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Dial Complete Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap, Spring Water, 11 fl oz (Pack of 4)Softsoap Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap, Soothing Clean Aloe Vera - 7.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)
Dial Complete Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap, Spring Water, 11 fl oz (Pack of 4)Softsoap Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap, Soothing Clean Aloe Vera - 7.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)
AntibacterialYesNot every soap
Fragrance-free optionYesYes
Vegan friendlyYesYes
Cleaning Kings' ChoiceYes
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Read our Review

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Introduction – Dial Vs Softsoap

When choosing a new hand soap, it can sometimes be hard to find the correct one for you. Many brands claim to do the same thing, yet how do you know which one delivers on their promise? We at Cleaning King are here to help, providing you with a helpful buyer guide and comparing two front runners within the soap game. Whether you are looking for the most hygienic soap out there or one to retain moisture, let the Cleaning King team help you know which brands to trust.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few different things to take into consideration when looking into soaps, the main ones being the type of soap, the use and fragrance and the cost. Take a look at the Cleaning King Buyer’s Guide below for advice on how to pick the correct soap for you.


There are many different fragrances available across many different ranges, all brands offering new smells and scents for you. Yet something the fragrances can be too strong or off-putting, making your hands smell like a bleached swimming pool or as if you have put them in a bowl of your grandma’s perfume. Many scents are also often associated with different benefits, such as coconut butter and aloe vera is associated with moisture. Depending on what you are wanting from your soap, it is important to read the label. Many brands also offer scent-free options for those who prefer no fragrance or are sensitive to artificial smells.

Bar vs Liquid

This is the main factor to consider when looking at which soap to buy; whether to use liquid soap or stick to the old-fashioned bar of soap. There is an argument of hygiene at play here, many people believing the bar to be less hygienic as it harbours bacteria when sat on the sink. There is also the convenience of liquid soap, the dispenser making it easier, as opposed to tackling a slippery bar. However, when it comes to liquid, there is the added waste of plastic bottles. Although, the creation of refills provides an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative. Of course, this is down to personal preference. Much has been done to improve the formulas of bar soap to make them more hygienic, the bar essentially washing itself along with your hands.


Cost is also a significant aspect many take into consideration when purchasing any new product. Of course, you want to make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality when you purchase a lower cost item. It is always worth looking into the product to see whether it is worth saving a few pennies for slightly reduced quality.


Whether a company is cruelty-free may not be something you consider when looking into which soap you want to purchase, however, if this is something that concerns you, then it is always worth looking into the company. There are other ways to test products, without resorting to animal testing, these products becoming more popular as customers like to know that no animal was harmed during the making of the soap.


Although many people don’t look at the ingredients in soap, it may be worth checking, or at least considering if the soaps are hypoallergenic. Many soaps are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, however, if you do have sensitive skin, reading the ingredients is often a good idea. Many soaps now advertise themselves as phthalate-free, this being a chemical that can damage some organs.

Antibacterial Vs Moisture

When looking at soap brands, many seem to focus either on antibacterial formulas or on maintaining and increasing moisture in your hands. This is a personal preference as to what you would prefer in soap, however, some brands sacrifice one for the other. Where possible, try and find a soap that offers both moisture protection and has an antibacterial formula. 

Our Reviews - Dial Vs Softsoap

Dial Soap Review

Dial Soap has established a name for themselves as a safe and clean household product. Offering many products, ranging from soap to body wash. Along with this, Dial offers hand soap in either bar form or as a liquid. Their liquid soap comes in 100% recyclable bottles, Dial playing their part to be environmentally friendly. Dial Soap, like many other brands, comes in a bottle with a pump for easy access when your hands are dirty. Refills are also available for purchase, meaning your Dial pump is reusable and will continue to work throughout many different bottles of soap.

All Dial Soap contains an antibacterial formula, killing 99% of all household bacteria, Dial claiming it to be tough on bacteria but gentle on skin. As well as this, their soaps, whether liquid or bar, are suitable for all skin types, being hypoallergenic as well as free from dyes, parabens, phthalates and silicones.

Although harsh on bacteria, Dial has formulated a moisturising soap, knowing dry hands is an unwanted side effect of clean hands. Their glycerine, liquid soap contains antioxidants and electrolytes to replenish the hydration and moisture within your skin. Through their new foaming range, Dial has created a soft, long lasting lather, leaving a refreshing feel and deodorant protection.

There are many different fragrances available, including power berries, coconut water, miracle oil, omega moisture and many more. However, for those sensitive to fragrances, some of the smells may be too much, some reviewers complaining of the over strong odours. Despite this, Dial offers a Clean and Gentle range which is fragrance free for those who are sensitive to strong smells.

Stand-out features include

  • Bar or liquid available 
  • Antibacterial 
  • 100% recyclable bottles 
  • Hypoallergenic

Dial Soap Range

Softsoap Review

Softsoap offers both liquid and bar hand soap, allowing you a variety to suit your preferences. The liquid soap is housed in a recyclable bottle, Softsoap doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. As well as this, refills are available, saving on both packaging and money; the refills being cheaper to encourage multiple uses out of your pump bottle.

All Softsoap products are dermatologically tested, and pH balanced to retain moisture within your skin. The formulas are designed to be free from parabens and phthalates, their soap being suitable for people with sensitive skin. Designed specifically with moisture in mind, Softsoap products create a rich lather for a gentle, moisturising wash whilst also being harsh on bacteria. Despite this, not all of their soaps are antibacterial. Softsoap have a specific antibacterial range that guarantees to kill 99% of bacteria. This has been tested against common harmful bacteria within the household such as S. aureus and E. coli. However, this means not all of their soaps are antibacterial, hygiene then coming into question amongst their other soaps. As well as this, there has recently been a change to the formula, this resulting in less of a lather when washing your hands. The new formula requires more soap to be used to create the same effect, the actual soap seemingly reducing in quality.

There are many different fragrances available such as aloe vera, aquarium, soothing clean, fresh breeze and milk and honey. Of course, there are many more available so there is a fragrance out there for everyone. However, there are some complaints that the fragrance is too intense and sometimes the smell can be off-putting. For those who are sensitive to fragrances, there is a fragrance-free alternative.

Softsoap Body Wash Review

Softsoap has recently created a line of body washes. Their body wash contains the same cleaning ingredients as their hand soap, their formula guaranteeing moisturised and clean skin after every wash. With moisture beads within the liquid, Softsoap claim their body wash leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Like all their other products, the body wash is pH balanced and dermatologically tested, making it safe and usable for all skin types. The body wash itself comes not as a gel, but more of a creamy textured liquid. For some customers, this is a welcome change, encouraging the moisture in your skin and creating a great lather, yet for others the old-fashioned gel is preferable. It comes down to personal preference.

There are many scents and fragrances available including shea and almond, pomegranate and mango, and luminous oils to encourage hydration on dry skin. As well as this, Softsoap have created an exfoliating scrub, their range of products differing depending on your requirements.

Despite this, there have been complaints on the packaging. Like their hand wash packaging, their body wash is designed with a pump. However, shower gel usually undergoes harsher treatment than hand wash. Therefore, many customers have complained of the pump getting stuck or breaking. 

Best Softsoap Scent

Softsoap offers many different scents and fragrances. Some of them have been described as too strong and assaulting on the nose, yet other customers like the stronger smells. It seems to come down to personal preference as to which scent is preferred.

That being said, smells like jasmine and white cotton, and cocoa butter seem to be front runners in the competition of smell. This being a unisex smell, and often being associated with moisture, they have quickly become a favourite of the brand, along with soothing clean. Often being associated with smooth and rich consistencies, the more neutral smells seem to be more popular.

Citrus and fruity smells are also often popular; however, these have been mentioned as being too strong, or seeming a bit clinical and cleaning-like. Despite this, the citrus smells often become associated with hygiene and cleanliness, many customers preferring this.

Of course, the best scent is down to personal preference, many people preferring different things. However, the winners amongst Softsoap scents seems to be the more neutral smells, such as aloe vera.

Stand-out features include

  • Bar or liquid available 
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Many fragrances available 
  • Rich later in every wash

Conclusion – Dial Vs Softsoap

When looking at both Softsoap and Dial soap products, it is hard to see much of a difference between the two brands. The winner, Dial Soap, pulls in front by a hair’s width. This is down to the fact that all their soaps are antibacterial, tested and guaranteed to kill and remove 99% of bacteria.

Although Softsoap offers an antibacterial range, not all their soaps fit into this category. Softsoap formulas focus heavily on maintaining moisture, this being perhaps a better option for dry or sensitive skin, yet to maintain clean and sanitised hands, Dial is the soap for you.

FAQ's - Dial Vs Softsoap

Is Softsoap Cruelty-Free?

Unfortunately, Softsoap products are not cruelty free. Softsoap is owned by Colgate Palmolive which is not a cruelty-free company. Colgate Palmolive do test on animals, either directly or through and third-party and use animal derived ingredients. However, the company have issued a statement stating that animal testing is only done where specifically required by regulations and other testing methods are unavailable. As the company sells their product in China, they are required to test their products on animals, this being a legal requirement within the country. 

Some Colgate Palmolive products are advertised as cruelty-free, however Softsoap doesn’t fall under this. Softsoap products are made with a vegan formula and biodegradable cleaning ingredients, however many vegan consumers won’t use Softsoap products due to their ongoing use of animal testing. Although they have published statements saying they only conduct animal testing where necessary, there is no established date for when this will stop, and they continue to do so. 

If this is one of your concerns, then this soap isn’t for you; the Softsoap company being unable to guarantee cruelty-free products.