E6000 Vs Gorilla Glue

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Sometimes you need to fix your favorite things. A broken glass item to a shoe sole, you may want to fix all of them. But, the real problem starts when you try to search for a reliable glue.

There are hundreds of glue companies in the market. Each of them declares themselves as the best one. However, you should always use the best glue to fix your things.

Today Cleaning-king team will compare two superb glue brands. The first one is – E6000 glue and the second one is – Gorilla glue.

But, you may ask – why Cleaning-king has picked up these two glue brands?

These glues are really popular in the market. Their bonding strength and their reliability are unquestionable. Hence, these two glue brands are worth comparing.

You may have different types of things in your house. Glass, wood, ceramics, metal, plastic, rubber, and so on. Now the problem is you need one simple glue to fix all of them.

That’s why these two glue brands have been picked up by our team. We will describe to you all the features of these glues. Then, our team will declare the winner at the end of this article. So, read this comparison and choose the best glue.

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E6000 Glue Review

If you are looking for industrial strength, then this glue will win your heart. E6000 is available in medium and high viscosity. Apart from that, you can also have craft adhesive and E6000 plus adhesive.

Usually, this glue is available in a tube. As a result, you can use this glue conveniently. E6000 glue has a number of features. All of those features are discussed below. 

Stand-out features include

  • Withstands Heat and Cold

This glue can be used in extreme heat and cold. This means you can use this glue inside and outside.

  • Water-Resistant

Usually, water is the enemy of glue. But, this E6000 glue can resist water. Hence, it will last long.

  • Super Strong   

You can use this glue on glass, metal, plastic, rubber, and even on concrete. The best part is that you can use this glue on something that vibrates. Therefore, vibrating parts can’t harm this adhesive.      

  • Tolerates Chemical  

Dilute acids can be used on this glue. A place where dilute acids or caustics are used may require bonding. In that case, you can use this glue to fix it.


  • Non-flammable

After the glue is cured, it becomes non-flammable. Hence, you shouldn’t be worried to use this glue in a high-temperature area.


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Gorilla Glue Review

Gorilla glue uses polyurethane in their glue. This polyurethane glue uses a chemical formula to create a super-strong organic chain. Hence, this glue is different from other glues.

This glue is also called CA glue. CA (cyanoacrylate) can give you super glue. It can be applied on any surface. This Gorilla glue is also good for rough or uneven surfaces.

You can choose between Gorilla super glue gel, Gorilla waterproof glue, and Gorilla clear glue.

This glue has become very popular because of its super-strong nature. Gorilla glue has more beneficial aspects. All of them are discussed below.

Stand-out features include

  • 1)    Highly Expanding 

    This glue expands 3 times more. As a result, it can create an immensely strong bonding between the two materials.

    2)    Multipurpose Usages

    You can use this glue almost on any surface. Stone, glass, wood, metal, concrete, you just name it and this glue is ready for any surface.

    3)    Tough    

    The gel of this glue has rubber particles. Hence, the glue creates incredibly strong bonding. Very few glues in the market can deliver you such strength.

    4)    Water-Resistant        

    You can use this glue indoor and outdoor areas. Because the glue can resist water. This quality makes this glue the best one.

    5)    Impact-Resistant

    Impact-resistant means the glue can tolerate force or shocks. So, you can use this glue on some surfaces where enough shock is generated.

    6)    Dries Up Quickly

    Usually, super glues in the market take some minutes to dry. But, Gorilla glues dries up within 30 seconds. Isn’t it a superb feature? 

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Conclusion – E6000 Vs Gorilla Glue

Our Cleaning-King team has noticed all the features of these glues. E6000 is a truly tough glue. So, if you are planning to use glue at an extreme temperature, then you can choose E6000 glue.

But if you want a super-strong glue, then you should choose the Gorilla glue. Gorilla has made its glue in a unique way. Their bonding formula makes this glue ultra-strong.

However, E6000 glue has a great feature. It can be used in a chemically active area. It’s a chemical resistant glue. So, industrial areas can use this glue.

Gorilla glue is a ‘quick to dry’ glue. Hence, you can use it whenever you want. Sometimes you need to fix something within some minutes. Gorilla glue will be the perfect glue for those moments.

Moreover, this glue expands at a high rate. It can expand up to 3 times. So, you don’t need tons of glue. One drop or two drops will be enough to do your job.

E6000 may have a non-flammable feature and it can be used under tough conditions. But, we think that Gorilla glue is a great glue for regular usages.

Common people don’t need industrial glue. They just need a glue that has super strength. Gorilla glue has got great bonding and it’s a water-resistant glue. It dries quickly and you can use it on any surface. Even this glue can be used outside. So, we pick Gorilla glue as the winner.

But, E6000 is not an inferior quality glue. For industrial and heavy usages, this glue should always be used. Harsh weather conditions and chemically active places are the right places to use this glue.

The cap of Gorilla glue can keep the glue safe. Its airtight cap makes it useable even after months. So, if you want a super-strong glue for your daily use, you can choose Gorilla glue.

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