Bon Ami Vs Bar Keepers Friend

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Living in a clean environment is everyone’s dream. And this is because it’s vital for a healthy lifestyle. While, our home is the first thing that pops into our mind when we think about cleanliness, restaurants and eateries are also struggling to keep up. Therefore, a clean environment means a comfortable stay at home and happy customers in the eateries or restaurants. 

However, achieving the perfect state of cleanliness doesn’t come easy. It’s the toughest job at home or in any facility. And this is because it takes so much effort as well as time. And when the desired result is unachievable, it’s demoralizing. 

As such, the type of cleaner you use is vital, because it determines the results. It determines whether your effort will pay off or you just wasted your precious time and got no results. Also, people want cleaning products that are environmentally clean and natural to avoid interacting with toxic waste in their environment. 

And this is where the thought of Bon Ami and Bar Keepers friend comes in. They are two natural cleaning products known to deliver results. But even so, picking one over the other for performance is tricky and overwhelming to some users. And this is where we can help you. By comparing these two cleaning products, it will be easy to decide what’s best for you. Also, we will look at each one of them and their features for better insight and to know what to expect. Let’s begin!

Our Reviews - Bon Ami Vs Bar Keepers Friend

Bon Ami

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Bon Ami Review

A popular cleaning product in the US, the same place that it’s manufactured, Bon Ami is a quality product. It’s effective in cleaning surfaces and does deliver results. It’s the best pick among cleaners because of the basic ingredients it has and yet it still provides in-depth cleaning. 

For over a century, this cleaning product has been in the market with no complaints whatsoever. It’s like a cleaning elixir when in use and happy clients as a result. Furthermore, it’s a natural cleaner that relies on natural ingredients to provide thorough cleaning of surfaces. 

Therefore, there is no toxic residue that may affect you or the environment. As a result, it’s a great option if you need a user-friendly cleaning product. That said, go over the key features of Bon Ami:

Key features include

It’s a multipurpose use product that works on multi-surfaces. Therefore, if you want a one for all cleaning products, you got it. On that note, you can use it on granite tops, chrome, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, and porcelain. And when it comes to dirt, you can use it to remove rust, lime stain, and dirt. Last but not least, you can clean up brass, cooktops, fiberglass, and copper surfaces. 

No surface scratch
We can all agree, scratches on the surface reduce its beauty. As a result, many folks are looking for a cleaning solution that maintains the original texture and appearance of their surfaces. If anything, it should make it smoother and shinier instead of causing scratches. And that’s what you get from this cleaning powder. The powder is smoother and nonabrasive. And it has been so over las century. Therefore, it targets stains, rusts, and dirt and leaves your surfaces scratch-free. 

Eliminates Odors
Odors are a menace on the surface and tough to get rid of. And as much as you achieve perfect cleaning, some odors will persist interfering with the quality of your cleaning. But with Bon Ami, it not only leaves your surfaces spotless but penetrates and removes any odor. Therefore, the result is a clean and fresh-smelling surface. And this is all thanks to baking soda which is the ingenious solution to odors. 

Non-toxic Ingredients 
Bon Ami is a natural cleaning powder. Therefore, most of the ingredients in this powder are green and natural with no toxic additives. So, feel free to clean any surface at home or restaurants without worrying about toxic residues. You can use it kitchen surface, dining area, or any other place that’s hygiene sensitive and feel safe. That said, it contains ingredients like Lime, baking soda, soda ash, feldspar powder, and surfactant to achieve its unique results.

How to Use Bon Ami

  • Take your cleaning sponge or clothe and wet it
  • Then use clean water on the surface you want to clean to wet it
  • Afterward, apply Bon Ami powder by sprinkling it on that surface. 
  • Then clean the area using the sponge or clothe for a few minutes or until the desired result is achieved.
  • Lastly, use clean water to rinse the surface thoroughly and appreciate the result

NOTE: this cleaning powder is non-toxic; as a result, anyone can use it for cleaning. Also, there is no need for dishwashing gloves if you are protecting your hands. The cleaning cloth or sponge, clean water, and this product are enough. 

Bon Ami Range

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Bar Keepers Friend

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Bar Keepers Friend Review

Our second cleaning product is Bar Keepers Friend. It also has been in use for over a century. First unveiled in 1882, this cleaning agent has gained a great reputation for over a century. But that’s not all, it still works magic in people’s houses and workplaces like restaurants. 

And like its counterpart, Bon Ami, Bar Keeper Friend is a natural cleaning agent that’s safe for industrial and domestic use. Oxalic acid being the active ingredient, this product eliminates rusts and mineral deposits stuck on surfaces. The acid is sourced from plant sources we know like parsley and spinach as a guarantee that it’s natural. 

Due to the acidic nature of this cleaning powder, it’s a powerful cleaning agent. Therefore, if you are working on tough stains and rust, then pick Bar Keepers Friend. The result is guaranteed and quickest as it works in less than a minute. With those few remarks, here is a complete overview of Bar Keepers Friend.

Key Features

Bar Keeper friend is a multi-purpose cleaning agent, however, it delivers the best result as the stainless steel cleaning powder. It will eliminate all rusts on the surface, mineral accumulation, and tarnish. What’s more, if there are tough to eliminate stains on your surface, look no further, this product is a one-stop solution. 

Surface types
Besides leaving your steel surfaces sparkly clean, there are other surface types where Bar Keepers Friend applies. And these are aluminium, chrome, bronze, copper alloys, and brass, among other metals. Also, you can use it on fiberglass, ceramic, Corian, and porcelain. So, if your surfaces need deep cleaning and they are made of these materials, then get this cleaning solution. 

Indoor cleaning
It’s not easy to get a cleaning product that’s hygienic for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. But that’s what you get when you buy Bar Keepers Friend. Indoors, this product will work as a cleansing expert in the following areas: 

  • Bathroom
    • The bathroom has the toughest stains in the house. Most of them often accumulate due to oxidation or splashes of soap water. Others are stains from mold growth in the bathroom due to excessive moisture. And lastly, there is dirt accumulation after a period of not cleaning up your bathroom. So, with this product, bathroom surfaces like grout, tile, toilet, faucets, showers, bathtubs, and sink will be sparkly cleaned. It makes the work easier and quicker to complete. 
  • Kitchen
    • In the kitchen, here is where attention or detailed cleaning is important. Since the foods we eat are prepared or stored there, you need that place squeaky clean for good health. And that’s what Bar Keepers Friend is here for. It will eliminate dirt, rust, and stain on cookware, sinks, countertops, cooktops, and stoves. Also, it’s reliable for cleaning ceramic dishes, drained floor, and porcelain dishes. 

Outdoor cleaning
Apart from indoor, you can use it for outdoor cleaning. And outdoor, it will eliminate dirt like pollution grime, plant and rust stains. Furthermore, you can clean boats, and vehicles, garage sliding grills, sporting equipment, and tools. 

New Look
Restoring the new look of surfaces is not easy especially without bleaches. But Bar Keepers Friend lets you know that no cleaning is impossible with its formulation. You can use it for restoration apart from cleaning. Thus your surface will be left spotless and polished. 

How to use Bar Keepers Friend

Since you are this for an in-depth elimination of stains and rust, you can use cleaning gloves.

  • Wear the cleaning gloves
  • Take your cleaning cloth or sponge and then wet it with clean water
  • Remove surface debris with a wet cloth and then sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend on top
  • Gently or harshly rub depending on the degree of stain or rust on the surface
  • Thereafter, rinse using clean water to appreciate the outcome.

Bar Keepers Friend Range

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Differences: Bon Ami Vs Bar Keepers Friend

While there is a close resemblance in the cleaning performance of these two products, there are also differences. So, take a look at the following similarity and differences that will help you determine what the best cleaning product is: 

  • Scent

While the scent does not affect the cleaning results of either product, it does affect the final quality. So, if you want your surface to end up with a sweet smell besides an impeccable cleaning outcome, then Bon Ami suits you. it comes with a lemon scent that adds a charm to your sparkly cleaned surfaces. 

What’s more, it gives you an easy time during cleaning as the scent is sweet and friendly to all. On the other hand, Bar Keepers Friend is scent-free. Therefore, you have to put up with the odor smell from the surfaces you cleaning up. However, the result is a refreshing new look. 

  • Odor

If you are working on surfaces with a strong odor that doesn’t seem to come out easily, you need Bon Ami. Thanks to sodium bicarbonate content, no odor can persist on your surface. Therefore, here, Bon Ami stands out for its odor removing properties. 

And after use, it leaves your surfaces smelling fresh and sweet thanks to the lemon ascent. However, Bar Keeper Friend doesn’t any sort of scent or odor remover. Therefore, you may have to freshen up your space using an air freshener after cleaning. 

  • Abrasiveness

Bon Ami is the best cleaning agent for light touches and perfect cleaning results. It doesn’t leave any scratches and leaves your surfaces perfect smooth as it was. It’s the best for delicate surfaces that are prone to scratches from continuous cleaning. On the other hand, Bar Keepers Friend is more abrasive; it’s powerful and works on surfaces with tough stains. 

Therefore, it’s best for metallic surfaces with rusts and tough stains or non-metallic like ceramic and porcelain. That said, avoid using this powder on delicate material that is susceptible to scratches or degradation due to acid mediums.  

  • Acid/base

Bon Ami is purely an alkaline cleaning medium. Therefore, it’s gentle on materials and allows you to clean longer. On the other hand, the Bar Keepers Friend creates a relatively strong acidic medium to achieve a thorough cleaning. Therefore, it only allows you to focus on the surfaces for a short time and get the best cleaning results. 

  • Price

Both the products are costly to buy due to their quality cleansing service. However, if you want one that’s cheaper than the other, then Bon Ami will impress you. 

  • Surface Type

These two products share most surface types they can be used on. For example stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, granite tops, copper alloys, and brass among others. However, they also differ in the sense that Bon Ami is the best for delicate materials like fiberglass that are prone to damage or scratch. 

And on the other hand, Bar Keeper friend is more aggressive and works best on all metallic surfaces including a few non-metallic like ceramic, acrylics, and porcelain. so, if you want a thorough cleansing on tougher stains and rust, don’t be reluctant about choosing Bar Keepers Friend. However, it’s normal domestic cleaning to eliminate dirt, mild stain, and rust, Bon Ami will do. 

  • Eco-friendly cleaner 

Both products are natural and environmentally friendly to use. However, you can’t miss one that surpasses the other with this quality. Here, in particular, Bon Ami is more green and friendly to our surroundings. Unlike its counterpart, Bon Ami is a hypoallergenic cleaning agent. Therefore it’s safe for you and your environment. 

Also, it comes with no chlorine content, dye, or synthetic perfume. Thus, the result is a natural cleansing and water waste that’s safe for the environment. On the other hand, Bar Keepers Friend share some of these qualities but cannot support the quality of its counterpart in terms of this feature. 

  • Rust elimination

When your focus is solely on rust, then Even Bon Ami cannot stand against Bar Keepers Friend. this product can work wonders on a rusty surface to create a clean and smooth surface. Also, it can penetrate the toughest stain restoring the sparkly look of a surface. On the other hand, Bon Ami can achieve rust removal, however not on a surface that’s too rusty or heavily stained.


If you are undecided on whether to work with Bar Keepers friend or Bon Ami, you will never be at a loss for choosing either. They are both impressive and powerful cleaning agents with great potential for best results. However, when it comes to personalized use, this is where the differences come in.

Bon Ami is everyone’s favorite for the fancy lemon scent. Therefore, in addition to eliminating dirt and rust, it leaves your surface with an appealing scent. On performance, this product is also extraordinary. It works bests on surfaces or places with odors. Through its strong penetrative power, your surface will be left clean and fresh. 

Lastly, Bon Ami works impressively on a delicate surface, it’s less abrasive but cleans thoroughly. And more importantly, it leaves your surfaces scratch-free. And this is an outcome that you cannot achieve with Bar Keepers friend.

On the other hand, the Bar Keepers Friend has magical cleaning results on surfaces with the toughest stains. Through its strong abrasiveness, no stain is tough for this cleaning product. So, if you are wording on tough surfaces, get this cleaning agent. 

Further, Bar Keepers friend is a non-bleach solution to stain and rust, it eliminates any trace of rust delivering premium results. So, whether you are working on Aluminum, copper alloys, bronze, brass, stainless steel, Corian, and ceramics, the result is outstanding. 

Furthermore, this cleaning agent is a multipurpose cleaner, besides indoor surfaces, it’s best for outdoor use. Thus, if your garage grill, car, or boat surface needs detailed cleaning on the metallic surface, it will serve you. 

Our Pick

With Bon Ami Vs Bar Keepers Friend, Cleaning King’s pick is Bar Keepers Friend – The results from our testing and research found it to work more thoroughly on a wider range of surfaces. 

Cleaning King's Verdict - Bon Ami Vs Bar Keepers Friend

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FAQ's - Bon Ami Vs Bar Keepers Friend

As much as this cleaning powder has oxalic acid among other acidic ingredients, it’s not bleach. Therefore, it’s safe for all surfaces whether colored or not. 

Bar Keepers Friend is formulated for all the above-mentioned metals. Therefore, it’s safe on metal surfaces and will not corrode. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a pretest on an unnoticeable surface to guarantee its effectiveness. So, while it’s safe for all the above metals in this text, certain chemical ingredients can react with specific metals. 

Unfortunately, both the cleaning powders are formulated to provide impeccable cleaning results on their own. Therefore, to avoid creating a dangerous solution or destructive reaction, stick to the product in pure form. 

And if it’s a fragrance you want to add, do it after you are done cleaning and rinsing the surface. Also, do the same if you are planning to use these two or any other cleaning products on the same surface.

Yes, you can go ahead and use it on glass surfaces that need a thorough cleaning. So, this may include glass, windows, doors, glass-ceramic, oven doors, shower doors, and any non-decorative glass. 

When it comes to vehicle windows, then be careful. If you are still driving a classic with its original windows, then use cam this powder. However, if you own modern rides with coatings on windows, avoid using them. This powder will scratch or damage your window coatings.

While you can use both of them on various surfaces that need cleaning, avoid washing machines. And the same should not be attempted in a dishwasher else you will damage your machine. 

Both of them will clamp if stored carelessly and they will give you a hard time when cleaning. Therefore, you must first keep them in a dry and low humid storage. In high humid areas, these powders will absorb water and clump. Therefore, avoid the following areas, under a skin cabinet, close to the water supply, or in open shelves in the kitchen.

According to various remedies for un-clumping cleaning powder, you must use dry paper to spread out the powder. Ensure where you are airing the powder is dry with low or no humidity. Once it has dried out, where dry clothes and crumple the powder until it all turns to powder. However, if you cannot manage this, another option is to take the appropriate amount you need during cleaning. Put in a container and add enough water and use a fork to break down the clumps before you start using it. 

With gentle rubbing, you can restore the natural look of a surface with deposits from hard water. Also, you should not allow the residues from these cleaning powders to settle on surfaces for long. Once you are done, rinse everything with clean water.