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We at Cleaning King understand the importance of completing your projects to the highest possible standard. Anyone who is an archery enthusiasts will need to glue feathers at some point, and feathers are commonly used in arts and crafts, typically in set/costume design, personal artwork, clothing, and a lot more!

But there is also a strong debate around what the best glue to use is when utilising feathers in your projects. There are a huge range of various glues that can be used, and sometimes it is difficult to know where to start! 

So we have put together this article, which should provide you with the information you need on which glue works best with feathers, along with other relevant information.

Best Glue Content
Best Glue for Feathers

Best Glue for Feathers – Best Overall

When selecting the best glue for feathers, Bohning Blazer Bond is simply in a class of its own. From its’ roots in archery, Bohning is a reliable and popular brand that has served customers for many years. While this product is one of the more expensive choices, there is a good reason why. The product has a very small spout, which allows you to apply the amount of glue you actually intend on using, rather than ending up with too much!  As a result, this glue offers you more control, while also lasting longer than many other products. This glue cures within two hours and dries quickly, while crucially it dries clear. You won’t find any white residue leftover, and therefore your work will end up looking highly professional. This glue offers long-standing results, and can be used on multiple surfaces. 

Stand-out features include

  • Bohning Blazer Bond offers an ultra-strong glue that is perfect for use with feathers
  • This product will last a long time, with its very small spout offering you control, all whilst being excellent value for money
  • Offers a clamp time in just 15 seconds – giving you instant results, with a full cure time of just 2 hours!
  • Particularly effective in hot and humid conditions

Best Glue for Feathers – Easiest to use

Bob Smith Industries Maxi-Cure has always been a popular choice for arts and crafts enthusiasts, with this product offering an excellent blend of consistency, strong performance, and a reliable hold. It is best to use a very small amount of glue. Bob Smith Industries Maxi-Cure leaves a strong finish, which will provide long-term results. It can be used on multiple surfaces/materials too, making it especially useful for feathers. This product is known for drying quickly, which ensures minimal disruption to your project. This combination of factors arguably makes it the easiest to use, especially given its small spout, which gives you simple control over the glue. By setting so quickly, it means you can work quickly, with full curing occurring within a few hours. This is a solid all-round performer, and is definitely a product that is worth considering.

Stand-out features include

  • Easy to use, strong hold and dries quickly
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces/materials, making it very useful for gluing feathers
  • Very competitive price that offers excellent value for money
  • Highly-reputable and popular brand that has been used by arts and crafts enthusiasts for several years

Best Glue for Feathers – Cheapest

When it comes to super glue, the iconic Gorilla brand is known for its strong hold, high quality, and use for multiple purposes. One such purpose is for use in gluing feathers. Gorilla Super Glue offers a robust solution that will provide a strong hold for your feathers. It can be used on a range of surfaces, which is useful for anyone using bases such as carbon, aluminium or wood for their feather-based projects. Needless to say, Gorilla Super Glue dries quickly, typically within 30 seconds, with no clamping needed. It should be noted that full curing may not occur for up to 24 hours. Other super glue products may be slightly cheaper, but the strong formula offered by Gorilla Super Glue makes it far more suitable than its competitors for use on feathers. Its no-run qualities ensure a tidy result for your projects.

Stand-out features include

  • Easy to use, quick to dry, and can be used on many different surfaces/materials
  • The special Gorilla formula makes this product very strong, including protection from impact
  • The glue has an anti-clog cap, which means that it remains fresh after each use, and will therefore be in great condition for every use 
  • Can also be used for other household tasks when necessary!

How to identify the best glue for feathers

When choosing which product you wish to purchase, there are a few different areas to consider. Sometimes it can be tempting to just buy the cheapest product, after all, there are some super glue’s out there that cost just $2-3. But it is definitely worth paying the extra, as the more expensive products offer much higher-quality results. Cheaper products will typically leave behind a white residue, offer shorter-term results, and generally appear lower-quality. On the contrary, high-end products offer long-term results, better quality formulas, strong holds, and are generally better suited to feathers.

We also recommend looking for a glue that place an emphasis on a strong hold. While this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised at how many glues actually offer an average or short-term hold. The products that we’ve picked out all offer long-term holds, but there is a huge choice of products alongside these, so it is worth always checking the reviews of any product you consider purchasing. Obviously, the benefits of a strong hold are important, and will ensure your project remains intact, even when battling the elements.

You should also consider what material/surface you may need the feathers to stick on to. Not all glues are suitable for each different material. While most glues are suitable for wood, aluminium and carbon, you may need to choose carefully for less common surfaces, such as glass, fiberglass and ceramics. It is always worth checking the labels and product information of any glue, as it will normally inform you of what surfaces/materials it will work on. There’s nothing worse than buying a glue excitedly, only to then realise that it isn’t suitable for your project!

Another brief point we should make that is worth taking into account is the weather you will be using the glue in. For instance, those in the deep south that will typically reach temperatures of 90F-100F in the summer will find that not all glues can cope with this heat. If you are living somewhere that is prone to extreme heat, or extreme cold, you should check that the product is capable of working in these conditions. Our recommendation of Bohning Blazer Bond is for instance very useful for hot and humid conditions.

Finally, we have already briefly touched on this point above, but we can’t stress the importance of checking reviews before making a purchase. It can be easy to just buy something without thinking, getting it home and embarking on using it in your project. But it is always a terrible feeling when you are left with a sub-standard result to your hard work because of an unsuitable glue. Instead, make use of various reviews, whether on Amazon, various forums or specialist websites. 

There is such a wide choice out there, but you can narrow down your search easily by reading user reviews, and checking that the various features mentioned are relevant to what you need. Hopefully, by taking the time to consider your options, you will buy a glue that provides you with an excellent tool to use with gluing feathers.

Conclusion – Best Glue for Feathers

We hope that this article has provided you with an in-depth overview of the best glue for feathers. There is no shortage of options out there, but we have mentioned some key factors to consider when purchasing the glue, and a few of the most suitable glues worth buying.

As we mentioned earlier, Bohning Blazer Bond is the best glue on the market for feathers. Its combination of quick drying time, a curing time of within 2 hours, strong hold, and its position as being compatible with different weather conditions, make it a strong choice. While it is more expensive than many competitors, it will last a long time, with a little going a long way. It will provide a strong finish, and make your projects look highly professional!

We also mentioned that the cheap option of Gorilla Super Glue is worth considering, while the easy-to-use Bob Smith Industries Maxi-Cure is another solid option. Both have a strong reputation among those who use glues for feathers, and both have strong features, and are competitively priced too.

Aside from the three products we reviewed in this article, there are a range of other options too. We mentioned about some of the factors you should consider when weighing up whether or not to purchase a product. Other products that appear to be recommended highly by feather enthusiasts include Loctite Super Glue and Saunders NPV Arrowmate Glue, though there is a huge range out there!


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