible for expansion and contraction; Or metal containers that have a pressure release valve. 

This is why here at Cleaning King, we prefer galvanized steel gas cans. With proper storage, they do not rust. The gas will not break down the metal. Gas stored for long periods will retain its effectiveness. Metal cans are also much less likely to be pierced causing gas to leak all over valuables and creating a fire hazard. 

Gas containers are color coded by the type of fuel that goes into them:

  • RED Gasoline 
  • YELLOW Diesel
  • BLUE Kerosene
  • GREEN – Oil
Our Reviews - Justrite Vs Eagle Gas Cans

Justrite Gas Can Review

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Justrite Gas Can Review

The Justrite 5-gallon galvanized steel gas can is OSHA and NFPA compliant ensuring that it is made to the safest standards. It is made of 100% steel for a perfect combination of rust resistance and structural integrity against punctures. 

Each can has a flexible metal spout making pouring into any tank or container fast, easy and without the splash over you often get with funnels. It is important to know that if you are looking for a spout that can be used for filling a gas tank that it will need to be ⅝” or smaller. 

The Justrite safe-squeeze release handle is made from metal as well ensuring it will last for many years of usage. This feature prevents gas from spilling out in the case that the can is tipped over or from splashing while driving down a bumpy road. There is nothing worse than filling the can and losing nearly a gallon from splashing on the ride home. 

The Justrite cans also have a release valve that will release excessive pressure at 3-5 psi preventing the can from exploding due to internal pressures. This is a crucial safety feature on all metal containers.

The biggest negative to using a metal container is the need for room for gas expansion. Plastic containers have the ability to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Metal does not have that same flexibility. A 5-gallon metal can should only be filled to approximately 4 ¾ gallons. A full 5-gallon container exposed to heat will force the gas out of the release valve. This would create a health and safety hazard. 

The Justrite containers are all painted with a tough powdered paint that will resist chemical erosion. This will help keep the can looking new longer standing up against any gas spillage.

Stand-out features include

  • Metal Safe-squeeze release handle
  • Flexible metal pour spout
  • Flame Arrestor Screen
  • Chemical resistant powdered paint
  • Made in the USA

Justrite Gas Cans Range

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Eagle Gas Can Review

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Eagle Gas Can Review

The Eagle 5-gallon safety gas can is made of galvanized steel, making it strong, puncture resistant and crack proof. The powdered paint is baked on for a long lasting shiny new look. It is also OSHA and NFPA approved for safety of the highest level.

The Eagle provides protection against accidental explosion with its metal flame arrestor screen on the pour spout. The peace of mind that this feature offers is a priceless value.

The handle has a spring loaded trigger release for easy opening and closing for hassle free pouring. The trigger handle is made from a tough hard plastic for comfort and durability. The opening has a neoprene gasket that has been calibrated and tested to release inside pressure when it exceeds 3-5 psi. 

The Eagle gas can comes with a removable yellow plastic funnel for easy pouring into whatever vehicle or machine that needs fuel. The large funnel comes attached to the pour spout for easy, splash free pouring. The funnel can be removed as needed for any other dispensing needs. If you have ever had a funnel fall out of the tank in the middle of filling, you understand the immense value that this feature is. 

The negative to the Eagle gas can is that, although it says it is a 5-gallon capacity container, you will not want to put more than approximately 4 ¾ gallons in it to prevent leakage from the release of pressure from gas expansion due to temperature increases. Also, due to the design of the funnel, it can be difficult to pour at steeper angles. 

Eagle type II safety gas cans are slightly more than the plastic containers. However the cost will be made up from the longer life span of metal containers, as well as, less wasted gas from leakage and leeching. 

Stand-out features include

  • Attached yellow hard plastic funnel
  • Made in the USA
  • Flame arrestor screen
  • Baked on powdered paint

Eagle Gas Can Range

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Conclusion – Justrite Vs Eagle Gas Cans

In summary, we here at The Cleaning King highly recommend spending a little extra and buying a steel gas can. The value of the safety, longevity and durability of metal cans far outweigh the savings you would have buying a cheaper plastic container.

Both the Justrite and Eagle Type II safety cans are made of solid galvanized steel. Both are made in the USA with quality manufacturing standards. OSHA and NFPA certified both containers so you know that you are getting a safe container for your gas storage needs.

Using a metal container for gas storage will help keep your gas in better condition through the long winter months when it is not being used. You will not have to dispose of old gas and spend your money on new every spring.

The Eagle Type II safety can has several great features making it a great choice. The attached, removable hard plastic funnel makes pouring gasoline easy and reduces spillage. The issue we have with the funnel is that it can make pouring difficult in some angles. The spring loaded hard plastic release handle makes it easy to control when the gas is poured from the can. However because it is plastic, it is more susceptible to breaking.

The Justrite Type II safety can is the top choice for the team here at Cleaning King. It boasts a solid design. The flexible metal spout makes dispensing gas at any angle, even in some tight areas, easy and clean. The metal release handle gives the user control of the flow of gas from the can and the metal is more durable. 

While the Eagle is moderately cheaper than the Justrite, we believe the additional benefits the Justrite can offers makes the additional investment worth it.

Cleaning King's Verdict - Justrite Vs Eagle Gas Cans

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FAQ's - Justrite Vs Eagle Gas Cans

It is highly suggested that you do NOT store gas cans in a vehicle other than transporting to and from a gas station. Heat from the sun and from parts of a running engine can cause extreme gas expansion causing explosions or gas leakage potentially leading to a fire.

It is NOT recommended as water can cause rust inside a metal can and plastic gas cans are not BPA free. However, if you should decide to use one for water, absolutely do not drink any water from a gas container, new or used. Also make sure to clearly mark it as water so to not accidentally pour water into a gas tank.


  • Away from any heat source and out of direct sunlight
  • Away from anyplace children can access
  • Preferably on a concrete surface (place a piece of plywood under the container)


Red is widely associated with DANGER and/or FIRE. While the most common gas can is red, there are different colors associated with the different kinds of fuel. RED = gasoline YELLOW = diesel  BLUE = kerosene  GREEN = oil

Yes – Plastic and metal gas cans can be recycled. Before placing them in a recycle bin, it is best practice to leave them outside in an open air area with the lid off for 2-3 days for any residual gas to evaporate.