Finish Quantum Vs Cascade Platinum
Dishwasher Tablets

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How We Compared Finish Quantum Vs Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Tablets

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Finish - Quantum - 82ct - Dishwasher Detergent - Powerball - Ultimate Clean & Shine - Dishwashing Tablets - Dish Tabs (Packaging May Vary)Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pods, Detergent, Soap Pods, Actionpacs with Dishwasher Cleaner and Deodorizer Action, Fresh, 62 Count
Finish - Quantum - 82ct - Dishwasher Detergent - Powerball - Ultimate Clean & Shine - Dishwashing Tablets - Dish Tabs (Packaging May Vary)Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pods, Detergent, Soap Pods, Actionpacs with Dishwasher Cleaner and Deodorizer Action, Fresh, 62 Count
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Introduction – Finish Quantum Vs Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Tablets

There are many dishwasher tablets out there, from many different brands, all claiming to do very similar things. So, which one do you choose? How do you decide? Which will work best for you? We at Cleaning King are here to help you decide. By reviewing well-known products honestly, we can help you pick the right dishwasher tablet for you, letting you know the pros and cons of each. We will save you both time and money by providing you with all the important information, things to avoid and factors you may want to consider. Finding a dishwasher tablet that thoroughly cleans, as well as removes tough stains, can be difficult and, sometimes, they don’t deliver the quality they promise. But the Cleaning King team is here to help, revealing the truth about well-known household brands and helping you pick the best product for your needs.

Our Reviews - Finish Quantum Vs Cascade Platinum

Finish Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets

Finish Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets Review

Finish is a well-known and widely trusted name within household and dishwasher cleaning products. The Quantum Ultimate tablets contain three fast-dissolving chambers, containing bleach and enzymes and gel. There is no need for pre-rinsing of your dishes as the formula fights tough stains by breaking down starch and protein particles. The tablets also deliver high quality even in low temperature eco-friendly cycles and in low temperatures. With complete solubility in water, the tablet is guaranteed to dissolve on every wash. Finish advertises 14 power actions, with a scrubbing action to target fast stuck foods and stains. Also included is the famous Finish Power Ball, their high-quality formula for stain removal. As the product is phosphate-free it is safe for septic tanks, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice clean glasses for expensive repairs. The formula guarantees prevention from streaking and water spots, as well as providing protection for silver ware.

Finish have updated their Quantum Ultimate tablet design, using a three chambered gel package, and replacing the previous square-like design. This has led to some complaints, due to the size not being compatible with all dishwashers. As well as this, they are now a lot easier to tear or pierce creating messes. Furthermore, the complete solubility means that should it come into contact with any water, a mess is made very easily when compared to the old model. The updated formula is also said to leave a residue on glasses. This can be washed off easily with water, but the leftover residue can be somewhat off putting and may not provide the level of cleanliness required.

Stand-out features include

  •  Phosphate-free and septic tank safe
  • 14 power actions
  • 100% water soluble and biodegradable
  • Power-ball power

Finish Quantum Range

Cascade Platinum Action-Pacs Dishwasher Tablets

Cascade Platinum Action-Pacs Dishwasher Tablets Review

Cascade are known for their wide variety of dishwashing products, ranging from tablets, detergents to clearer and rinse aids. Their Platinum Action Pacs advertise 50% more cleaning power than past products, working effectively in even the quickest washes. With fast dissolve action, the pre-measured tablets are never left behind. Using Dawn dishwashing liquid, the tablets release a grease-fighting power. The formula contains food-seeking enzymes that latch on to the food particles, breaking them down and making it easy for waste to flow down the drain without causing blockages. Known for it’s tough stain power, the Platinum Action Pacs can remove food that has been stuck for 24 hours, even removing hard stains such as coffee.

The tablets contain a built-rise agent, saving pre-wash runs. This saves up to 15 gallons of water per dishwasher load, saving both the environment and your bills, making it a more eco-friendly alternative to some other dishwasher tablet brands. The formula is phosphate free and safe for septic tanks, as well as being streak and spot free.

Cascade offer many different scent flavours, however these have been known to leave an aftertaste. This also makes it unsuitable for those who are sensitive to fragrants and strong smells. The formula has also been known to create excessive suds, so much so that they run from the dishwasher. As the tablet was designed for strong stains and washes, it may not be suitable for small loads or everyday washes. As well as this, the tablet only dissolves in hot water, between 48 and 60 degrees Celsius, so there may be some residual tablet left over on cooler, or eco-friendly washes. In addition, the packaging is not childproof, providing a potential safety hazard if they are left somewhere accessible to children.

Stand-out features include

  • Grease fighting power of Dawn
  • Phosphate free and septic tank safe
  • No pre-wash needed, saving water
  • Quick dissolve for short washes

Detailed Comparison – Finish Quantum Vs Cascade Platinum

On first glance, Cascade Platinum Action Pacs and Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwasher tablets both seem extremely similar, making it difficult to decide between the two as they are almost indistinguishable. There are, however, a few distinguishing features that set them apart from each other.

Both products use specially designed formulas to remove tough stains that have been stuck for 24 hours, and both claim to be excellent with stains such as coffee which is notoriously hard to remove when left. Both are also phosphate free meaning they are safe for septic tanks. One difference is that Cascade’s formula does not contain bleach, instead using food-seeking enzymes to target and break down the food particles and grease.  

Cascade, as a brand, pride themselves on lowering their carbon footprint and being eco-friendly. They ensure that all their packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable and hope to help the environment through this. On the other hand, Finish is only known to do this with some of their products, not all of their products being recyclable. However, they indent to 100% of their packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

On all Cascade packaging, there is a child-safe lock of some design, preventing you children from getting into and ingesting the dishwasher tablets, should they be accessible. Finish does not address this and thus, some of their packaging would allow an infant access to the toxic tablets, should they be within reach. This is has caused some complaints from buyers who which to purchase more child-friendly products.

When it comes to expiry dates on the products, Cascade claim that their dishwasher tablets should be used within a year to maintain the high quality they promise. However, this is where Finish pulls in front, claiming their product lasts two years before expiration. This may benefit many people, especially if you don’t use your dishwasher often. Expiry dates on dishwasher products isn’t something often thought about and, if they have been left at the back of a cupboard, you would still hope for a decent wash.

Finish also stands out when it comes to water solubility, their tablets being 100% soluble in water, even at low temperatures. This means, even in environmentally friendly washes they are effective, with little to no residue left behind. However, with Cascade, there have been complaints of some remnants of the tablet as it much reach higher temperatures to dissolve completely.

Although some users comment on residue left behind with both products, the smell left from Cascade seems to be stronger than that of Finish dishwasher tablets. For those sensitive to odours or fragrances, Cascade products may not be for you as the strong smell can be a little off putting. In this respect, the strong formula of Cascade seems more suited to heavy duty washes or incredibly resistant stains, compared to Finish’s seemingly lighter formula. 

Cascade Platinum vs Platinum Plus

Cascade Platinum dishwasher tablets don’t contain bleach, instead using Oxi premium to fight stains. The strong formula also means no pre-rinse is required, saving both water and energy on this stage. However, there are complaints of residue as the tablet only dissolves in hot water, some of the tablet being left behind on more eco-friendly washes.

Cascade Platinum Plus dishwasher tablets also require no pre-wash stage and claim to be 16 times more powerful, cleaning tougher messes with Cascade’s specially formulated Power Booster. Cascade have recently updated their formula, discontinuing their old Platinum Plus line that was powered by Clorox, and instead switching to their new formula, this one being even tougher on stains. Formulated especially for pots and pans, Platinum Plus is made with a stronger cleaning agent and uses triple action, fighting stains more effectively than the ordinary Cascade Platinum tablets. This triple action dissolves food, lifts it and washes it away in one go.

However, with the strong formula, there have been complains of rust on some silverware, the tablets being too strong for cutlery. Additionally, with the improved tablet it dissolves faster in water. This means it becomes harder to handle with wet hands and can result in a mess were it to come into contract with water beforehand.

Overall, Platinum Plus tablets are recommended for heavier duty washes, when a stain cannot be removed. It could potentially be too strong for normal, everyday washes. For daily dishwasher usage, Cascade Platinum may be more suited, but for stubborn stains, Platinum Plus is the winner.

Conclusion – Finish Quantum Vs Cascade Platinum

In conclusion, the two products do seem rather similar. However, it depends what you are looking for as to which is more suitable to your needs. When it comes to efficiency in cleaning, both dishwasher tablets work excellently, however Finish Quantum Ultimate stands out as a winner. With 100% water solubility, the tablet is guaranteed to dissolve every time, the formula spreading effectively throughout your entire was and thoroughly cleaning your dishes. Yet, the need for higher temperatures means Cascade’s Platinum tablets may not dissolve entirely, leaving behind a residue and perhaps not cleaning your dishes as thoroughly as the detergent is not spread around as effectively.

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, both brands save water by providing a built-in pre-rinse, keeping your dishwasher healthy and happy, even when dealing with larger quantities of leftover food. Yet, although not all of Finish’s packaging is recyclable currently, they have pledged 100% recyclability or reusability by 2025, incorporating more recycled plastic into their packaging as they use recycled materials to make their packaging, already using 30% recycled materials currently.

When it comes to ever day washes, Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets are providing high-quality washes and tackle tough stains with no problem. For heavy-duty washes, seemingly impossible stains and pots and pans, Cascade Platinum may suit you better, with a strong formula, it is able to remove even the most stuck on food remains, guaranteeing a clean pan every time. However, the strong formula may be too much as it produces a large soppy reaction, too big for some washer to handle, and a fragrant smell. Therefore, the winner is Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets