Hefty Vs Glad Trash Bags

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Trash bags are disposable bags meant to hold solid waste around the house. These trash bags are used to line the insides of dustbins to prevent them from being coated in waste and keep one from making a mess.

Accumulation of waste products causes a pungent smell and is a breeding ground for bugs and flies. Trash bags were invented to make life more comfortable, and investing in them is the perfect solution. How you keep your collected trash will go a long way in ensuring your environment is conducive to existence. Loose trash can be easily blown away and litter the environment. Therefore, it is safer to handle trash in bags than to handle loose trash. While others may opt to keep trash in their cans without bags, we, as Cleaning King Team, advise you to get trash bags because clean bins last longer and are easy to clean after taking out the trash.

Let us quickly take a trip down memory lane and find out how trash bags came into existence, how people survived in the ancient times without trash bags and the different ways in which lives have been enhanced since the invention. American colonists would bury, burn or toss their trash in the streets, which would cause a lot of clutter and disorder. At one time, the New York City made a pier on the East River specifically for throwing garbage. Some farmers would even feed their trash to pigs, sheep, or any kind of available domestic animal.

The first plastic trash bag was made by Wasylyk while experimenting with a material called polyethylene.  He later made a couple of them and supplied them to the Winnipeg General Hospital in 1950. The creation process was through extrusion, which involves turning tiny resin particles into plastic. The pellets are then heated and pressurized, with the final stage being blowing the resins into plastics and sealing one of the ends to form a bag.

Buyers Guide – Hefty Vs Glad Trash Bags

Refuse bags are all made from polyethylene and can be categorized into two major groups. These are the Low Density and High-Density bags.

  1.   Low-Density Polyethylene bags (LDPE)

 Low-Density Polyethylene, also known as LDPE, is produced from high-quality resins, can easily resist puncture and tear, and are conveniently thick. Measurement criteria are through mils, and the higher the mil count, the thicker the bag.

  1.   High-Density Polyethylene bags (HDPE)

Whereas High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE are produced through the subjection of high molecular density resins to low pressures. They are strong but not resistant to tear and wear therefore not suitable for sharp waste matter. The following should be considered before purchase:

  •         Type of waste collected

Any discarded waste is considered trash. Buying a specific garbage bag needs you to consider the type of waste you put in it. Sharp objects, for instance, wood or glass, require to get the Low-Density bags resistant to tear and wear because of their strong nature. These are recommended to be used in commercial kitchens, garages, or yards.

If the waste to be put in the bags is soft waste, mostly shredded documents or soft home waste, then a High-Density trash bag is called upon.

  •         Color of the Trash Bag

The first trash bags to be ever used were green. However, times have changed, and the majority of bags manufactured nowadays are mostly black or white. Black trash bags are cheaper because they are majorly recycled therefore easily acquired. They are also better if one wants to keep their trash discrete. They enhance privacy. On top of that, black trash bags blend in with a can of any color.

On the other hand, white trash bags are considered by people who love bright colors and don’t care much about the discretion of their waste. They also blend in the environment better.

  •         Closure Type

Different bags have different closure ways. Some are closed using drawing strings; some use twist ties like the Glad Trash bags. The closure method depends on the type of garbage being collected. The Cleaning King Team would recommend you to use garbage bags that are closed using either drawing strings or twist ties.

  •         Size of the Trash Can

This is important to consider. If one fails to get the perfect fitting trash bag, it is always advisable to go for a bigger bag. Lengths, width, and the carrying capacity are some of the distinguishing factors.

Check for the appropriate measurements before purchase. For example, in a round bin, check for the diameter and multiply the measurement with 3.14.  

Detailed Comparison between Hefty and Glad Trash Bags

  •         Type of Waste Collected

The type of garbage collected all depends on whether the bag is the low density or has high-density nature. Low-density bags are thicker hence able to collect “harsh” waste. These are mostly sharp objects from yards, garages, or construction areas. On the other hand, hefty bags are low density and can carry the more hard objects because they have a high resistance to tear and wear.

Similarly, Glad trash bags are also low density and can comfortably accommodate trash coming in both non-harsh and harsh nature.

  •         Color of the trash bag

Bags present themselves in different colors. Black trash bags are cheaper because they are mostly recycled. The Cleaning Team took time to research and found out that Hefty Trash Bags come in white and black. It is upon the buyer to go for the one that suits best.

Glad Trash bags also come in white and black colors. Choosing to go for a black or white trash bag majorly depends on the buyer’s preference and budget. White blends easily with the environment and is less discrete. Black, on the other hand, is more affordable and applies an air of privacy.


  •         Closure Type

The drawstrings found in Glad trash bags make it easy to tie and transport trash outside without causing any mess behind. Pulling together the ends of the drawstrings pulls together the opening of the trash bag keeping the contents well enclosed.

Hefty bags were the first drawstring trash bags. These gripping drawstrings help prevent the bag from falling inside the garbage bin. As mentioned in Glad, they also secure your trash and get it delivered in one piece without spillage.

  •         Size of the Trash Can

Nothing is annoying than buying a product that does not fit. The Cleaning King Team advices one to go for the bigger size even if it doesn’t fit than going for the smallest size that will not serve its purpose no matter what.

The good news is, both trash bags are produced in both small sizes and big sizes. Glad has a capacity of up to 13 gallons, while Hefty can go as far as beyond 33 gallons. So, in this case, Hefty is a perfect choice.

Our Reviews - Hefty Vs Glad Trash Bags​

Glad Trash Bags Review

The first trash bags to be used were green. This was an invention by Harry Wasylyk, who sold the bags to Winnipeg General Hospital during the polio regime. The bags were, however, not for residential purposes, and it was until the late 1960s when the first residential ones were produced under the name “Glad,” and this quickly became a need in every home from the year 1950.

Glad later improved the quality of their trash bags by including twist ties, which securely hold your garbage inside the bag. Twist ties were an invention done by George Hinson in 1923. Glad trash bags were the first bags for home use to fight against environmental pollution by loose trash.

Stand-out features include

  •         They are Odor Shield and neutralize any bad smell as a result of rotten waste.
  •         Leak Protection- These bags prevent leakages of any form as a result of the waste.
  •         Kitchen cans perfectly accommodate the 13-gallon trash bags.
  •         They are available in both scented and unscented bags.

Ajax Range

On the other hand, 65% of recycled plastic is used to make the Hefty Trash Bags. John D. Rockefeller, the founder of Exxon Mobil, had the company mainly concentrating on oil products. The company later manufactured other products, and that’s how trash bags came to be.  Hefty has ever since been tossed around different companies, with the last and current one being Pactiv. Hefty trash bags come in a variety of sizes depending on the user’s needs. They were the first to make the first drawing string trash bags. The hefty products, all ranging from sustainable solutions, kitchen trash bags, small trash bags, large trash bags, and contractor bags, all aim to provide strong, reliable products and at a good price. Also, they come in different colors, how convenient.

Stand-out features include

  •         They have a triple-action technology and are efficient.
  •         They have snap and secure gripper drawstrings.
  •         Contains 13-gallon garbage bags.
  •          They neutralize odor coming out of waste.

Hefty Vs Glad Trash Bags​

Which trash bag holds the most weight between Hefty and Glad?

The truth is, both trash bags can carry a lot of weight, but hefty carries the most weight while Glad comes second.

Is Hefty and Glad trash bags biodegradable?

All the requirements of municipal compost programs are met by Glad bags and are therefore certified compostable. Hefty bags are certainly biodegradable and are the perfect option for the environment.

Is it a must to use garbage bags?

No one likes the sight of loose waste in our environment. Unfortunately, it is necessary to use trash bags.

Do both Hefty and Glad trash bags have drawstrings?

Yes, both trash bags have drawstrings attached to them.

Which is the best trash bag to use between Hefty and Glad?

Different people have different tastes. The Cleaning King Team makes it easy for you through their research and highly recommends the Hefty trash bag.

Conclusion – Hefty Vs Glad Trash Bags​

We can never make anything certain without properly researching it. Black trash bags are mostly recycled and therefore are of a lower price and easily accessible. From our research as the Cleaning King Team, both Hefty and Glad come in white or black color; therefore, one has options to choose from.

Not all types of trash fit in all trash bags as they are made differently. Low-density trash bags accommodate waste such as glass, construction debris, and edgy waste. High-density trash bags accommodate light waste such as shredded paper.

It is advisable to go for a trash bag considering the type of trash you want to put away to make work easy. What would happen if one put sharp objects in high-density bags? It would tear and spill all over.

The Cleaning King Team found that Hefty and Glad were similar in many ways, but one distinct feature is that the Hefty trash bag can hold the most weight. Hefty trash bags can carry as much as 30 gallons or more. This saves you from buying trash bags all the time. Hefty trash bags are therefore more suitable than Glad trash bags.