Best Glue for Glass

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How We Found the best glue for glass

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Working with glass requires a whole lot of patience and care due to its fragile nature. Using glass as the main material for your project requires extra cautiousness, as a little crack or push can cause your whole piece to shatter on the floor. However, mistakes happen, and you’ll need a solution that will keep your glass in one piece, hence the need to purchase the best glue for glass.

With so many glues out there, it is almost impossible to find the perfect one to choose, especially when you’re only particular about finding glue for glass. We at Cleaning King decided to ease the burden of DIYers, car owners, and other people who need to glue glass, by making a list of the best glue for glass.

After extensive research, the Cleaning King team was able to come up with the 3 best glues for glass.

Our Reviews - Best Glue for Glass

Our take

First on our review, we have this durable glass glue by Loctite. It is no surprise that we have it at the top of our list today, as Loctite has gained a strong reputation in the adhesive industry. With over three thousand reviews on this glue, it has a 4.4-star rating, which shows that it isn’t just another glue for glass in store.

With the Loctite Glass Glue, you can stick glass to each other, and stick glass to other non-porous materials like steel and a couple of plastics. Its ability to stick glass to other materials not only makes it perfect for fixing your broken glass items but it is also perfect for DIY projects that require joining glass together with certain materials.

You can glue your glass together and leave no traces, as this glass glue is crystal clear, which helps it blend with the color of your glass, making it look brand new.

Stand-out features include         

  • Bonds glass to glass, and other non-porous materials.        
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  •  Crystal clear

Our take

Next, we have the gap-filling Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy with a setting time of five minutes. This glue features a syringe that separates epoxy and hardener, making it easy to apply this glue evenly without the glue drying up quickly. For DIY and home repair enthusiasts that make a lot of readjustments, this is just the perfect glue for you, as its setting time gives you the grace to make the necessary adjustments.

The Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy is pretty much permanent after 24 hours, making it one of the most durable glues you’d ever come across. It can also be used to fill in gaps to ensure a smooth and even repair. Asides from bonding glass together, it can also be used to bond wood, aluminum, and ceramic. Its crystal-clear finish also leaves your glass items looking as good as new, after setting time.

Stand-out features include

  • Gap-filling
  • Super Strong
  • 5 minutes setting time

Our take

Last but not the least; we have this universal sealant and adhesive, the J-B Weld 31310. With this adhesive, you can bond a variety of materials like ceramic, glass, wood, and many others. You can rely on this heavy-duty adhesive to repair broken glass materials. This sealant is perfect for home and mechanical use, as it adapts quickly to varying temperatures.

When this adhesive is exposed to air, it forms a waterproof and mold-resistant seal on the surface on which it was applied. It comes in a crystal-clear form that doesn’t leave any traces after application to surfaces, making it almost impossible to notice that your glass item was once broken.

With a set time of up to 1 hour, you can easily make adjustments from time to time before this adhesive permanently sticks. After the set time, removing the bonded parts would be impossible, as the J-B Weld 31310 is durable, making it last for a long while.

Stand-out features include

  • 1 hour set time
  • Crystal clear sealant and adhesive
  • Versatile and durable

How to glue glass to glass

In ensuring that you make proper use of your glass glue after purchase, we at Cleaning King would like to give you a few steps to follow if you want to successfully fix your broken glass item. Here is a comprehensive guide for bonding glass to glass:

  1. Find out if it is fixable

There is only so much a glass glue can do in putting glass pieces together. When your glass item breaks, if it is shattered into tiny fragments, it is impossible to bond these tiny shards together. However, when the fragments are larger, you can work with your glass glue.

2. Prepare the glass surface

Collect all fragments together in a container to avoid further damage and clean its surfaces that you intend on gluing. You need to make sure that you don’t touch glass surfaces with your bare hand. Wash with warm water and soap, and then use spirit to rewash – this is to get rid of grease and dirt that may reduce the glue’s effectiveness.

3. Bond the glasses

Carefully apply your preferred glue on the broken surface. Ensure that it is applied in the right amount to prevent it from spilling into other parts of the glass. To avoid waste, it is safer to apply your glue on only one side.

After applying the glue, carefully attach the fragments to the bigger piece and hold them using adhesive tapes or rubberized clamps to aid in holding the pieces together.

4. Dry your glass

The curing time is usually dependent on the type of adhesive used, the type of material, and temperature. Give it time to dry, and don’t be in a hurry.

5. Clean work area

Ensure that adhesive is wiped off using kitchen paper, to get rid of adhesive residue. It is always easier to wipe off immediately. However, you could use a razor blade or scraper to get rid of the residue when it dries up.

With just five easy steps, you can bond your glass together effortlessly, and have your glass looking as good as new in no time.

Conclusion – Best Glue for Glass

The best glue for fixing broken glass is the J-B Weld 31310. Its versatility and curing time makes it easier for glass owners to work without pressure, giving them enough room to make adjustments as they put the broken pieces together.

Having glass glue in your home and workshop is a necessity, as breaking glass is inevitable. Being able to bond glass whenever an accident happens reduces the cost of having to purchase a new one, hence, the importance of purchasing glue for glass. The Cleaning King team sure hope these glass glues come in handy.