Hoover PowerDash Vs Bissell TurboClean

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How We Compared Hoover PowerDash Vs Bissell TurboClean

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This article will analyze and compare two of the best carpet steaming machines available: the Hoover Powerdash and the Bissell Turboclean. Both are great pieces of equipment that you can have at home to clean your immediate environment. 

This article reviews each of their features and creates a guide for choosing the best of the two depending on the application you plan to use them for.

We will give our verdict on their features and their unique attributes at the end of this guide.

Before we go into the review, we should note that Hoover Powerdash and Bissell Turbocleaner are both carpet cleaners. They can also act as spot cleaners. They can clean up small patches on the carpet like spills, pet hair, stains, etc.

The beautiful thing about these products is that you don’t need to scrub or get your hands dirty they do the cleaning work for you; you can use them just as you use a vacuum cleaner.

Hoover PowerDash Vs Bissell TurboClean – Comparison Table


Hoover Powerdash

Bissell Turboclean



12.5 pounds

12 pounds

Bissell’s Turboclean is lighter.

Motor power

Seven amps

Four amps

Hoover Powerdash has a more powerful motor

Heat cleaning and heat drying

It has both heat cleaning and heat drying.

It does not have heat cleaning and drying

The Hoover Powerdash has heat cleaning and drying, reducing its time to clean and dry the carpet.

Cleaning path

10 inches

9.5 inches

Hoover Powerdash has a larger cleaning path compared to the Bissell Turboclean

Edge sweep bristles

Hoover Powerdash doesn’t have the Edge sweep bristles feature. Although it has its brittle feature of its own.

Bissell Turbocleaner has edge sweep bristles.

Only Bissell Turboclean has the edge sweep bristles.

Antimicrobial brush roll

Hoover Powerdash ahs the antimicrobial brush roll

Bissell Turboclean does not have the antimicrobial brush roll

Only Hoover Powerdash has the antimicrobial brush roll

4-row dirt lifter power brush

Hoover Powerdash does not have the 4-row dirt lifter power brush

Bissell Turbocleaner have the 4-row dirt lifter power brush

Only the Bissell Turboclean has the 4-row dirt lifter power brush.


Hoover Powerdash goes for $78

Bissell Turboclean goes for $99.99

Hoover Powerdash is cheaper.

Ease of maintenance

Hoover Powerdash has several screws when trying to remove the nozzles, and it is harder to remove the brush from the belt

The Bissell Turboclean has just one screw, and its easier to remove the brush

The Bissell Turboclean is easier to clean and maintain

The similarities between the Hoover Powerdash Vs Bissell Turboclean

Both Hoover Powerdash and Bissell Turboclean have:

  1.       Both have the same one-year warranty.
  2.       Both have a 20-inch power cord, so both are not ideal for large houses without an extension cord.
  3.       Both have two tanks, one clean and one dirty water tank.
  4.       Both have a dirty cup capacity of 0.5 gallons.
  5.       Both have removable nozzles, which makes them pretty easy to clean and maintain.
  6.       Both make use of a corded power source.
Our Reviews - Hoover PowerDash Vs Bissell TurboClean

Hoover PowerDash Review 

Hoover Powerdash is a powerful carpet cleaner with a compact and lightweight build. It performs excellently against all forms of carpet stains. The Hoover Powerdash has been excellent since its launch and has been the go-to for shampooing carpets and has made the task easy and effortless. 

It is so effortless that any family member can carry out the cleaning process without any issues.

Some of the reasons why it is so good are because of its light weightlessness. It has very few functionalities, making it easier to handle more of the machine’s focus is on the improved suction power and cleaning efficiency. 

It is also not expensive as it goes for less than $100, which is pretty cheap for a device of its caliber and functions. It is the ideal cleaner for all kinds of carpets, and it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

Let’s take a closer look at its specifications:

  • Cleaning power: 

The Hoover Powerdash has a motor power of 7 amps and an input power of 840 watts. This makes a huge powerhouse given that most of its power goes into the suction system of creating airflow and rotating the beater brushes. 

It doesn’t have a hose or any other attachments that means the suction power will always be at its optimum level at all times. The powered brush helps to clean the debris from the carpet fibers no matter the deep it is. The beater brush’s bristles extend out to allow you to use the machine on high pile carpets and still get excellent results.

  • Filtration system: 

it is advisable to only use the Hoover Powerdash on carpets that have already been vacuumed. But in most cases, there is still some debris left on the carpet, which enters into the motor once the suction starts.  

However, there is a filtration system in the Hoover Powerdash that helps filter these particles. The filtration unit is located just below the dirty water tank. You would need to regularly clean the filtration unit to avoid reducing the machine’s cleaning efficiency.

  • Dust capacity: 

Hoover Powerdash has a 0.5-gallon dirty water tank. The dirt dissolves in as the carpets are being cleaned. Usually, even if you should vacuum the area before cleaning, there will always be dirt left on the carpet. 

The dirty water tank is designed to trap the dirt, although there might be reservations that this unit might not be adequate, especially when cleaning large areas. 

The good news is you can remove, empty, and refill the 0.5 gallons dirt water tank in a minute or two. So, this might not be an issue as your cleaning activity is not so affected by the size of the dirty water tank.

  1.       The weight and the length dimension:

The Hoover Powerdash is well known for its lightweight. It weighs 12.5 pounds, which is relatively light and allows it to be carried from one room to another easily. The dimension is also compact. It has a dimension of 15.2″ X 10.1″ X 43.5″; this compact dimension allows it to be stored easily.

The weight and dimension help make the Hoover Powerdash easy to store and very easy to handle in all the house areas. But the only downside with the dimensions is that it allowed only for a small nozzle that is 10″ wide. 

It is narrow and should take longer when cleaning, but as we have it, the Hoover Powerdash has good cleaning efficiency, making the cleaning sessions short as it cleans faster even with its narrow nozzle.

  • Heated cleaning:  

The Hoover Powerdash also features a heater cleaning feature that improves the device’s ability to remove dirt, especially tough stains. The dirt and stains on the carpet dissolve quickly with hot water. At the same time, heated cleaning also helps kill bacteria and mold growths on the carpet, making it more hygenic.

  • Warranty: 

The Hoover Powerdash comes with a one-year warranty, which covers the unit parts, and it is only valid if you use it for home cleaning services.


      It has an excellent suction power that allows it to remove all forms of stubborn stain on the carpet.

      It has a compact and lightweight design to make it so portable and easy to use. It allows it to have a low profile meaning it can easily clean parts of your carpet that goes into the furniture. You can easily remove dirt from underneath couches, beds, and other items without difficulties. It gives an extended reach to places cleaners would normally reach due to its dimension and build.

      It has a heat drying feature that allows you easily dry the carpet as you clean the making the available in a short time after you clean them.

      It has two water tanks, one clean and the other dirty. The two separates avoid recleaning your carpet with dirty water.

      Hoover Powerdash contains an antimicrobial brush roll that prevents the corrupt form from harboring bacteria, mold, and mildew, giving the carpet a clean, fresh smell while also removing other dirt.

      It has a simple build with few features which allow the Hoover Powerdash to be easily understood.


      The tanks have a low capacity, which means you would have to remove, empty, and refill them at intervals during your cleaning session. It could be a little stressful, even if it’s a quick process.

      The power cord is short and would be an inconvenience if your house is large.

      The cleaning path is narrow as it has a width of 10 inches.

Bissell TurboClean

The Bissell Turboclean is regarded as one of the best carpet cleaners for pet stains, and this could be due to its awesome features. The Bissell Turbocleaner is ideal for pet owners that have small spaces with rugs and carpet.

Bissell Turboclean has good cleaning power with the Bissell oxy-formula, which cleans the stains of coffee, wine, grape juice, even dogs’ and cats’ urine off the carpets and rugs.

Bissell Turboclean also has a 4-row rotating power dirt lifter power brush coupled with the powerful suction nozzle to help loosen and clean dirt marks. Bissell Turbocleaner is also lightweight as it weighs just 12 pounds. 

Bissell proudly supports the pet foundation mission to save pets by donating some of their proceeds to help the foundation; they are also proud to continue making equipment that keeps pets safe and clean.

Let’s look at some of its specifications:

  • Cleaning power: 

Bissell Turbocleaner has a 4-row rotating dirt lifter power brush that gives it an amazing cleaning ability. It is coupled with the 9.5-inch revolving brush roll that scrubs deep into the carpet, removing all different dirt types such as your pet hairs, etc.

It also boasts of the Bissell deep clean plus oxy formula that helps clean deeply lodged tiny pet hair, dirt, and stubborn stains.

  • Collapsible handles: 

The Bissell Turboclean has a collapsible handle, which makes it more handy and compact for a carpet cleaner. It is also very convenient when storing in your storage room or anywhere you plan on storing your carpet cleaner. It can fit into the smallest of spaces, and it is not heavy.

  • Removable nozzles:

The nozzles of the Bissell Turboclean are removable, which is an excellent feature. You might not know the value of this feature until you want to maintain and clean the carpet cleaners. 

To detach the nozzles, you could easily remove the two side latches and rinse the nozzle before drying it. This ease in maintenance prolongs the lifespan of the vacuum.

  • Edge sweep bristles:

This feature helps you remove pet hairs thoroughly from your carpet and floor without any remaining. This is because the edge sweep bristles will lift and clean the hidden pet hairs from the wall edges, room corners, and rugs. 

It is a functionality that is not so common with other carpet cleaners. It comes in handy as it is very precise, making the environment very clean; it is also easy to use.

  • Two tank features: 

Like the Hoover Powerdash, the Bissell Turboclean also has two tanks, one clean and the other dirty, to prevent the cleaning device from recleaning parts with dirty water.

  • Weight and dimensions: 

The Bissell Turboclean weighs 12 pounds, which is pretty light and makes it very easy to handle. You can easily carry up and down the stairs for your cleaning activities without feeling much weight pulling you down. 

It has a dimension of 17.3″ X 9.8″ X 45″, which gives it its compact shape. It also poses a 20 ft power cord length.

  • Warranty: 

The Bissell Turboclean has a one-year limited warranty. They are available to help you with any problem you face with using the Turboclean. Anytime you have any issues, you can easily give their customer care a call.


      It has excellent cleaning power as it removes all and so dirt from the carpet. It is also effective for corners and sharp edges, especially with the edge sweep bristles.

      It is pretty easy to maintain the Bissell Turboclean, and it is also cost-effective

      It is pretty easy to store the Bissell Turboclean due to its compact size and weight.

      It has excellent maneuverability; it also has good suction power for pet hair.

      It had a large dirt cup for small and medium homes.

      The size and weight of the Bissell Turboclean make it pretty easy to use and handle.


      The cleaning path is really small, as small as 9.5 inches.

      It has a pretty low motor power compared to other carpet cleaners; it has a motor power of 4 amps.

It has no attachment to help clean the upholstery or stairs.

Conclusion – Hoover PowerDash Vs Bissell TurboClean

In a tight fought battle, we can see that Bissell Turboclean won just 4 of our categories. In contrast, Hoover Powerdash won 5 of the categories. 

Both the Hoover Powerdash and the Bissell Turboclean have many similarities, making them pretty close in comparison since they do the same thing.

Our overall winner is the Hoover Powerdash. It won 5 out of our nine categories for comparison and also has some added functionalities such as the lesser cleaning time due to the heating drying and cleaning feature.

Cleaning Kings Verdict - Hoover Powerdash

Hoover PowerDash Vs Bissell TurboClean

After going through a thorough cleaning session, it takes the carpet about 4-6 hours to dry depending on the type of carpet, the thickness of the user cleaning techniques, etc. but with the Hoover Powerdash, it takes less time, it takes half the time, about 2-3 hours due to its heat drying feature.   


Yes, it is ideal to use detergent with both your Bissell Turboclean and Hoover Powerdash to clean the carpets as it would just like every other cleaner. 

Although a lot of carpet cleaner owners prefer to make use of shampoo, which you can easily prepare in your homes by mixing a cup of detergent (detergent without bleach), a cup of ammonia, a half cup of liquid fabric softener, and a liter of water