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Heavy rain can affect the foundation, siding, windows, or doors of your home or residential property. That’s why gutters are essential in every building. They prevent flooding of your basement, protect your home’s foundation, and prevent erosion. However, having rain gutters is not all you need. The gutters require regular maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. 

As the gutters age, they start showing signs of leakage. This situation depends on several factors such as the gutters’ material and how frequent the repair and maintenance is performed. 

A leaky gutter is an issue that occurs in almost all buildings. But how can you fix the problem? Caulk is a sealant agent that prevents the passage of water or moisture from the gutters. Also, it prevents dust from entering the gutters. Dust can lead to the build-up of molds, which can cause gutters blockage. That’s why you need to select a high-quality caulk for gutters. 

Any caulk can stick to a leaky gutter when the gutter is clean and dry. However, the best caulk for gutters provides years of services and remains flexible enough to withstand different weather conditions. 

Many caulk for gutters can be an option and a source of confusion. To make sure that the leaky issue doesn’t happen again, buying any caulk isn’t enough. You need to spend your time to research and highlight considerations before making a buying decision. The team at Cleaning King knows how difficult it is to deal with a leaky gutter. Also, we know the impact and consequences it can cause to your building. That’s why we have researched and come up with 5 best caulk for gutters.

Our Reviews - Best Caulk for Gutters

Best Caulk for Gutters – Top Choice

GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5050 is a caulk that keeps the surface clear and free from germs. It comes with excellent adhesion that offers a durable and long-lasting seal on wet and dry places. It is made of 100% silicone, making it a good protection from water damage. Thus, it can be a good option for areas with weather exposure and consistent water.

This product has versatile options to allow you to use it for different purposes. Regardless of the type of surface you use it on, it dries up clearly.

Apart from this, it is freeze and sun proof. With this, it can resist sun rays and freezing temperatures for a permanent seal. The good thing about this caulk is the self-leveling options. It can fill the gaps and cracks without entering any sand or other elements.


  • A good option for different weather conditions
  • Fills the cracks and joints quickly
  • It takes a few minutes to dry
  • It is easy to work with


  • It does not work perfectly with glass

Stand-out features include

  • Freeze, water, and sun-proof
  • Stain and mold protection
  • 100% silicone formula

Best Caulk for Gutters –  Best Value for Money

One of the best-selling caulk for gutters is the Rust-Oleum Company. Rust-Oleum 275116 Leak Seal has an oil-based formula that will secure your gutters in no time. Also, it ensures that the gutter cracks and leaks are covered with a rubber coating.

The good thing about this caulk is its advanced rubberized formula, which leads to a quick sealing without peeling snags.

Although the strong flat finish takes time to dry, it gives long-lasting service. This caulk is not only perfect for gutters but also for roofs, PVC, masonry, concrete, and ductwork.

Additionally, it provides a flexible seal that prevents corrosion, rust, and moisture penetration.


  • It provides a long-lasting service
  • It takes less time to fix a leaky gutter
  • It seals leaks and cracks quickly
  • It is a flexible sealant that is perfect for sealing hard-to-reach areas


  • It has a toxic smell

Stand-out features include

  • Advanced rubberized formula
  • Strong flat finish that ensures durability
  • Water and moisture penetration ability

Best Caulk for Gutters – Easiest to use

Easiest to use

Flex Seal Spray is a ready to use sealant that features thick adhesive clings to create a strong coating on the gutters. It can be used in different weather conditions without snags.

This caulk comes with a clear color and protective cover, which prevents rust and mold build up on the gutters. In most cases, rain and dump conditions call for mold issues, which this caulk for gutters helps to avoid.

Its liquid rubber spray formula appearance prevents the gutter surface from turning black or yellow. Besides, Flex Seal Spray has a UV resistant ability. This allows it to be used on sunny seasons without any harmful effect.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality sealant that lasts for a long period
  • The best option for solving gutter leakage issues
  • Does not peel in the winter season


  • It is alcohol-free, making it to take a lot of time to dry out after sealing

Stand-out features include

  • Liquid rubber sealant coating
  • Liquid rubber aerosol spray formula
  • UV resistant

Best Caulk for Gutters – Best for PVC Gutters

Do you want the best caulk for gutters with excellent adhesion? Geocel 2320 is your option. It is a high-performance tri polymer that prevents the passage of water and moisture through seams and small joins. You can use it in brick, concrete, glass, vinyl, wood, and asphalt shingles.

The good thing about Geocel 2320 is that it works well on most building surfaces, even on wet or oily places. Its UV rays protection helps to keep the surface cool and ensure that they are well-protected to avoid sun damage.

This caulk for gutters is easy to use and takes about 15 minutes to dry out. To get the best results, you need to apply it on a dry and clean surface. Also, apply it below the temperatures of 40°F to avoid the feeling of excessive heat.


  • It is a good option for sealing PVC gutters
  • It lasts long
  • It is rainproof and protects the surface from leakage


  • It comes with a high price when compared to others


Stand-out features include

  • Excellent adhesion
  • The Tri polymer material creates a good finish
  • UV rays protection

Best Caulk for Gutters –  Best for rust affected gutters

If you want to use a sealant on metal, aluminum, fiberglass, or galvanized metal, Rust-Oleum 265495 is a good option. It is a flexible product that helps to keep away moisture and corrosion. It is made of stretch rubber materials, making it work well for different surfaces that cover up to 8 sq. per foot. This caulk for gutters comes with a good coverage that makes sure that there is no drip or snag when used on rainy seasons.

Rust-Oleum 265495 is a unique sealant that comes with an oil-based formula to ensure no cracks or leaks after the coating. Its non-toxic material ensures that no insect or mold can affect the coated surface. Also, it boosts the lifespan of the surface.


  • Rust-Oleum 265495 is an easy to use spray.
  • It prevents rain and wind damage.
  • It can be used on rainy or sunny weather.
  • Dries to a smooth and firm finish


  • It cannot give perfect results if not shaken well before use.

Stand-out features include

  • The oil-based formula seals cracks with a flexible rubber coating.
  • The hydrocarbon resin makes it a long-lasting sealant.
  • Non-toxic material prevents insects and molds build up.

Buyers Guide – Best Caulk for Gutters

While gutters are designed to withstand extreme weather, daily exposure to various weather can lead to stains and cracks. This can lead to the demand for a new gutter. To avoid the expenses of installing new gutters, using caulk can be a good way of sealing small cracks and leaks. Unfortunately, choosing the best caulk for gutters is not easy. Each day, new brands create caulk for gutters, making it challenging to select one that will meet your specific needs. To help you narrow down your choices, we have come with 6 tips to help you purchase the best caulk for gutters.

Choose one that is easy to apply

Applying caulk to the gutters is a task that anyone can perform even without skills. However, some caulk require the addition of other elements for them to work well. A ready-to-use caulk for gutters is a good solution for starters. Also, waterproof products can be a good option because they come with properties that make the application process faster and easier.

It is good to note that the caulk will be exposed to different weather conditions. Thus, a gutter sealant that is applicable in harsh conditions should be your solution.

Consider a freeze, sun, or water-resistant caulk for gutters.

A high-quality caulk for gutters is one that can withstand harsh external conditions. If you make the mistake of using convectional products to seal your gutters, they might peel over time. Such caulk for gutters have solvents that can evaporate when exposed to UV rays. That’s why they do not last long.

Long-lasting caulk for gutters does not have solvents, which boosts their life expectancy. This condition allows the caulk to remain strong to resist the abrasion of ice and other debris. Also, a good gutter caulk should retain its flexibility regardless of climate.

Go for a gutter caulk that can retain its effectiveness for many years

Many people confuse the difference between a standard gutter caulk and an effective one. The standard sealants will harden over time, while the high quality caulk will remain flexible to adjust and move together with expansion and contraction of the gutter.

A non-corrosive caulk should be your option if you are looking for a long-lasting product. Select one that cannot cause rust on the gutters.

Choose a gutter caulk depending on your needs

Different caulk for gutters serve various purposes. Some are designed to seal leaks and cracks, while others are used to protect the gutters from harsh conditions.

Also, some gutter caulk are effective on any materials, while others are formulated to work on specific gutters. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the materials of your gutters before making a purchasing decision.

Consider the longevity of the caulk

Caulk for gutters vary among the manufactures and products used to make them. However, an effective caulk should last between 10-20 years. Most of the liquid caulk depends on the thickness of the coating. However, others don’t require a special application to last long. Most manufactures will specify the amount of coats needs to create a durable coating.

Filter the gutter caulk according to their type

The caulk for gutters can be divided into two water-based and solvent-based. Although the solvent-based are more expensive, they are thicker and highly resilient against elements. On the other hand, water-based are cheap, aren’t element resilient, and have few odors. Also, they may wear out after several years. Thus, frequent maintenance will be needed.

Additionally, there are different types of gutter caulk. Choosing one will depend on your needs.

Rubber caulk for gutters: they come in a thin water-based formula that acts as a powerful sun and rain guard.

Silicone: Silicone caulk protects the gutters against moisture and UV rays. Although they are expensive, they work perfectly in areas of heavy rain and sun exposure.

Polyurethane: polyurethane gutters caulk are perfect for areas with heavy rain and snow. They protect against moisture but are not resilient against UV rays.

Acrylic: they are specifically made to resilient against ultraviolet UV rays. However, they are moderate moisture resistant.

Conclusion – Best Caulk for Gutters

Replacing a leaky or cracked gutter can be costly. If you want to reduce bills as much as possible, buying a caulk for gutters can be a good option. A caulk can do more than just extending the life of the gutter. However, not all caulk for gutters will impact in an effective solution. You need to ensure that you select one that will seal the leak or crack and give long-lasting services. Because there are many gutter sealants in the market, you need to research and know the features to look for when making purchases.

Water and sun resistance are essential features to consider. They allow the caulk to work well in sunny and wet conditions. Also, a flexible caulk is vital because it can contract and expand in variations of the temperatures. 

GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5050 stands out from other sealants because of its flexibility. It is not only used for sealing cracks and leaks. It can act as a gap-filling sealant. Thus, a caulk with gap filling properties should be your priority. It should be able to seal a big gap in the gutters’ joints.

At times, the price might drive you to purchase a product. But if you consider the cost of installing a new gutter, purchasing a high performing caulk is a good idea. Some of the cheap products are made of solvents. These solvents evaporate when exposed to the sun, making the caulk to shrink. Therefore, it is good to consider the performance of the caulk instead of the price.

Cleaning King's Pick - Best Caulk for Gutters

Best Caulk for Gutters FAQs

Caulk for gutters doesn’t serve one purpose. They can act as waterproof and UV protection. Exposing the gutters to harsh conditions can lead to degradation. However, adding an extra layer helps to extend the life of the gutters.

Applying caulk for gutters can also prevent mold growth. Sealing the cracks, joints, and leaks will prevent dust and moisture from entering the gutters, which hinders mold build-up.

You can use a paintbrush, paint sprayer, or paint roller to apply different types of caulk for gutters. However, some sealants come in tubes to help you apply with a caulk gun.

Caulk for gutters have been used for ages to seal cracks, leaks and extend the gutters’ lifespan. Although gutters are designed to last long, harsh environmental conditions can lead to damage. To prevent this, many people apply caulk for gutters to act as a defense against sun, ice, and rain. An effective caulk for gutters can last between 10-20 years. However, it depends on the thickness application. The thicker the coating of caulk, the longer it lasts.

Different caulk take various times to dry. Drying is a chemical process that occurs when the caulk is exposed to oxygen. Generally, caulk for gutters takes between 15-30 minutes to dry. But products designed to withstand high temperatures have more complex chemical structure, making them take longer to dry completely. Some elements, such as temperature, can impact the rate at which the caulk will dry. Warm temperatures can make the caulk to dry quickly. However, it is good to avoid applying direct heat to the caulk as it can affect its longevity.